What is the Mono Diet?

Humpty Dumpty had a fall, maybe because he weighed a lot. Fitness is a global call, with diets in its central plot. Obesity is an obsessive lover, who never lets go of you, kindling depression and delusion in a majority of his girlfriends. The solution? Date diet! 

MONO DIET – People call it the most “inane diet “that helps you lose your fat cells and grow filmy slim! 

Mono diet alias mono-tropic diet was one of the top 10 Google-searched diets, hinting at its popularity. As the word says, mono-diet involves consuming only one type of food. It might sound insane, but the diet would be a treat if it was based on candy and everything sweet. The genius behind the idea is Penn Jillette, a magician and comedian. He only ate the ubiquitous potatoes for a few weeks and magically sleighed off pounds, Abracadabra!!!

What is the Mono Diet?

The Monologue

● Egg mono-diet

● Milk mono-diet

● Potato mono diet

● Banana mono diet

● Chocolate mono diet

● Caulifower mono diet

● Spinach mono diet

“Diet” has become a recent trend nowadays and has been adapted by every individual out here, regardless of how long it takes. Cause like always, patient efforts give potent results.

When asked “Why mono diet?” Mono diet is enticing, interesting, captivating and uncomplicated.

How Does the Mono Diet Work?

The mono diet works on promise and perseverance. You can’t just dump them.

 When mono-diet is stuck to you, be unforgivingly uncompromising with the food habit.

Choose your poison, and stay faithful, and the diet is a loyal one gives you what you desire.

Mistakes on the Mono Diet

On the other hand/contrary, this diet leads to some unfavourable results concerning health.

Since only one type of nutrition is accepted in this diet, our body meets lack of other macro and micronutrients. Like food, shelter and clothing are to the survival, essential protein, fat and carbohydrates are in health. Without the right combination, the whole metabolic system will subside and collapse into crumbs. In this diet, when any non-starchy food is taken, the muscles get weaken which gradually leads to a slower rate of metabolism. When the body is scarce of protein, our own muscles are broken down to give out amino acids. Our body contains 75% of water, which makes it easier to lose pounds. At the end of this diet plan, one’s pound can bounce back later.

What is the Mono Diet?

The Disease vs. The Diet

Nothing in this world can go down with only PROS. One of the major threatens about mono diet is that the more pounds you decrease, the more ways you build to destroy the healthy monument you have built all these years.

For instance, when a banana mono diet is being followed, there is an adverse effect. Bananas, member of the Gena Musa family:

Firstly, are accommodated with plenty of POTASSIUM-K, which can lead the way to cardiovascular diseases.

Secondly, the existence of additional sugar level can cause Type 2 diabetes.

Since many nutrients are deficit, the enzymes in our body become inactive, which leads to gastric disorders, and even gallstones. 

Scary, isn’t it?

Cons of the Mono Diet

What do we gain, accepting this diet?  

  • One, meal-planning seems easier
  • Two, rapid results
  • Three, no artificial foodstuffs
  • Four, Intestines are detoxified
  • Five, There’s a decrease in bloating

What do we lose in the mono diet?

  • When a bunch of other varietal foods is restricted in this diet, macro and micronutrients are scarce. We lose ‘all-round nutrition’.
  • There is an overall diminishing of energy levels in our body.
  • Life becomes more difficult and stressful when one’s tongue is restricted to taste the other favourite kinds of stuff
  • Gradually, many ailments are attached to this journey.
  • Lack of carbohydrates, which becomes unable to maintain brain functions.

For example, meat mono-diet means weak cardio health.

The Journal of American College of Nutrition says that high intake of meat leads to many cancers, heart disorders and even osteoporosis (bone weakening) and renal disorders.

What is the Mono Diet?

Replacing the Risks

Let’s check out the ways to replace the risks. As this diet turns out to be more interesting and simple, another few steps can be taken,

  1. Mono-meal: Any high-calorie meal can be chosen and prohibited
  2. Mono-elimination: Unwanted and unnecessary food can be eliminated
  3. Mono-hydration: Any sauces and other sugary fluids can be cut off the diet. 
  4. Water – Survival of the fittest.
  5. Mono-swap: Any unhealthy food pattern can be swapped with a healthier one.

Final Note

In today’s world, being unhealthy has become a trend which obviously results in concerning oneself with regards to DIET. Diet is something that must be taken where one can balance metabolism, stay healthy, prevent health disorders, reduce pounds, detox their body while staying aware of what they eat. Careful consideration of the pros and cons can be beneficial.

As Hippocrates said,” Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, let us all know the importance of food and health. Back in those days, there was no such thing called “diet”. People stayed healthy because of their physical stability and healthy routine.

Due to the restrictions and unsustainability, mono diet is not much appreciated due to concerns regarding people’s health. Although it may seem attractive, it is just as dangerous.

A healthy life is a life worth living. Let’s follow the diet schemes to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Stay healthy!

Let’ fight diseases!

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