How to Order Keto at Taco Bell for a Low Carb Diet

A lot of people feel that once they switch to keto, they can never eat at Taco Bells again. While it is tough to get good Mexican food once you begin the keto diet, there are ways to make such food more keto-friendly. Taco Bell has several low carb options on their menu, which are keto friendly. While it is easy to think that Taco Bell serves just tacos, nachos and burritos, this is far from the truth. The ingredients which make up a good taco will still go well together even without the bread that makes it carb-heavy. So, here’s a look at how to eat keto at Taco Bell to follow your low carb diet. 

How to Order Keto at Taco Bell for a Low Carb Diet

Is Taco Bell Keto?

Taco Bell might be the most popular Mexican food destination in the US. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that their food isn’t keto. There are several keto options at Taco Bell that will help you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Since they now have a Taco Bell app, you get to decide what you want to eat before reaching the destination. This proves to be extremely useful for first-time keto dieters. It is easy to go someplace like Taco Bell and get overwhelmed by seeing all your favorite snacks in front of you. It is easy to lose track and then order and eat whatever you want. By deciding beforehand what you will be eating, you will be able to resist the temptation better. Here’s a quick look at all the low carb keto options that Taco Bell provides.

Low Carb Taco Bell Options

If you are going to Taco Bell for lunch or dinner, then you should go with the Power Menu Bowl. Depending on whether you want the Steak or Chicken, you can choose the respective Bowl you want. However, one important thing you need to remember is that you should opt for the ‘no rice and no beans’ option. Both these ingredients help in increasing the carb count significantly and therefore should be avoided. The Steak Bowl carries up to  395 calories and 7 net carbs, making it a great Keto option at Taco Bells. In case you are someone who eats big servings, order two to make sure you feel satiated. Similarly, the Chicken Bowl will set you back by 5 net carbs and 250 calories. 

Another great option is their Beefy Burrito sans the tortilla and the beans. Instead, get them in a bowl laced with lettuce to have a keto meal that only costs you 6g Carbs. This meal contains the proteins you need as well as it has a filling consisting of Beef, nacho cheese, lettuce, jalapenos and ripe tomatoes. In case you prefer chicken to Beef, go for their Shredded Chicken burrito, which is equally delicious! However, make sure you ditch both the rice inside and the tortilla outside to make it keto-friendly. 

How to Order Keto at Taco Bell for a Low Carb Diet

Low Carb Taco Bell Breakfast Options

So, what if you are going to Taco Bell for breakfast? Do they have keto options for breakfast at Taco Bell? While you might be tempted by their popular AM Steak CrunchWrap, understand that this is incredibly un keto-friendly. In case you want a low carb Taco Bell breakfast option, go with the Breakfast Mini Skillet. However, make sure you skip the potatoes and load up on extra bacon and guacamole. The Skillet will set you back by 290 calories, 23 grams of fat and 6 net carbs and will cost you around $3.50.

The Naked Egg Taco is also a great keto breakfast option. As with the Skillet, make sure you ask for it to be made without any potatoes to reduce their carb content. Instead, you can ask for extra guacamole. These will cost you 9 carbs if you go with the bacon option, and 8 if you go with sausages instead. Also, the bacon option contains 350 calories, while the sausage amounts to 300 calories, making it a great meal to start your day.

How to Order Keto at Taco Bell for a Low Carb Diet

Tips to have a Keto Meal at Taco Bell

  1. When you look at the Taco Bell Keto menu, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for proteins. Also, be wary of the sugar that lurks in all these items as well, as most processed meat contains corn syrup and dextrose.
  2. Make sure you avoid the beans every chance you get as they are too carb heavy for a keto diet. Therefore, look for veggies, cheeses, sour cream, guacamole and bacon which help in adding substance to your meals. 
  3. Ditch the taco or tortilla shell even when you order them. Instead, zoom in on the filling inside and make a nice keto meal out of it. Similarly, avoid rice and potatoes to save up on your carbs. In case you order the Fiesta Taco Salad, make sure you remove all the tortilla strips on top as well.
  4. The best way to make Taco Bell keto friendly is by customizing all your meals. While there are very few low-carb options, you can turn even carb-heavy ones into keto meals at Taco Bell. Whenever you order, try going for the power bowls, without any rice or beans. Always ask for extra beef, cheese and extra guac to make the meals more fulfilling.
  5. Make sure you never order any sweetened drink from Taco Bell. Instead, opt for water always to make sure your drinks don’t add any carbs to your meal. 

How to Order Keto at Taco Bell for a Low Carb Diet

Did you ever imagine that Taco Bell could have so many low carb, keto friendly meal options? While it is difficult to go to Taco Bell and come out without having any tacos or nachos, you will have to if you want to stay in ketosis. However, to help your body and to stay healthy and fit, make sure you skip the tortillas and nachos and opt instead for these healthy snacks. These options will make sure that you are able to grab some Taco Bell goodness without kicking your ketosis in the curb. Happy keto eating guys, stick to it and your body will thank you for it! Did we leave out any of your favorite Taco Bell keto options? If we did, let us know which ones in the comments below!

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