Crunchy Keto Snacks Which Help you Stay Healthy

Crunchy Keto Snacks Which Help you Stay Healthy

Do you love munching on snacks while on a diet? Are you scared that you will have to say goodbye to all your crunchy snacks once you start the keto diet? Well, what if I told you that there are crunchy keto snacks that you can munch on while on a diet? It is difficult to say goodbye to everything we like, when on a keto diet. Therefore, giving up on everything you want might push you over the edge. Anyway, here’s a little something to help you out. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best crunchy keto snacks out there to help you stay healthy. 

Crunchy Keto Snacks Which Help you Stay Healthy

Should you have Crunchy Keto snacks?

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a great crunchy snack? While a diet such as keto helps with reducing weight and keeping yourself fit, it shouldn’t be about starving yourself of food you like. If you give up too many things you want, you might be tempted to eat out more. Therefore, the best way to maintain a healthy diet is to have a few treats once in a while. Not only will this motivate you to stay on your diet, but it will also provide you with a different taste that will help you feel better. In case you give up on all keto snacks, it might increase your craving for more unhealthy food items later. Hence, it is totally up to you whether you want to try out some crispy keto snacks. In case you want to, there’s nothing wrong with the decision, as long as you go for healthy keto snacks. Let us take a look at a few options you have.

Best Crunchy Keto Snacks

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One of the healthiest options on this list, this super veggie is a great keto-friendly snack that dieters can munch on. Rather than cutting them up, you can chew on your celery sticks and eat them along with a dipping sauce. Not only do they have a subtle crunchy tinge, but they also provide you with a lot of essential nutrients. While you might not consider them much of a treat while not on a diet when you are on keto, these can become life-savers. In case you hate the natural taste of celery, try combining it with nut butter, or some keto-friendly dip. 

Crunchy Keto Snacks Which Help you Stay Healthy

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Another excellent veggie option that serves as a crunchy keto snack is the radish. An entire cup of sliced radishes contains just 2 grams of net carbs, making them very keto-friendly. You can choose to have them either without any additional flavoring, or maybe even add pepper and vinegar as flavors. You can also roast them in an oven and have them as radish chips.  

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Macadamia Nuts

If you have a higher budget when it comes to buying crunchy keto snacks, then macadamia nuts might be your best option. These super-foods are totally delicious, while also being extra crunchy! One of the best brands out there that make fantastic Macadamia nuts is MacFarms. Also, they are rich in all kinds of nutrients while also being super low-carb, containing only 1 gram net carbs. In comparison, almonds, another great source of vitamins, contain 3 grams net carbs.

Crunchy Keto Snacks Which Help you Stay Healthy

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Pork Rinds

A fantastic crunchy keto-friendly snack that helps satiate your snack cravings. While this might be something, you are afraid to eat while on a keto diet, they are safe. However, make sure you pay attention to what dip you use. Most of the time, though the snack is keto-friendly, the dip you use along with it might be substantial on carbs. You can enjoy pork rinds with fat-free mayo, ranch dressing, vinegar or any keto-friendly dip or sauce. Dieters can opt for brands such as Utz or Epic, as both are absolutely fantastic and keto-friendly. 

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Protein Crisps

In case you want to have some crunchy keto snacks which are high in proteins, you can opt for these cheese and egg crisps. In case you don’t want to bake them yourself, you can buy the HighKey Cheese with Egg White Crisps from a grocery store near you. Also, since the crisp does not contain any egg yolk, they have low-fat content, while being high in protein. They also have a variety of flavors so you can choose the one that appeals the most to you. One of the best protein crisps they have is the bacon flavor. 

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Dill Pickles

In case you like a little tangy aftertaste after the crunch, then dill pickles are the ultimate crunchy keto snack. They serve as the best source of sodium as well, being salty and sour at the same time. While a lot of people prefer to buy dill pickle spreads, these contain a lot of extra ingredients, which aren’t healthy. Instead, go for the natural pickle that comes with a lot of crunches. In case you want a lighter aftertaste, you can go for baby dill pickles which have a milder flavor. In case you haven’t ever had them before, try out the dill pickles made by Whole Foods or Vlasic as they have real pickles without many chemicals in them.

Crunchy Keto Snacks Which Help you Stay Healthy

Best Keto Chips 

Forget Sugar Friday’s Pepperoni Chips 

These serve like Pringles for a keto dieter and are a great option in case you have a sudden crunchy snack craving. They have a great flavor, while also being very low carb, making them the perfect keto snack for dieters around the country. You can have them with cheese slices or even with a little bit of ranch dressing. However, while adding condiments, make sure you don’t go overboard and add too many carbs to your snack. 

Fit to Serve’s Cinnamon Toast Cereal 

This keto snack by Fit to Serve serves as a great breakfast option for people following the keto diet. This is a great twist to a breakfast classic and comes with a ravishing cinnamon flavor that leaves a great aftertaste. Also, they are super crunchy and can be paired with vanilla almond milk to create the perfect keto breakfast.

We hope you use these snacks to keep yourself satiated while on the keto diet. However, make sure you don’t go overboard with your condiments and end up taking in a lot of carbs. Did we leave out your favorite crunchy keto snack?

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