List of Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas

List of Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as they always say. So, it’s very important to have a full stomach before you head to work or school to have the needed energy until your next meal. While having a good and healthy breakfast is very essential, preparing it is the most difficult part, especially those who are always in a rush and don’t have time to make one. Well, even though breakfast meal preparation is sometimes a burden, there are lots of quick healthy breakfast ideas that you can do for yourself and for your family that won’t take up much of your time and energy and still give your body a boost in the morning.

Always start your day right with these quick and healthy breakfast ideas, so you don’t have any reason not to grab a bit before heading out.

Cheesy Mushroom Scramble

Try this quick-cook scrambled egg with mushroom and cheese, like mozzarella. This will only take you a minute to prepare. After cracking the eggs and whisking it until mixed, add the mushrooms and cheese. Heat oil in the pan then cook the mixture and scramble until firm.

Banana Bread

list of quick healthy breakfast ideas

This takes time to bake, but you’ll save some time in the morning if you bake this over the weekend and just eat a couple of slices every breakfast. Use low-sugar sweeteners like honey instead of refined sugars to make it healthier. Spread some peanut butter for added taste as this also adds protein to your meal for additional morning boost.

Toasted Bread with Peanut Butter and Honey

Just toast some bread slices and then spread an ample amount of peanut butter and honey on top. You now have a meal that’s packed with protein, fiber, and phytonutrients that has antimicrobial properties to keep you energized for a few hours.

Fruit and Cheese

list of quick healthy breakfast ideas

You’ll definitely go for this super quick breakfast meal without having to go through any cooking process. Just toss a fruit, like an apple, and some slices of cheddar cheese in your breakfast bag and you can rush to the bus stop. This is enough to keep you energized in the morning and have enough calcium for the day.

Avocado Toast

If you have some avocados in your refrigerator or fruit basket, you can just prepare a quick toast with it. Just simply mash the avocado onto your toasted bread, sprinkle with salt, drizzle with a bit of olive oil or lemon juice and you’re done. You can try other toppings to your liking.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

list of quick healthy breakfast ideas

Mash your sweet potato with a fork but not thoroughly, then put in a microwavable bowl or cup. Microwave it for around 5 minutes and mash it until soft afterwards. Top it off with chopped nuts, raisins, and almond butter for a protein boost.

Granola Cups with Yogurt and Berries

This can be done in a few minutes if you already have a granola stored. Just fill your cup with granola, yoghurt, and fresh berries (blueberries or any berries that you like and readily available). You can also add almond butter if you like. This is good for a busy bee like you who don’t have time to eat at home. You can just pack it into your insulated cup and you’re good to go.

Peanut Butter Waffle

Instead of the usual waffle syrup that’s high in sugar, you can just spread 1 to 2 teaspoons of peanut butter on your waffle and sprinkle it with sesame seeds and raisins, or some peanuts for an added fiber.

Berry and Yogurt Smoothie

list of quick healthy breakfast ideas

This is a very simple and quick smoothie recipe which you can prepare the night before. Just blend some fruits like blueberry (you can also add banana if you like) with Greek yogurt and some milk, juice, or even coconut water, whichever you prefer. Freeze it overnight and pack it and enjoy a delicious smoothie drink in the morning on your way to work.

Avocado Toast With Egg

Can’t get enough of avocado? Here’s another way to pump up your morning with a mashed avocado on top of your toasted bread, sprinkled with salt and pepper. Then top it with sunny side up egg for added protein. Pack it up in your container and bring it to work if you’re in a rush.

There are loads of quick healthy breakfast recipes that you can indulge in for your early morning rush. You can even create your own breakfast in a jiffy by using whatever ingredients you have available in your kitchen. Breakfast is important, so make sure to fill in your tummy with any of these yummy recipes before going out.

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