Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch To Reach Your Goals

Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch To Reach Your Goals

The journey to health and fitness can seem like an uphill battle. You need to figure out what to eat, the best exercises to do, and how to remain consistent. But here’s the good news. Technology is here to help. With a few clicks and swipes, you can begin your fitness journey. That’s where the best fitness apps for Apple Watch come into play.

These apps can help you meet your fitness goals. Not only do they provide a wide range of exercises, but they also keep you accountable and motivated. However, there are many fitness apps on the market. The question, then, becomes, what’s the best fitness app for Apple watches?

In this article, we’ve selected some of the best fitness apps for Apple watches. We explain their features as well as their cost.

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What’s the Best Fitness App for Apple Watch?

Nike Training Club is one of the best apps for workout ideas. Cyclemeter is excellent for cyclists wanting to track their progress. If you want a nutrition-tracking app, MyFitnessPal is the best.

The answer will vary depending on your specific fitness goals.

But there are many fitness apps you can easily install on your Apple watch. With so many options, it can be confusing trying to pick the one that’s right for you.

If you’re wondering, ‘What’s the best fitness app for Apple Watch?’ Continue reading below.

Strava: The Best Fitness App for Apple Watch?

Many people consider Strava one of the best fitness apps for Apple Watches for cycling and running. The app purchase is easy online and it allows you to track key metrics.

These include distance, average heart rate, heart rate variability, speed, and burnt calories.

Aside from being a running/jogging app, Strava helps with other activities. This includes swimming, weightlifting and rock climbing.

You can, however, only access some of these special features when you upgrade to Strava Premium. This comes at the price of $59.99 per year.


With over 200 million users, MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular fitness applications.

With MyFitnessPal, you get to know how many calories you’ve burnt when you do physical activities. The app is also great for diet management as it helps you keep track of your calorie intake. These features make MyFitnessPal rank high as one of the best fitness apps for Apple Watch.

Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch: Couch To 5K

Running up to 5 kilometers or more without practice can be challenging for many people. But not with Couch To 5k. This app makes achieving a 5 km run easier.

First, it starts with a simple walk before transitioning to an actual run. Then you gradually increase your pace and distance until you conveniently hit 5 kilometers in 9 weeks.

What’s more, Couch To 5K provides virtual motivational coaches to help you achieve this goal. It also shows you a graph that highlights and tracks your progress.

None To Run: Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch

None To Run has a user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation. None To Run also presents an approach that makes running 5 km or more achievable.

Specifically, this application includes strength workouts to help you get stronger and prevent injuries. Additionally, None To Run is a low-cost fitness app, as the subscription fee is $5.99 per month.


MapMyRun excels as the ideal option for people who are looking to lose weight or stay fit by running. This app helps you begin and master long-distance running.

In line with this, the app provides several features that help motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. The premium version enables you to easily create specialized training plans.

It also provides all the information you need to execute the training plans and achieve your weight loss goals. Nevertheless, to enjoy all these benefits, you would have to pay the monthly subscription cost of $5.99.

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Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch: Cyclemeter Bike Computer

If you’re into cycling, Cyclemeter is one of the best fitness apps for Apple Watch for you. It’s an application that possesses some unique features. These features enable you to see your stats and determine how much progress you’ve made over a period of time.

What’s more, you can share your achievement with other users, allowing you to get some motivation from others. Another great thing about this app is that it is completely free.

iBiker Cycling & Heart Trainer

iBiker Cycling & Heart Trainer is a great choice if you use a stationary bike. You can also use it for cycling outdoors. The app aids in monitoring your essential cycling statistics such as duration, distance, speed and heart rate. Besides, it can also serve as a tracker. Unlocking some of the advanced features of this app comes at the price of $4.99.

Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch Underwater: MySwimPro

When it comes to swimming, MySwimPro stands out as an exceptional app choice. It goes beyond simply tracking the number of lengths you’ve swum. It offers the ability to create, design and monitor swim workouts.

This makes it an ideal choice if you are serious about training or simply seeking an exercise routine. If you’d like personalized coaching, there’s a premium subscription plan available for $20 per month. This provides an enhanced swimming experience.

Triathlon Tracker

Triathlon Tracker is the ultimate tracking app for triathletes using the Apple Watch. What sets it apart is the convenient feature that allows you to mark your transitions between different activities. Simply tap both side buttons on your Apple watch.

The Triathlon Tracker enables you to know metrics such as the time spent, heart rate, distance and pace. With these, Triathlon Tracker can easily compete among the best fitness apps for Apple Watch.

Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch: Gymaholic

Gymaholic caters primarily to experienced gym enthusiasts.  With nearly 400 available exercises, it’s an ideal choice if you like to engage in various workout routines. However, you must be familiar with the names of the workouts to log them accurately.

Gymaholic provides a seamless and efficient system for tracking your workouts. It enables you to monitor your progress over time and keep a record of whatever you do in the gym. This allows for a comprehensive overview of your fitness journey.

Like most apps, Gymaholic has a free and premium version. The latter costs $4.99/month or $31.99 annually.

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Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch: Strong

Strong is a fitness app that allows you to create your workout plan and keep a record of it. This includes sets performed for different body parts. However, if you want to design a more personalized workout plan, you should subscribe to Strong’s premium package. The Strong subscription costs $4.99/month or $29.99/year.

As such, you won’t need a phone or a paper and pen to keep track of your sets. This ensures that you avoid distractions or anything that can cause a break in your workout session.

Nike Training Club

If you ever need workout ideas, Nike Training Club is the fitness app for you. This application provides an extensive selection of at-home and gym workouts. Each of these workouts has various sections that focus on different body parts.

However, workout ideas aren’t all there is to the Nike Training Club. It also assists in your nutrition. Did we fail to mention that this app is completely free?

Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch: Carrot Fit

Carrot Fit provides a unique and engaging experience for gym-goers. It can enable you to transition from a lighthearted exercise to an intense workout. Moreover, the app playfully taunts users with sarcastic messages containing clever humor. This adds an entertaining twist to your workout session as it strikes a balance between humor and challenge.

In addition to this, Carrot Fit is an excellent app for tracking your fitness progress. With all these features, it’s no surprise that Carrot Fit is one of the best fitness apps for Apple watches.

Nevertheless, enjoying every bit of whatever the app has to offer comes at the price of $4.99.

Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch:  Keelo

Keelo presents a detailed workout program for individuals aiming to enhance their strength at an accelerated pace. Keelo offers a comprehensive daily full-body workout that encompasses strength training, conditioning exercises, and cardio workouts. This ensures you do not leave out any body parts during your workout session.

What sets it apart is how the app designs a personalized program as a result of your workout history. Keelo also meticulously tracks completed repetitions and timings, guiding you through each exercise with precision. Keelo is similar to having a personal trainer right on your Apple Watch.

The app is available as a free download for a trial period. However, to fully maximize its benefits, you have to pay a premium, annual subscription fee of $107.99.

Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch: Smart Gym

With Smart Gym, you can say goodbye to traditional spiral notebooks. This is because Smart Gym revolutionizes workout logging by enabling you to record every intricate detail. From the workout goal and sets to reps, weight, and rest timers, this app captures it all.

This enables you to keep track of your activities and allows for a streamlined workflow during your workouts. In addition to workout tracking, Smart Gym offers the capability to monitor various body measurements. This includes body mass index (BMI)I, body fat percentage, and waist circumference.

The user premium plan for this app costs $119.88 or $59.99 a year.

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Are the Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch Worth Buying?

Reports estimate that the global fitness app market will reach $14.64 billion by 2027. This shows how much money people will spend on physical wellness. And considering the effectiveness of the best fitness apps, it’s no surprise.

Not only do they help you shed weight, but they also provide a convenient, cost-effective way to improve physical wellness. Even better, they incorporate expert training guidance and workout plans from reputable sources.

So, is it worth it? We’ll let you decide.

However, it’s important to find out everything regarding a fitness app before paying for it. This will enable you to choose the best fitness app for Apple Watch that can help you meet your goals. Also, prior research will help you know if the interface of the app is user-friendly.

The Best Free Fitness App for Apple Watch

Looking to improve your fitness on a budget? Lucky for you, there are plenty of apps with low-cost or free versions for you to try out. Applications such as Cyclemeter and Nike Training Club are some of the best free fitness apps for Apple watches. 

Nike Training Club features over 200 free workouts. These workouts cover endurance, strength and mobility. They also help you workout specific areas of your body. This includes your arms, abs, legs, chest, shoulders and glutes – all for free!

Cyclemeter features graphs, maps, intervals, laps, training plans and zones. These are all features that cyclists can use to track their cycling progress via their Apple Watches. The data that it collects is remarkably accurate, especially for a free app.

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What Apple Watch Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

Several Apple Watch exercises are effective at burning calories. Some of them include:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Swimming

Furthermore, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great means of burning calories. In fact, studies have shown that after high-intensity interval training, your body continues to burn calories for a long period. 

Examples of high-intensity interval training activities are:

  • Jump rope
  • Push-ups 
  • Shuttle sprints 
  • Dumbbell squats

Aside from this, there is also High-Intensity Low Impact Training, also known as HILIT. HILIT provides an opportunity for you to burn calories and get fit without experiencing pains or aches.

Typically, a fitness app will guide you on the steps to take to burn calories. In many cases, these workout apps will require that you pay a subscription fee to enjoy exclusive features. However, you can still get the best free fitness apps for Apple Watch on the Apple Store.

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