Everything You Need To Know About Matcha

Everything You Need To Know About Matcha

I’ll start with the most important thing you need to know about matcha. That it is absolutely delicious! Now, many of you might already know of this miracle tea that has become quite popular in recent times. In case you don’t and want to lose weight or adopt a healthier lifestyle, then you need to read up on matcha, as it can help you much. The best thing about matcha is that it combines taste and nutrition the way few things can. So, what is matcha and why is everyone going crazy over it? Here’s your ultimate guide to matcha, its benefits, and why you need to try if you haven’t already!

Everything You Need To Know About Matcha

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a type of green tea that is made using whole, ground leaves. Since it contains a lot more of the tea leaf than other teas, it has a distinctive and rich flavor, which is loved by many. Also, it looks exceptionally pleasing as higher chlorophyll content gives the tea a vibrant green color. Furthermore, since the young tea leaves are shaded before getting picked, they have a tender and sweet flavor that makes matcha unique and delicious. After the harvesting is completed, the leaves are dried, sifted, and then ground into a fine, green powder using a stone.

How To Make Matcha Tea

Matcha, which literally translates to powdered tea is a great drink to have before you head out for an intense workout session. Here’s a look at how to brew a great cup of matcha.

  • Try to use either a shallow bowl or a specially made matcha-bowl to brew the tea.
  • Add ½ a teaspoon of matcha to the bowl. 
  • Now pour 2 ounces of hot water into the bowl. First, boil this water and then cool it down to 80ºC/175ºF before pouring it in.
  •  Use W whisk motions to blend the powder into the water.
  • Rather than just using your writs, move your entire arm to churn the mixture well.
  • Whisk for 30 seconds, or until bubbles start to form on the top of the mixture.
  • Once a foam appears, stop and serve the matcha. 

What Do You Need To Know About Matcha?

Matcha Fact 1 – Health Benefits

One of the biggest reasons this tea has turned into an internet sensation is because it contains a lot of nutrients and minerals. It isn’t just a tasty beverage, but rather a powerhouse of nutrients and health benefits. Matcha contains a lot of antioxidants. So much so that, as per a Wall Street Journal report, it contains 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. These EGCGs are extremely important as they help in boosting your metabolism and even prevent the growth of cancerous cells. Therefore, not only do you get to lose excess weight, but you also get to stay safe from severe diseases like cancer.

Everything You Need To Know About Matcha

Furthermore, it also comes with a lot of polyphenols, which is famous for doing wonders against cardiac diseases and cancer. Since matcha consists of tea leaves themselves, it also comes packed with fiber, which ensures proper digestion. Also, since the tea grows in the shade, it tends to have higher chlorophyll percentages that lead to more detox effect. 

Matcha Fact 2 – Unique Taste

Whether you are a tea lover or not, you must try out matcha for its unique and earthy flavor. Surely it is a king among teas due to its distinct flavor. However, make sure you buy authentic and natural matcha so that you get to experience this unique flavor that makes it so special. Also, certain manufacturers tend to add powdered milk and sugar to the leaves, turning it into hot chocolate. Instead of going for unknown brands, try to opt for famous brands that sell the real deal. Make it a point to check the ingredients to ensure that what you buy is unadulterated matcha.

Matcha Fact 3 Combinations

Another great thing about matcha is that it can be used in several ways. In case you don’t like tea, but want to make full use of matcha’s health benefits, powder it and add it to your food. It will help make your food taste exotic while also helping you utilize its benefits. As they come in a powdered form, you can add matcha to just about anything and get away with it. Maybe try out a batch of matcha muffins, matcha squash soup, or even matcha cakes, which are now extremely popular around the world.

Everything You Need To Know About Matcha

Matcha Fact 4 – Weight-Loss Specialist

As per studies done by the American Journal Of Nutrition, green tea extracts can help you burn more calories. This is because they are enriched with catechins, which contain several thermogenic properties, helping them burn fats and use up more calories. Try having a glass of matcha tea before your workout to sweat out more fats. Incorporating matcha into your diet can help you burn fats and calories up to 8% faster.

Matcha Fact 5 Risks

While matcha is a fantastic wonder-food that can help you in many ways, there are some things you need to be careful of while using it. For instance, matcha grown in China may contain lead, which is quite harmful to health in large quantities. While most green teas absorb lead from the atmosphere, since matcha is drunk directly from the leaves, it tends to have more lead than regular tea. Therefore, you should stick to just one cup of tea immediately before your workout to stay on the safe side. 

Everything You Need To Know About Matcha

Matcha Fact 6 – Stress Reliever

Since matcha contains L-theanine, which is an amino compound that helps relax the body, a cup of this tea can do wonders for your stress. In case you are feeling too exhausted, worried, anxious, or stressed, relax with a cup of matcha and let the proteins do their trick! L-theanine also aids in the release of GABA, which triggers the release of happy hormones dopamine and serotonin, leading to an overall pleasant feeling. 

Matcha Fact 7 – Better Life

If you think this is all matcha can do, you are wrong. The tea also helps in raising energy levels, leading to higher productivity. Since it contains a lot more caffeine than regular green tea, that combined with the L-theanine leads to positivity and high energy. Not only will it help you feel better, but it also works as a brain booster, improving multitasking, and reducing fatigue! Furthermore, the world’s oldest people, who live in Japan, have credited their longevity and vitality to matcha. Its antioxidant content helps fight the aging process helping you feel, look, and act a lot younger than you actually are!

Everything You Need To Know About Matcha

The matcha tea, which serves as the centerpiece of Japanese tea ceremonies, quickly took over the entire world due to its rich taste and numerous health benefits. The drink contains a lot of vital minerals and nutrients, which can go a long way in helping you get fitter and healthier. In case you haven’t drunk matcha before, check out our series of articles on this fine beverage to learn more about it.

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