High intensity interval training is a great way to burn fat and gain muscle. The great thing about HIIT is you can reduce your cardio time significantly. Not only this, but studies show HIIT to be extremely effective, even up to 48 hours after the workout.

This HIIT workout is for all levels of individuals and is really quick. A circuit app that times each round would be helpful, but you may also time yourself with whatever you like. The circuit is only two exercises:

Kettle Bell Swings: 40 Seconds                    gym hiit workout

Pull-ups or Lat-Pulldowns: 5 reps                       gym hiit workout

The goal is to get to 100 kettle bell swings. Thus, the catch is the more rounds needed to complete the swings, the more pull-ups you have to do. So it might be wise swing as quick as possible in the first few rounds.

Remember, it’s best to do HIIT after a few strengthening exercises. If it takes you a lot of rounds or you need to work up to 100 swings, that’s okay! Over time I guarantee your legs, back, and arms will thank you. Have fun!

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