Best Keto Cold Brew Iced Coffees and Recipes

Best Keto Cold Brew Iced Coffees and Recipes

Do you love iced coffee and swear by it for your caffeine needs? If so, you might have thought that you will have to give it up since you are starting on the keto diet. But, what if I told you that you can have keto iced coffees, which are low carb and cold-brewed? There are several brands out there that make keto-friendly iced coffees that you can sip and enjoy. To help you stay active and healthy, here’s a look at the best keto cold brew iced coffees out there.

Best Keto Cold Brew Iced Coffees and Recipes

Keto Iced Coffee 1

Forget Sugar Friday’s Layered Keto Iced Coffee – 1 gram net carb

The most basic option for keto dieters who enjoy their iced coffee, this keto cold brew will pick you up with its fresh taste. Since it contains only 1 net carb, it is also one of the healthiest options on this list. Also, as the carb count is really light, you can enjoy this daily for your caffeine hit in the morning. However, make sure you don’t add any extra toppings to enhance the flavor of the coffee, as this can quickly add calories and carbs to your drink.

Keto Iced Coffee 2

Keto Connect’s Chilled Bulletproof – 0 grams net carbs

A fantastic version of the Bulletproof Coffee by Keto Connect that contains ZERO net carbs, making it a great daily option. Keto Connect links the great taste and texture to their “the x-factor”, which is xanthan gum! The gum really uplifts the entire recipe making it smooth, light and delicious at the same time, while also ensuring that the cold brew stays healthy. 

Keto Iced Coffee 3

Forget Sugar Friday’s Keto Crack – 2 grams net carb

The Keto Crack iced coffee is an excellent option for people who need a definite hit in the morning. The coffee has a great taste and leaves behind the best after-taste. While it is a proper hot coffee option, if you want a cold fix, just pour some chilled coffee and use copious amounts of ice. But, make sure you drink it as soon as possible so that the ice doesn’t water down the caffeine in it. 

Keto Iced Coffee 4

Your Lighter Side’s Low Carb Frappuccino – 1 gram Net Carbs 

This is a great option when it comes to keto cold brews as it is sturdy and light at the same time. It doesn’t leave behind too strong an after-taste, yet contains enough caffeine to get you through the day. Also, since it is hugely carb efficient, you can use it daily, in case you like the flavor. In case you want to turn it into a mega treat, you can top this coffee with some whipping cream, as this combination is the best!

Best Keto Cold Brew Iced Coffees and Recipes

Keto Iced Coffee 5

Forget Sugar Friday’s Salted Caramel Frappuccino – 2.5 grams net carb

This delicious Keto iced coffee Frappuccino has a fantastic flavor that resembles salted caramel. Such a flavor makes this drink both sweet and salty at the same time, giving it a distinctive tinge. Furthermore, the salted caramel enhances the flavor of this keto iced coffee, giving it an edge. However, not everyone might like the tint that the salted caramel has, but in case you do, this is a great keto cold brew option for you. 

Keto Iced Coffee 6

Sugar-Free Mom’s Mocha Frappe – 1.7 grams net carbs

Another great option that will surely please all the mocha lovers out there is SFM’s Mocha Frappe. This keto cold brew packs very few carbs, but surely delivers when it comes to taste and consistency. It is also very fluffy and light, making it a great drink to enjoy on a warm day. Also, it has a sweet and chocolatey flavor that everyone will enjoy.  

Best Keto Cold Brew Iced Coffees and Recipes

Keto Iced Coffee 7

Forget Sugar Friday’s Vanilla Cinnamon – 2 grams net carb

FSF’s vanilla cold brew is a great keto iced coffee option for people who do not like a lot of extra flavors in their coffee. The pure essence of the vanilla beans help the coffee’s character stand out, making this a light and breezy drink. Also, the cinnamon adds a nice touch that helps in making the caffeine stand out spectacularly. However, this flavor brings with it 36 grams of fat per serving and is extremely sweet to taste because of the vanilla.

Best Keto Cold Brew Iced Coffees and Recipes

Best Keto Cold Brew Iced Coffee Recipes

Simple Keto Cold Brew


1 cup coffee

Ice cubes

¼ cup whipping cream (optional)

Vanilla extract (optional)


  • Make sure you brew the coffee twice as strong as usual as you will be adding ice to the mixture
  • Once you are done brewing the coffee, allow it to cool completely
  • Now fill a tall glass with ice and then pour the coffee into it
  • Once it settles, add the cream and serve immediately.
  • In case you like the flavor of vanilla or cinnamon, add the extract through a dripper. 
  • In fact, if you like thick, slushy coffee, put the ingredients into a blender and mix at the highest speed leading to a beautiful, foamy and creamy cup

Keto Salted Caramel Frappuccino 


Swerve sugar replacement or Anthony’s Xanthan Gum if you want to altogether avoid sugar

Strong coffee

Unsweetened almond milk (vanilla)

  1. Add the sugar replacements, milk and strongly brewed coffee into a blender.
  2. You could also start by blending the milk and sugar, and then add the coffee in later to prevent sedimentation
  3. Once you are done blending, add some ice and then mix again, if you like your coffee chunky.
  4. In case you want the coffee to be smooth, add the ice cubes later in the end.
  5. However, if you are just adding the ice, make sure you drink your keto iced coffee before the ice melts and weakens the drink
  6. To brew strong coffee, use two teaspoons of granules and 1/3rd cup of water
  7. Avoid the whipped cream on top as this adds a lot of carbs to the drink
  8. This keto cold brew contains 85 calories and 2.5 grams of net carbs

We hope you will now be able to enjoy some keto iced coffees thanks to our list of the best cold brews out there. In case you don’t trust these companies, use the keto iced coffee recipes listed above to make your perfect drink at home. At the end of the day, the best way to ensure you stay healthy is to cook and eat from home. Did we leave out your favorite keto iced coffee? In case we did, let us know which keto cold brew, we left out in this list in the comments below!

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