Perfect Keto vs Pruvit Comparison

The keto diet has become such a big thing ever since many people have become slimmer and fitter due to it. With that trend in the market, many keto supplements have also surfaced, paving way to the wave of new brands that cater to those who are following the keto diet. Two of the most popular brands of supplements that are most known in the market are Perfect Keto and Pruvit.

Now, if you are a ketogenic diet follower, then you’ve most likely heard about these brands. If you’ve never tried any of them yet, you’d probably be asking yourself which one is better. Should you want to answer that question, you need to have a set of criteria that can decidedly grade Perfect Keto vs Pruvit.

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The Criteria

As hardcore keto diet followers, we have tried both and can give a comparison. Here is our take on Perfect Keto vs Pruvit:


The first thing to consider would be the flavor of the keto powder. Let’s start off with Pruvit. Now, the first thing that you’ll notice is that all of Pruvit’s keto powders have very strong tastes no matter the flavor. If you’re into that kind of thing, then Pruvit is probably good for you. It has a very soda-ish taste combined with caffeine. A lot of people who are trying to get off coffee or diet soda would usually use this as an alternative.

If you’re not into very strong tastes though, then Perfect Keto is the better choice. Perfect Keto has a much milder taste, especially their Peaches and Cream flavor. You’ll taste more of the cream than the peach which is great for those who don’t have a strong sweet tooth.


Those who are watching their diet may want to know how many calories are in each of the keto powders. Perfect Keto has a calorie count of 15 with a carb count of 0. So this is ideal for those who want to totally get off carbs and really lose weight.

Pruvit, however, is shown to have a higher calorie count of 45 with carb count of 5. Now, this is the more ideal powder keto if you are the type of person who wants to gain a bit more weight or maintain a certain weight but would still want the benefits of a keto diet.

BHB Ketone Count

For those who are really following the ketogenic diet, you would most likely want to know the specific ketone count of what you’re ingesting. After all, you can do some research about the ideal amount of ketone you should take for your body. For Perfect Keto, the ketone count is at 11.38 grams, which is specified in the packet.

Unfortunately for Pruvit, it doesn’t have the ketone count specified. This is in fact, one of the cons of Pruvit because most people want their keto supplements to be more transparent when it comes to nutrition facts. You’re ingesting it, so it’s only natural that you should really research about it. So with that, it’s hard to tell just how much ketones can be found inside Pruvit’s ketone powder.


When it comes to price, Perfect Keto is definitely cheaper and more worth it. This is because Perfect Keto is sold at retail stores and online shops. Pruvit, on the other hand, makes use of an MLM scheme which automatically makes the product more expensive (since the membership and the referral fees are all cost in). So if price is a big thing for you, then you’ll definitely prefer having Perfect Keto instead of Pruvit.


With that comparison, which of the two is the product? Well, when it comes to flavor, it will really depend on your preference. Some people like a strong flavor with a caffeine taste while others like milder flavors. That said, they are tied for this criteria. As for calorie count, this also depends on what your fitness goals are and whether you need more calories or not. So this is another tie.

When it comes to keto count though, Perfect Keto wins by default since it is more transparent. If you’re a real keto dieter, you may be wary of Pruvit since it doesn’t show the keto level.

Lastly, Perfect Keto wins in price since it is a much cheaper alternative to try. It’s especially good for newbies who have never cracked into the keto diet before and would want to try it out.

That said, if we pit Perfect Keto vs Pruvit, we can see here that Perfect Keto has the slight advantage.

We compared Perfect Keto and Pruvit to a Modern Fit Program, and we’ve found that Modern Fit to be more effective and realistic when it comes to lifestyle and sustaining the program. Get a free consultation here.

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