Keto vs Vegan Diet: Which One is Right For You?

Keto vs Vegan Diet: Which One is Right For You?

keto vs vegan diet which one is right for you

There have been debates on keto vs vegan diet. Now how to know which one is right for you? They are both popular due to their weight-loss and other health benefits. The ketogenic diet, known as “keto diet”, is very low in carbohydrates, high in fat, and a moderate in protein. This has been popular these days as a lose-weight-fast strategy. A vegan diet is the most strict of all vegetarian forms of diet. It excludes all products derived from animals. Vegans believe that animals have the right to live and not to be consumed by a human, be it for basic needs like food and clothing, more so for entertainment.

Whether you choose keto or vegan diet, you should consult first a doctor and a dietician and strictly follow the recommended approach.

Keto vs Vegan

Learn the key differences between vegan diet and keto diet and decide which one best suits your exact needs. Both can be effective as long as you do it right.

What is Keto Diet?

Keto diet is a low-carb diet that burns fat efficiently. A lot of people have experienced the fast and effective results of this type of diet. Keto diet makes your body switch its fuel supply to run mainly on fat, making it a 24/7 fat burning machine.

How Does Keto Diet Work?

The preferred source of energy of our body is carbohydrates. Eliminating this from your diet will quickly use up glycogen. The carbs reduction puts our body into a specific metabolic state called ketosis, where the body burns fat, instead of carbs, into energy. When our body can’t get glucose from carbs, the liver converts fatty acid into ketone which is an alternative energy source.

Health Benefits of Keto

  • Increases energy
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Burns fat – ketones suppresses hunger hormones which makes you feel full.
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Fuels and feeds your brain

The keto diet is also used as a treatment to epilepsy as raised levels of ketones in the blood reduces epileptic seizures in patients.

Health Risks of Keto

It may lead to several vitamins and mineral deficiencies, kidney stones, gastrointestinal distress, and decreased bone mineral density since certain food groups would be eliminated from your regular diet.

People with kidney damage, thyroid disease, a history of eating disorders, or those who have had their gallbladder removed should not take the keto diet.

What is a Vegan Diet?

When done right, a vegan diet improves not only your weight loss goal but also your overall health. It’s a diet based solely on plant foods. Thus, a vegan won’t consume animal products like meat, dairy, and eggs. Apart from being a dietary choice, veganism is also an ethical choice.

How Does Vegan Diet Work?

Having a vegan diet means you can eat a lot but still lose weight since you don’t eat protein and don’t consume a lot of calories. Rather, you consume a lot of vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies. Vegans have to be careful as not all products that are labeled vegan have zero animal-based ingredients.

Health Benefits of Vegan

  • Improvedcardiovascular health – due to saturated fat reduction
  • Weight loss and healthy skin
  • Healthier bowel movement – due to high fiber
  • Improvedkidney function
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Antioxidant – protects you from some types of cancer and boosts the immune system
  • Reduces body odor and bad breath

Following a healthy, balanced vegan diet has a lot of benefits to your health. You’re hitting two birds with one stone. You’re not only advancing your weight loss regimen—you’re also improving your general health and wellness.

Health Risks of Vegan

Vegans lack in Vitamin B-12 which is needed for normal nerve function and blood cell production. They need to take B-complex as a supplement.

Keto and vegan diet are both difficult to maintain, especially if you are not that committed. If it doesn’t work, then you’re doing it wrong or you’re not sticking to it at all. Weight loss is mainly a matter of choice and discipline. On top of changing your diet, you also need to make healthy lifestyle changes all the way. This won’t only improve your physical appearance but also promotes your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

For more information on health risks, we discuss meatless diet side effects in-depth to help you stay healthy while you stick to your diet.

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