Medifast diet: A Novel Approach to Keep you Healthier

Apart from having a healthy lifestyle, the major reason why people take up dietary plans is to lose weight. Most of them would enjoy different foods and beverages and will not like to eat only fruits and vegetables. In the Medifast diet, people can interchange the foods they consume each day from the dietary plan which has got the same nutrients and still get the assured results. Other weight loss plans you would find will not taste as good as the Medifast diet. The diet believes that eating after every few hours will keep you away from hunger, still burns fat and helps to lose weight.

Medifast diet: A Novel Approach to Keep you Healthier

What is a Medifast Diet?

The Medifast diet is the consumption of specific products sold by the Medifast Company. Medifast diet can be used as a weight-loss plan in which low-fat and low-calorie foods are eaten. Medifast diet is a nutritionally balanced diet packed with proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Foods and beverages like oatmeal, pudding, soups, shakes, hot cocoa, and cappuccino are included in the Medifast diet. Low-fat meat and vegetables are consumed for a meal. Medifast products contain an appetite suppressor and the diet promises the loss in weight up to 5 pounds per week. Weight loss could be more than this if you are sincere about this diet. The diet is safe to be followed under the consultation and supervision of a physician.

What Does it Promise?

Medifast diet promises the loss in weight even after eating six meals per day. Meals containing high protein are consumed every 2-3 hours. Medifast diet has featured online plans, weight loss tracker, and a supporter or dietician who talks to you via online or phone. When you are into the Medifast plan, you place an order for your meals. The most convincing part of the diet is you will not need to prepare your meals. The Medifast Company delivers the replacement meals at your door-steps. 

Why Does it Work?

The Medifast diet is a clinically proven diet that fits into everyone’s budget and lifestyle. Health care providers recommend following this diet to burn fat while still holding on the muscle mass. There are over 70 types of flavorsome replacement meals from which you can choose from and are ensured to be safe. Only a maximum of 1000 calories is provided by the diet per day. The Medifast diet is about breaking a single big meal into two small ones in order to reduce the appetite.

Medifast diet: A Novel Approach to Keep you Healthier

Foods of Medifast Diet:

A Medifast meal contains three servings of vegetables, two servings of healthy fats, and 5-7 ounces of protein. Vegetarians are restricted to eat high-carb legumes like peas and lentils. The diet relaxes the consumption of dairy products or eggs only for vegetarians. Most of the Medifast dietary foods are free from gluten. 


  • Celery,
  • Popsicle,
  • Jell-O,
  • Gum, or mints,
  • Almonds,
  • Walnuts.

Limitations in foods in the Medifast diet:

  • Dairy products,
  • Fruits,
  • Fried foods,
  • Starch products,
  • Greasy foods,
  • Sugary foods.

Since dairy products are cut off from the diet plan, vitamin C should be consumed more through other foods. 

Sample menu of Medifast diet:

A strawberry oatmeal + vanilla pudding + chicken breast + tomato + broccoli + chocolate shake

Benefits of the Medifast Diet

The replacement meals hold good for people who have diabetes as it reduces the sugar levels in the blood. High cholesterol levels and high blood pressure can be controlled through the Medifast diet. People who consume medicines for weight loss can alternate this diet for their medicines. Weight-related diseases can also be avoided through this diet. The Medifast Company also provides you with dietary education and counseling to help you stay motivated.

Medifast diet: A Novel Approach to Keep you Healthier

Does the Medifast DietRreally Help in Losing Weight?

 The Medifast diet is similar to the other replacement meal diets. Eating more frequent meals will help you to control your hunger and therefore reduces your desire to take a cheat meal. About 10% of the dieter’s body weight has been reduced over 12 weeks but may regain some weight in the long run. Medifast diet may be suitable for losing weight but only long-term consumption can have a permanent effect on weight loss.

Drawbacks of the Medifast diet:

Sometimes following the Medifast diet could be boring. When you dine out you will not be able to hold on to this diet. The Medifast diet is an extreme one and you should not try this diet without consulting a doctor. Women who are pregnant or nursing are not advised to uptake this diet. The Medifast diet alerts that there may be constipation, fatigue, leg cramps, rashes, and dryness of skin and hair. You may regain a part of your weight once you stop the Medifast diet. The diet is expensive and cannot be afforded by all people. A seven-pack of replacement meal costs about $20 and cannot be found in grocery stores. You cannot cook your Medifast meal and people who love cooking may suffer in this plan.

Optavia and Medifast Diet: 

Optavia is fuelling your body at regular intervals to keep you full and reduce hunger. Optavia is said to be a new name for the Medifast diet. The difference between Optavia and Medifast diet is that you will have access to a dietician who would help you every day to keep in check of your progress. Optavia also permits you to eat certain foods like cheese and egg whites. But it costs more than the Medifast programs.

The Medifast diet does not specify any workouts but daily workouts may provide you with better results. This easy-to-follow diet is suitable for busy people who do not have proper time for preparing their meals and follow their workouts. Burning calories and losing weight without any workout is made possible only through this diet. Sticking on to the Medifast diet would be a challenge but you must learn to restrict some foods in your diet to have a healthy living.

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