How to Make the Most out of the 28-Day Challenge

One of the most popular health challenges on the market right now is the 28 Day Challenge which promises quick results. A keto program that forces you to exercise and eat healthy for a month, the 28 Day Challenge helps with losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Are you interested in trying out the 28 Day Keto challenge? Well, here’s a look at some tips and tricks that will help you get through the challenge with ease.

How to Make the Most out of the 28-Day Challenge

What is the 28-Day Keto Challenge?

The 28 Day Keto Challenge is a unique diet program designed to enable users to lose around 10-20 pounds within 28 days! The challenge may be repeated in rounds helping you lose as much weight as required, helping you get in shape! Rather than being just a diet program, the 28 Day challenge sets you on a path to a healthier lifestyle. Started initially by the Keto Resource Team, the challenge has now become highly popular with various brands starting their own version of the challenge. Studies show that the challenge helps people lose up to 4 pounds a week if followed correctly. The challenge works as a comprehensive program that provides the partaker with everything they need to know regarding the keto diet and ketosis.

Tips on getting through the 28 Day Challenge

Make sure you plan all your meals beforehand based on your meal preferences, taste, budget and eating habits. 

How to Make the Most out of the 28-Day Challenge

  1. Customize the menu plan any way you like to ensure that you don’t get bored with the menu. However, make sure that all the substitutions that you make are keto-friendly and healthy.
  2. In case something on the plan is too expensive for you to afford, look for cheaper alternatives that carry the same macros. For instance, if you think you cannot afford to have prawns once a week, swap it with chicken breast every alternate week. Not only does this make the plan more affordable, but it also brings some variety to the menu!
  3. Make substitutions that do not change the calorie count by a large margin. A difference of around 10-20 calories will not have a significant impact on your weight loss plan.
  4. Try to use whatever ingredients you have access to quickly. Instead of buying exotic things which are expensive and artificial, try using ingredients that you have already. 
  5. Repeat meals once in a while if you have a lot of work commitments. It isn’t easy to cook thrice a day. Therefore, if your schedule is packed, repeat a meal so that you can save time and effort.
  6. Whenever you do get time, try to cook large quantities together so that you can store the extra in the freezer. This also makes things easier on busy days where you won’t have a lot of time to cook. These keto-friendly frozen meals can really help you much on working days and also when you are traveling.

How to Make the Most out of the 28-Day Challenge

  1. Understand that planning is the first step to preparing a meal. Read and plan ahead so that you can easily prep and efficiently cook your meal. Most of the time, people end up picking up a snack from a fast-food place because they did not plan their week ahead in the beginning.
  2. Cook and store baked snacks in the freezer so that you have something to heat and munch when you get sudden cravings. In case you don’t have backups like these, you will be tempted to eat out, which could be unhealthy.
  3. Use veggies with dips as snacks if you don’t have anything prepared already. However, while doing so, make sure you are using keto-friendly dips so that you don’t take in too many carbs.
  4. Set aside sometime during the weekends to prepare your meals. Allocate a few hours on Sunday to prep your meals, cut your veggies and make doughs for the rest of the week.  
  5. Try to keep your meal plan as simple as possible. Not only does this make shopping more manageable, but it also leads to a more affordable and efficient meal plan and diet. 
  6. Remember that it is okay if your first shopping experience is expensive. This might probably be because you have to get a lot of stuff for the first time. You might not have almonds, chia seeds and olive oil lying at home. Your subsequent trips will be much cheaper, as you will just be getting veggies and other essential supplies. 

How to Make the Most out of the 28-Day Challenge

28 Day Challenge Exercise tips

 The 28 Day Challenge will be a lot more fruitful if you keep exercising every day, along with adopting a keto diet. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get started.

  • Exercise whenever it suits you, rather than trying to force yourself to do it at some point of the day. Not everyone works the same way, so try to figure out what works best for you and stick to that.
  • Break your entire routine into parts and have them done in sections if that makes more sense to you. When you are starting out, doing the whole routine in one go might be exhausting. Therefore, split it up into 3 different parts and complete it during the day.
  • Make sure you don’t overexert yourself when it comes to weighted exercises. Pick weights that you are comfortable with, and increase the weight once you feel good about it. 
  • Try to improvise rather than buy new equipment. Instead of getting weights for yourself, use things lying around as weights. Fill jugs with water and use those as weights, or maybe even a suitcase filled with books. Get creative and save money this way!
  • Put on some music and try to enjoy yourself while you exercise, as this will help you keep at it, in the long run.

How to Make the Most out of the 28-Day Challenge

Benefits of the 28-day keto challenge 

  1. Gives you all the resources you need to set a comprehensive diet and exercise plan
  2. Makes it easier to discipline yourself and stick to your diet
  3. Easier to build healthy habits when you follow a strict program
  4. Pick out the best and most healthy meals which help you attain ketosis
  5. Helps in preventing and relieving symptoms of the keto flu

Use these tips and tricks to make the most out of the 28 Day Challenge, and see positive changes in your everyday life. While it might be challenging to set a path for yourself, enrolling yourself in a program such as this will really help you make better-informed decisions regarding your diet. Step onto a healthier lifestyle by following this challenge, and watch how easily you lose weight and get in shape!

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