Creating Your Own Impasta

Creating Your Own Impasta

Pasta lovers face a big dilemma every time they think about eating the delicious dish. On one hand pasta is processed, calorie dense, and full of carbs, but on the other hand it tastes delicious. More often than not, people will choose pasta.

But what if there was a way to enjoy pasta guilt-free? How you might ask? By creating an impasta.

You may have heard (or said) impasta when chowing down on pasta and finding a piece that doesn’t belong. Impasta!

Impasta also refers to pasta that’s made from grain substitutes. You can buy them from the store, but it’s recommended that they’re made at home. Making these pastas don’t add much time in the kitchen, and they can actually be quite fun to make.

Not to mention, impastas are gluten free!

Since traditional pasta is refined, the process also strips pasta from some fiber and nutritional value. Impastas are packed with fiber and nutrition, so they are a perfect food. Below are pasta alternatives to get you thinking about what noodles you would prefer. Prepare it like how you would with your favorite pasta, and voilà!

Once you’re surprised by how good it tastes, have your family and friends try it to see if they spot the difference.


zucchini pasta

The most widely and commonly used substitute for noodles is zucchini. Dubbed “zoodles”, this alternative provides the perfect texture for a spaghetti substitute. You can buy a spiralizer to make noodles, or you can use a grater. If you aren’t feeling noodles, ou can also julienne the zucchini or cut it into strips.

Zucchini is also filled with potassium, vitamin-C, vitamin B-6, protein, and fiber. One medium zucchini also only has 6 grams of carbs!

Shirataki Noodles

shirataki noodles

These noodles have become increasingly popular in Western Society. They originated in Asia but because of their essentially zero calorie and carb content, they have become the noodle of choice for many around the world. So what’s in these noodles? Fiber.

These noodles come pre-packed and cooked, all you have to do is drain the liquid it comes in and rinse the noodles with hot water.

Soba Noodles

soba pasta

Soba, the Japanese name for buckwheat noodles. This alternative is very similar to spaghetti noodles, except it has a nuttier taste.  These noodles are amazing because they are packed in fiber, protein, and minerals. It is a complete source of protein too.


beet pasta

An alternative you would have never thought of, this colorful vegetable can make a great pasta. Besides adding to the presentation, this vegetable is super low-calorie and contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals. Pull out the spiralizer and try beet pasta today.


squash pasta

If you thought zucchini noodles might be good, give squash noodles a try. You can either use a spiralizer or roast the squash and make strands with a fork. Either way, squash noodles can add a sweet taste to your pasta. It’s also packed with fiber and nutrients, providing a healthy alternative to traditional pasta.

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