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Weight Loss on Lexapro

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What is Lexapro? Lexapro, otherwise known by its generic name escitalopram, is used to treat depression and anxiety. It falls under the selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) group of drugs. These antidepressants work by increasing levels of serotonin within the brain. Lexapro is generally used by adults, but it’s not... Continue reading ›

Perfect Pumpkin Recipes For Fall

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Fall is right around the corner and you know what that means – pumpkin everything. Before you buy your favorite pumpkin dessert, give these recipes a try. These tasty pumpkin recipes will be the perfect snack to help you lose weight while hitting your macros. Optimum Pumpkin Protein Bars Protein... Continue reading ›

The Benefits of Weight Training

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Oftentimes weight training gets a bad rep. There are many reasons why people don’t like to lift weights. For a lot of people, they believe cardio is the best way to lose weight and burn fat. Lifting weights simply isn’t worth it. Some individuals feel like they don’t know what... Continue reading ›

The Rise of Boutique Fitness

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Move out of the way big-box gyms, a newcomer has arrived. This newcomer isn’t a revolutionary new gym; rather, it’s a fitness experience. Boutique fitness fever has swept the nation in the past couple years. A trip to the mall or an upscale plaza used to be filled with tons... Continue reading ›

Lose Weight With These Healthy Dessert Recipes

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It’s easy to see why dessert is forbidden when you trying to lose weight. However when that sugar, butter, and flour is baked into your favorite dessert, it’s like heaven in your hands. Fret no more dessert lovers! You can enjoy dessert again and not feel guilty about it. Here... Continue reading ›

Pre-Workout Snack Ideas for Weight Loss

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Without proper nutrition, the time you spend working out is a waste. Going beyond eating healthier is the key to unlocking the full potential of exercising. This means being conscious about what you eat before and after working out to achieve the best results. People get half of this right-... Continue reading ›

Paleo vs. Mediterranean Diet

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With all the different diets out there, it is hard to choose which is best. The Paleo and Mediterranean diets are two amazing diets that are actually quite similar despite one main difference. This article will delve into the two and discuss a comparison. The Paleo Diet The paleo diet,... Continue reading ›

High Protein Low Fat Foods

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Whether you’re on a diet or not, it’s always wise to choose high-protein, low fat foods. Too many people are eating protein that has too much fat and calories. If you are able to eat lean proteins consistently, you will be eliminating a good amount of calories each week, resulting... Continue reading ›

Is Pre-Workout Worth it?

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Fat-burners are a part of the term pre-workout- supplements that give you a boost for your workout. Most pre-workout supplements are aimed for weight lifters, but supplements like fat-burners are pre-workout supplements that anyone could benefit from. The Pre-Workout Fad It seems nearly impossible to walk into a gym and... Continue reading ›

Lotus Pops and Water Lily Pops: The Hottest New Snacks

Snacking is the bane of all diets. We are so hungry all the time and snacks require no preparation. Besides this, you can easily eat a little and close the bag back up to save for later. But this is what makes snacks dangerous- they’re so good we can’t stop... Continue reading ›