Intermittent Diet Calories a Day – How Many Calories to Eat?

Intermittent Diet Calories a Day – How Many Calories to Eat?

Intermittent fasting is one of the popular dieting means exploited to lose weight, lead, maintain a healthy life, and indulge in a simpler and more robust routine. It, however, does not have a strict layout of how much you should consume; it is, instead, a diet pattern involving eating and fasting periods. With that in mind, it gets a bit tricky in determining intermittent diet calories a day. Below is a quick insight into how you can settle on the ideal intermittent diet calories a day.

Weight Loss Goals

Are you on a weight loss pursuit? If you are, then you appreciate the need to drop some calories from your diet. That is to say, even though intermittent fasting does not block you from taking as many calories as you can, you need to cut on it.
Following your weight loss goals, intermittent fasting allows you to keep hunger at bay as you condition it to follow a specific eating pattern. You only feel hungry when the eating window approaches. In such a scenario, you need to observe intermittent diet calories a day that lowers your initial input but balances with your body needs.


People who workout rigorously burn a lot of fat. The lifestyle of an athlete, for example, entails day to day workouts and strenuous game times. Such bodies burn fat faster than a person who spends most of their day time sitting behind a desk in an office. As such, the level of intermittent diet calories a day varies, one requiring higher than the other.

As you subject your body to activities that require more energy, you need to devise a meal plan that allows your eating breaks to nourish your body’s calorie requirement.

Body Size

The intermittent diet calories a day that you consume should be guided by your body size. Losing too much weight at a short period may sound ideal, but it may lead to some health issues.

Depending on your body size, you can understand how much calories you need per day to stay healthy. With such knowledge, you can be able to determine how much you can cut from your diet and lose or maintain your desired weight without shocking the body.


Different age brackets require varying calorie intake levels. For instance, younger children are still growing, and they need much more calories to sustain their growing needs. As you condition your body with periods of fasting and eating breaks, consider how your age affects your body functioning. You need intermittent diet calories a day that helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle while supporting your body’s demands.


Gender is another element that has to be factored in while trying to determine the ideal intermittent diet calories a day. Females and male bodies differ, and their calorie requirements are different as well. Assuming that the metabolic rate, age, and physical activities are at par, males require around 2,500Kcal while females require 2,000Kcal per day to maintain their weight.

Key Takeaways

Our bodies are different, with distinct metabolism levels among other features. While one meal plan may work for you, it does not automatically translate to being ideal for every individual with the same goals. Though weight loss, being one of the primary reasons people adopt intermittent fasting, requires burning extra fat and reducing calorie intake, it should be noted that such deprivations should be at par with the body’s requirements.

Through intermittent fasting, you learn how to manage hunger and satiety. Not only that, since you can efficiently manage your urge to eat, you can get to a unique position, allowing you to be more cautious of what you consume. Such consciousness when it comes to food intake is vital in ensuring that you only take the right amount of calories that your body needs per day, making intermittent fasting one of the most quintessential approaches in leading a healthier life.

Just because intermittent fasting does not dictate how much calories you can consume during your eating breaks does not mean that you get to throw caution out of the window. You still need to observe a healthy calorie intake. After all, if you do away with 1000 calories during the fasting window and consume 2000 calorie when the eating window comes, you are barely balancing or cutting on its intake, meaning that you may end up losing little to no weight.

As you consider the right intermittent diet calories a day, follow the highlighted factors to guide your quest and achieve a healthier lifestyle by following a suitable intermittent fasting plan that fits your routine.

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