Can you eat Little Caesars on a Keto diet? Here’s the Perfect Low Carb Guide to eat at Little Caesars

Most of us love pizzas and almost everything Italian. How does going on a keto diet change the way we eat Italian? Most of us believe that we need to avoid Italian food and pizzas altogether when on a keto diet. However, that isn’t always true. There are several keto options when it comes to Italian food. Still unconvinced? We all agree that Little Caesars serves some great Italian Pizza, right? So, here’s a look at how to eat keto at Little Caesars effectively.

Can you eat Little Caesars on a Keto diet? Here's the Perfect Low Carb Guide to eat at Little Caesars

Can you eat Little Caesars on a Keto Diet?

Most of us think that Italian food is too carb-heavy to be keto-friendly. Since pizzas are the staple Italian food, we tend to stay away from them while on a keto diet. Also, since pizzas have a carb-heavy base and are filled with cheesy and creamy toppings, we tend to avoid them. Since Little Caesars serves excellent pizza, we often think that we will have to avoid such places altogether. However, you can still eat keto at Little Caesars if you wish to. However, this will mean staying clear of their heavy carb meals and sticking to healthier options. You can either choose to avoid the pizzas all together or peel off the toppings and then have them as a meal. Whatever method you do use, it is, in fact, possible to eat keto at Little Caesars. Here’s a look at how to make that possible.

Can you eat Little Caesars on a Keto diet? Here's the Perfect Low Carb Guide to eat at Little Caesars

Keto Entrees at Little Caesars

Like most pizza speciality places, Little Caesars isn’t inherently low carb friendly. Therefore, you need to be careful regarding what you order from here as the menu is full of extremely carb-heavy dishes. However, when it comes to keto entrees at Little Caesars, their Bone-In baked wings stand out. These Chicken wings are not only keto-friendly, but they also taste delicious. Furthermore, they are also useful when it comes to satiety, preventing you from binging on other dishes. Around 8 of these wings will form a meal for one if you are a small or medium portion eater. People who are used to eating more substantial portions may need to order another side to feel full. Also, their keto Baked Chicken Wings taste much better than what you get at other pizza places like Dominoes and Pizza Hut. Furthermore, 8 of their keto wings will only set you back by about $6.50.

The Mild Buffalo Wings contains 560 calories and 0 net carbs. The chicken is incredibly tender and comes right off the bone while having a great flavor. They aren’t as crispy as you would expect, but this is an excellent thing for keto dieters. 

Can you eat Little Caesars on a Keto diet? Here's the Perfect Low Carb Guide to eat at Little Caesars

Keto Pizzas at Little Caesars

At some outlets, keto dieters have the option of making the chefs create a keto cheese crust pizza. Several keto dieters have stated on Reddit that they were successful in getting the outlet to make this for them. However, in case you are not, the best option you have is to peel off the toppings of your favorite pizza and make it into a meal. One of their best topping options is the Italian Sausage Large Pizza. The toppings of this pizza make for an excellent meal, being quite delicious and filling. However, in case you do this, you will have to deal with the guilt of throwing away the crust. In case things get too difficult to peel off, wait for the pizza to cool for about 10 minutes, and then proceed with a fork and spoon. Such a meal will set you back by 720 calories, but 0 net carbs, making it an excellent keto pizza option at Little Caesars. 

In case you want a keto cheese crust pizza, go to their outlet and then request a manager to do so. However, this doesn’t work over the phone as many dieters have already pointed out. Talk to the manager and explain to them why you cannot eat the crust and then make the particular request. Here’s a look at the instructions you then need to give the manager.

Can you eat Little Caesars on a Keto diet? Here's the Perfect Low Carb Guide to eat at Little Caesars

Keto Cheese Crust Pizza at Little Caesars Recipe

  1. Add some oil to a pan and wait for it to get hot.
  2. Put 1/2 inch layer of cheese as a substitute for the crust
  3. Get it through the oven with only the cheese and no other flour or crust substitutes
  4. The cheese, when heated, will flatten and caramelize into a crust
  5. Top this off with a light layer of sauce, cheese and then your favored toppings
  6. Once you have assembled the pizza, run it through the oven again
  7. Wait for 2 minutes to let it cool down and then serve

Once you give them the instructions, make sure you assure them that you will pay for the pizza, no matter how it arrives. If they still don’t agree, you have no option but to go for the toppings peeling method. 

Can you eat Little Caesars on a Keto diet? Here's the Perfect Low Carb Guide to eat at Little Caesars

What to avoid at Little Caesars

  • Make sure you don’t go anywhere near Little Caesars’ crusts, garlic bread, cheesy loaves of bread and desserts.
  • Never go for the Pineapple topping as it carries 4 grams of net carbs per slice.
  • Similarly, while ordering chicken wings, stay away from the BBQ wings as they contain 32 net carbs for eight pieces. 
  • Also, the oven-roasted Caesar wings contain 3 grams of carbs and come without any bread, so you might want to try this option out. It contains 510 calories and 35 grams of fat while being protein-rich with 47 grams of protein. 
  • Hold any sauce that comes on any of your wings as they are a hot-bed of calories and carbs. If you insist on having a sauce, go for the garlic butter dip which has no carbs or protein.

It is clear that if you want to eat good keto pizza, you will have to make it at home. There are several keto-friendly recipes on the internet which will help you eat pizzas at home. While you might not be able to order pizza from every Little Caesars outlet, at least some of them will prepare the cheese crust keto pizza for you. Even if they do not, you do have other keto options at Little Caesars like shown above.

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