Keto vs Whole 30: The Key Differences

Keto vs Whole 30: The Key Differences

keto vs whole 30 key differences

The season of exercise and diet is now alive, and with the new trends in diet that is now popping up in the internet, there’s no wonder why many people strive hard to get the ideal body shape. There are many popular diet plans that anyone can achieve, including high-fat or low-carb diet options.

These days, Keto vs Whole 30 has been an ongoing debate. Many people are wondering about which provides better weight loss results. Although they are pretty similar, both have plenty of differences. Here are some of the differences between these popular diet strategies.

Keto Diet

Keto is a low-carb type of diet that helps the body burn fats faster and effectively. When the body receives low or no carbohydrates, it automatically undergoes ketosis. Ketones are small fuels which are an alternative source of energy.

When the body receives small amounts of carbohydrates and protein, it produces ketones which can be quickly broken down into blood sugar. In the digestive system, the liver is responsible for producing ketones and making the hungry brain fueled. The brain cannot function with fat directly but can sustain when fueled by ketones or glucose. Because the brain consumes most of the energy, this strategy helps in maintaining brain functions while reducing weight.

Although many people who undergone keto diet experienced better health, performance and weight loss, symptoms such as bad breath, dry mouth, and frequent urination are some of the visible results when the body is under ketosis. There may be restrictions in keto such as avoiding grains, yam, sweet potatoes, and tubers on the daily basis. This also allows you to eat meat, high-fat dairy, green-leafy, and high-ground vegetables, nuts, fats, and oils.

Whole 30

The diet is designed to change the way a person eats in a matter of 30 days. It is also commonly known as eliminating diet as it strictly eliminates beverages and inflammatory foods like junk foods, processed foods, alcohol, grains, sugars, sweeteners. legumes, and dairy. When a person is on a whole 30 diet plan, the only acceptable food to be taken is the approved meals such as meat, vegetables, eggs, and seafood.

While some diet plans restrict eating food, whole 30 allows the person to eat as much as they can as long as they consume approved foods. There is a different version of the whole 30 which includes vegetarian and omnivore’s diet.

Keto Vs. Whole 30: Benefits and Differences

While it seems that both of the diet plans provide benefits to the body, the difference between keto and whole 30 is the compliance with the diet. Although Keto restricts eating carbohydrates, it allows recreation of treats or “cheat day”, and whole 30 plainly sticks to the diet plan within 30 days. Some experts believed that for people who want to experience weight loss, keto is a better option as it provides long-term meal plans. On the other hand, people who would like to change lifestyles or eating habits can go with whole 30 as it provides a short-term diet plan which cleanses the body completely.

A low-carb diet is scientifically proven to provide benefits with weight loss as a major improvement. Some of the Keto diet benefits include:

  •    More weight loss
  •    Reduction of appetite
  •    Fat loss in the abdominal part of the body
  •    Decrease triglycerides faster
  •    Increase good cholesterol
  •    Lower blood pressure
  •    Improve bad cholesterol

While weight loss is not the top priority of the whole 30, this short-term diet resets the body and changes patterns of food intake. Some of the Whole 30 diet benefits include:

  •    Flawless skin
  •    Increase energy
  •    Whiter eyes
  •    Better eating lifestyle
  •    Sound sleep
  •    Balanced mind
  •    Deflated and slimmer body

No matter what type of diet a person will try, whether it is for weight loss or a much healthier lifestyle, it is still important to take precautions and gain ideas from others who are under a diet program. These kinds of diet programs are pretty restrictive and may cause body malfunction if a person already has pre-existing health problems. In terms of whether Keto vs. Whole 30 provides a better result, it is important to know what a person really wants to do in order to achieve the diet program they want to apply to their lifestyle. Most importantly, always consider your health and safety when dieting.

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