28 Day Diet for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

28 Day Diet for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss
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It is not enough to lose the excess fat through exercise. You need to follow a lean diet too. This is because you can work out every day and lose several calories, but with a handful of chips or a burger for dinner, you destroy all the hard work you did.

Below is a description of a 28-day diet that will not only help you lose those excess calories but will also help you gain some muscle. Follow this plan strictly, and in less than a month, you will be able to show off impressive muscles.

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Diet Foods

There are three foods that should be included in your meal if you are trying to lose weight. The first is egg whites. Egg whites have no fat and are high in protein. They are also very easy to prepare, taking a few minutes at most.

Oatmeal is high in fiber and sugar. It can provide energy to the body for a longer period as compared to other foods. It’s easy to prepare in case you are in a hurry. Simply open a packet of instant oatmeal, add hot water, and stir. Voila! Your meal is ready.

The importance of green vegetables cannot be emphasized enough. They have numerous benefits. They provide the body with fiber, which improves digestion. They also contain antioxidants, which improve overall health. They are also filling which means you get full quickly.

Follow the Principles

There are three major principles that you should follow to shed the fat very fast. Follow them religiously.

  • Follow the 1g of protein per pound of body weight. Low protein intake will result in losing muscle in addition to fat. You need to preserve muscle during your dieting phase. This means that if you weigh 200lbs, you should eat about 220 g of proteins. Eat high-quality proteins like red meat, egg whites, and poultry. If you get hungry during the day, a protein shake can be a quick fix.
  • Reduce carbohydrate intake. Your carbohydrate intake should be between low to moderate. This is just enough to give you energy. A low amount of carbohydrate is about 100g while a moderate amount is 150g.
  • Drink a lot of water. Water keeps you hydrated. You should drink at least one gallon of water. Do not rely heavily on diet sodas and low calorie sweetened drinks.

Stick to the Diet

Diets are hard because of cravings and bad habits that we possess. The first two weeks of dieting are the most difficult because they involve dropping some of the bad habits like passing by McDonald for a quick lunch. Stick to carrying your own food and do not sweeten it up with the usual can of coke.

In order to control your carvings, schedule a cheat day every week. During the rest of the week, if you feel a craving, concentrate on the cheat meal. Think about how much pizza and chips you will eat on that day. Remember, it is just one meal and not the entire day is a cheat day.

What Should You Expect?

With proper diet, you should lose on average 2-3lbs per week. This way, the loss is not drastic; therefore, reducing the chances of gaining back the weight. If by the end of the week you have not lost any weight, sit down and troubleshoot. You can also increase your cardio from one session to two sessions in a day. Remember, eating right plays an important role in not regaining the fats that you have lost.

Maintaining the Weight

Now that the 28 days are up, you do not want to gain all that weight you have lost. You can enjoy flexibility in your diet and still maintain your body. Begin by eating a clean breakfast. An example is eating scrambled eggs, a whole grain item (bread, bun, or oatmeal) and a fruit. Secondly, eat dinner at home. This will make you eat something healthy. Breakfast and dinner should not have any added fats or sugars. Now that you have two meals covered, you can have whatever you want for lunch.


Losing weight requires discipline. If you fall out of the track, pick yourself up and try again. Do not lose hope. Remind yourself that in just 28 days, you can have a new body to flaunt.

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