Everything You Need To Know About the Bone Broth Fast

Everything You Need To Know About the Bone Broth Fast

A fantastic thing about health and nutrition is that you can always stumble across something that changes your life. In recent years, Americans have been paying more attention to what they put inside themselves. With health and fitness trending, people are looking for new types of diets, and adequate meal plans to shed those extra pounds. One of the latest trends to hit the market is the Bone Broth fast. For years, bone broth has been considered a superfood, full of essential nutrients and vitamins. Anyway, if you are interested in trying out this new trend, here’s a look at everything you need to know about the bone broth fast.

Everything You Need To Know About the Bone Broth Fast

The Bone Broth Diet

The bone broth fast is a 21-day meal plan popularized by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci. It revolves around the Paleo diet. Typically, during this fast, people follow the Paleo diet for five days and then fast on the weekends. While on the Paleo diet, people drink over 2 cups of bone broth daily, whereas while fasting, they may have up to 6 classes of broth. Essentially, it combines the Paleo diet with the concept of intermittent fasting, along with a healthy helping of bone broth.

Around the world, the Paleo diet is famous for helping resolve digestive issues, and also in helping with weight loss. One of the biggest reasons why the Paleo diet helps with these is because it gets rid of all processed and junk food, helping you achieve a clean palette. It cuts out refined sugar, flour, and other grains, along with legumes and different types of high-carb food sources. Instead, it replaces all of these with animal proteins, leafy greens, fruits, and healthy oils, nuts, and seeds. Intermittent fasting helps in burning more fat efficiently, while also increasing lean muscle mass, and sharpening focus.

Why Adopt the Bone Broth Fast

  • A bone broth fast works better than a dry fast as it helps you rehydrate quickly.
  • You get a large number of essential nutrients, protein, and electrolytes.
  • Unlike other long fasts, this one does not leave you dehydrated, fatigued, and drained. 
  • The protein and gelatin in the broth help satiate your hunger. 
  • More comfortable to follow as it takes a lesser toll on your body
Everything You Need To Know About the Bone Broth Fast

  • The fast helps your body prioritize burning stored fat and boosting your metabolism, both of which help you lose weight.
  • The bone broth fast also gives your digestive tract a well-deserved break.
  • As it cuts out inflammatory items like refined flour and sugar, the fast helps you balance digestion, preventing stomach aches and other ailments.

What Are the Rules Of the Bone Broth Fast 

  • Follow the Paleo diet for 21 straight days.
  • Drink at least three cups of bone broth on those days.
  • Twice a week, live off liquids like bone broth, unsweetened tea, lemon tea, and matcha.
  • Substitute all your snacks with bone broth on your eating days.
  • Avoid all junk food, sweets, desserts, and other fried items.

Benefits Of the Bone Broth 

  1. Bone broth contains type II collagen, which gives it a unique nutrient profile, unlike most other foods out there. 
  2. The collagen in bone broth does wonders for our bones, skin, and tissues, which require collagen to stay healthy.
  3. Bone broth also contains the amino acid proline, glycine, and glucosamine, which promote muscle building, joint health and repair of connective tissues.
  4. Bone broth is also a great source of gelatin and protein, helping to repair the body and promote lean muscle mass.
  5. Simmering bones for long periods help the broth absorb all of its great qualities, making the broth rich in useful nutrients. 

Bone Broth Fast Sample Meal Plans

Eating Paleo – 5 days/week = 15 days

Intermittent Fasting – 2 days/week = 6 days

Paleo Diet

  • Breakfast: Kale Frittata + 1 Cup Bone Broth
  • Snack: 1 Cup Bone Broth
  • Lunch: Salad with shrimp, avocado and mango
  • Snack: 1 Cup Bone Broth
  • Dinner: Grilled Chicken with Pineapple + 1 Cup Bone Broth
Everything You Need To Know About the Bone Broth Fast

Fasting Days

  1. Bone Broth
  2. Lemon Water 
  3. Herbal tea
  4. Bone Broth
  5. Matcha Tea

Tips On How to Pull Off a Successful Bone Broth Fast

  • In case you are new to fasting, make sure you try out a mini-fast first before going all-in. Your body will need time to adapt to these changes, and hence, it is always better to go in slowly. 
  • Beginners should try a 16-hour intermittent fasting regime first before you go for the 24-hour bone broth fast. The 16-hour meal plan involves going without food for 16 hours and having all the meals you want within 8 hours. For instance, you should have your meals between 9 in the morning and 5 in the evening. After that, you should have only a couple of cups of bone broth until 9 AM the next day.
  • Make sure you listen to your body when you try out the mini-diet. In case you feel dizzy, light-headed, or like you are about to faint, take some time out and have some food. It is absolutely normal for you to feel this way if you have never done this before. 
Everything You Need To Know About the Bone Broth Fast

  • Make sure you don’t tire your body out by indulging in very intense exercise while fasting. Instead, replace your workout with some low-intensity, such as jogging, walking, or yoga.
  • Make sure you buy quality bone broth, or if you are making it, make sure you use only quality bones and connective tissue. Use bones from grass-fed beef bones and organic chicken bones. Try to source these bones from a local far so that you can be sure that they do not use any chemicals. 
  • You can boost the broth you drink by adding spices, ginger, turmeric, and even cayenne.
  • People who are underweight, pregnant, are nursing, plan to get pregnant, or have some severe health conditions should consult a doctor before trying out the bone broth diet.
  • Make sure you don’t sip on any coffee while on the bone broth fast. However, don’t worry too much about it because the broth contains a lot of nutrients that will provide you with the energy you need.

Bone broth provides so many essential nutrients that consuming it regularly will do wonders for your body. Also, as it is easily makeable and affordable, adding this to your diet is one of the simplest ways to get healthy. Drinking bone broth frequently will help your skin, bones, tissues, and also your digestive system. Switch over to the bone broth fast to feel better and healthier. Staying healthy and fit couldn’t be simpler than this. Follow this diet to get yourself in shape with ease. If you have any queries about the bone broth fast, please let us know in the comments, and we would be glad to help you out!

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