Lose Weight on an Egg Diet

Lose Weight on an Egg Diet
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One of the best foods to eat no matter what your goal is eggs. High in protein while low in carbs and calories, they will help you slim down while building muscle. While eggs could be considered a super food, two aspects about eggs turn people away from them.

Any American breakfast is incomplete without eggs. However, this breakfast staple can get pretty tiring after a while. While hard-boiled are easy and quick to make, they get very boring. Scrambles and omelets provide some variety, but prepping everything in the morning can be time consuming for many. 

Many people are skipping eggs because they get a bad rap for having too much cholesterol. While each egg does contain a good amount of cholesterol, it’s not all bad.

What is an Egg Diet?

With a quarter of the population being obese, Americans can use a change in diet. The desire to be healthy may be there, but different reasons can make healthy changes hard.

Oftentimes people resort to extreme measures to lose weight. With so much weight to lose for some, they feel the only option is a drastic one. People forget that simple changes to diet can go a long way.

An egg diet begins with eliminating processed food, sweets, and caloric beverages. This fundamental principle is similar in almost every diet and many people fail here. Limiting these items to once a week will do wonders to your weight.

The next component of an egg diet is eating eggs. Now, there are many variations to the egg diet including an egg only diet. This is a bit extreme and unless you absolutely love eggs. The egg diet has only one of the meals in the day consisting of eggs. One of the eggs should be whole to get HDL, the good cholesterol.

Since the diet calls for three meals a day, the other two meals should consist of lean meats like poultry and fish. It emphasizes lean to minimize calories and fat.

Carbohydrates should mainly come from non-starchy vegetables and fruits. If other carb sources are included, they should be low glycemic carbs. However, these kinds of carbs should be limited.

The other important thing to know about this diet is that snacking is not allowed.

Is it good for you?

Eggs are packed with nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, vitamin A, and vitamin D. They are also low in calories. While many people believe the yolk in eggs are bad for you, they actually aren’t. Recent studies have shown yolks contain a good amount of HDL (good cholesterol) compared to LDL (bad cholesterol). A whole egg a day can raise HDL levels in your body. The function of HDL is to actually remove LDL in places of excess.  

Another benefit of the egg diet is that it usually results in quick weight loss. With the elimination of any processed food and the consumption of lean protein and vegetables, some individuals have lost up to 20 pounds in two weeks.

While this is a benefit, it is a con in the long run. Losing weight this quickly is not healthy and your body will tell you. Using the diet for quick weight loss is not sustainable. Without learning healthy eating habits from the diet, it will work against you.  

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