How to Order Keto at Dairy Queen to Stay Healthy

How to Order Keto at Dairy Queen to Stay Healthy

In case you and your friends are out for lunch, and you stop in front of a Dairy Queen, do you go in to eat? While it might seem like a great option for more people, what if you were on a Keto diet? Don’t worry because we have you covered! While it might sound incredible that you can eat keto at Dairy queen, it actually is possible to have low carb food there. When eating low carb meals at dairy queen, the main things to focus on are salads and burgers without buns. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best keto friendly dairy queen options. 

How to Order Keto at Dairy Queen to Stay Healthy

Keto at Dairy Queen


Bunless Flamethrower Grill Burger 

Keto friendly dairy queen options include this colossal burger which contains half a pound of beef, bacon, jalapenos, lettuce, pepper jack cheese and tomatoes. The lettuce they serve is crispy and fresh, while the tomatoes too are ripe and juicy. Furthermore, the burger is a great keto friendly option for people who love spicy food. The bunless burger is also quite low on carbs as it contains no bread at all. 

Nutritional Information

Burger NameCaloriesNet Carbs (gms)Proteins (gms)
Bunless Flamethrower760445

Bunless Cheeseburger 

The basic burger to satiate your hunger, the cheeseburger contains pickles, lettuce, onions and mustard. Furthermore, this keto friendly option at Dairy Queen tastes much better than what you would get at McDonald’s.

Nutritional Information

Burger NameCaloriesNet Carbs (gms)Proteins (gms)
Bunless Cheeseburger220316

Bunless Turkey BLT 

A great keto friendly fast food sandwich, this burger is very filling as it contains a lot of bacon. It also brings with it turkey, swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, tomato and mayo. 

How to Order Keto at Dairy Queen to Stay Healthy

Nutritional Information

Burger NameCaloriesNet Carbs (gms)Proteins (gms)
Bunless Turkey BLT390527

Grilled Chicken BLT Salad with Ranch dressing

One of the best keto options available at Dairy Queen, this one is better than most other salads available at fast food centers. The salad comes with a lot of bacon, chicken and has 2 containers full of lettuce and tomato. The Chicken Bacon Ranch is another great option that you can try out in case you like bacon. The sandwich contains a ciabatta roll, grilled chicken breast, some sliced bacon and chopped lettuce.

Nutritional Information

Burger NameCaloriesNet Carbs (gms)Proteins (gms)
Bunless Grilled ChickenWith DressingWithout Dressing


Chicken Bacon Ranch310526

Dairy Queen Keto Dessert

In case you are looking for desserts you can eat from Dairy Queen, then you are mistaken. If you have been on Keto for a while, you will know that ice-cream is a big NO-NO! However, like mentioned above, you can enjoy their other low-carb meal options for a nice meal. They now offer much more than just ice-cream, making them have a Dairy Queen Keto friendly menu. So if your friends want to go for a quick ice-cream run, go along and have a few of these low-carb meals. But make sure you don’t indulge your sweet-tooth as that will make things difficult for you. 

Tips For Ordering Keto at Dairy Queen

  1. Since starting out as a dessert specialist in 1940, Dairy Queen has come a long way offering much more keto friendly options now. While some of their outlets still sell only ice-creams and desserts, many of them offer several new items. 
  2. Make sure you stay away from fries, ice-cream, shakes and sundaes. 
  3. Opt for grilled sandwiches, bunless burgers and plain water instead of sugar-laden drinks and shakes.
  4. If you don’t like burgers and sandwiches, you can also try out their range of salads which are both filling and healthy.
  5. However, keep in mind that the meat Dairy Queen uses is conventionally-raised, and hence is not the best quality meat you can get. Some of the pieces, especially the bacon can contain sugar, preservatives and nitrates. Their website does not speak of any organic meat either, meaning the beef and chicken also won’t be very high quality. 
  6. Also, try to skip the mayo as theirs contain oil and sugar which can add quite a few calories to your meal. 
How to Order Keto at Dairy Queen to Stay Healthy

Keto Meal Options at Dairy Queen

Make sure you stay from deals. Dairy Queen offers hungry-ish, hungry and hangry deals. While

hungry-ish comes with French fries, and a mini blizzard, hungry includes a double cheeseburger along with the rest. Furthermore, the hangry deal includes a triple cheeseburger, fries and mini blizzard. While they may be cheap, they pack a lot of calories. In case you want a keto friendly meal, you will have to skip both the fries and blizzard. Rather than choosing such a combo, go for a single burger or salad and stay away from such deals. 

Also, try to make use of their drive-through if you can so that you can avoid seeing their highly addictive ice-creams and shakes. If you do step inside, you will be tempted to go for more carb-heavy meals. So skip the temptation by ordering either online or via a drive-through. 

How to Order Keto at Dairy Queen to Stay Healthy

The best Keto meal option at dairy queen will be a bunless burger with a side salad, instead of fries or onion rings. The plain side salad contains tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, cabbage and chicken. However, make sure you skip the dressing and opt instead for olive oil or lemon. Other good options include a bunless and sauceless burger, sandwich without any buns or a grilled chicken sandwich minus the bun.

Foods To Avoid to stay Keto Friendly at Dairy Queen 

Stay away from all treats such as ice cream, cakes, cookies, milkshakes, sweetened beverages and combo deals. Also avoid Chicken strips, Crispy chicken salad, Chili cheese dog, Fries, Onion rings, Cheese curds and Pretzel sticks.

While Dairy Queen was a place that keto lovers had to stay away from in the past, that is changing thanks to new items on the menu. Head over here if you need a quick snack on the go, or if you wish to get a low-carb salad. However, make sure you avoid all treats so that you don’t go off track or diet. Let us know in the comments below what your favourite keto meal at Dairy Queen is.

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