Ordering Keto at Jersey Mike’s Subs

Ordering Keto at Jersey Mike’s Subs

If you want to eat keto all the time, American fast food might not be the best option. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have keto options at all. Jersey’s Mike is a beloved American sub maker, who provides subs in the tub. So do they have any keto at Jersey Mike subs? If you want a quick snack on the go, places like Jersey Mike subs might be your best option. Since switching to a keto diet, I’ve decided to check whether fast-food places such as Jersey Mike’s tub have keto options. In this article, we will be taking a look at the Jersey Mike Keto menu to figure out keto-friendly menu items.

Ordering Keto at Jersey Mike’s Subs

Keto at Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike subs provide a lot of refreshing sub-options which make them different from other American fast food outlets. Many other places in America have only burgers, fries and doughnuts, but not at Jersey Mike subs! All the ingredients they use are fresh and of high-quality, making their subs full of protein. Furthermore, the meat they use is delicious and high-quality making Jersey Mike subs taste delightful. This is why scores of keto diet followers love Jersey Mike’s tub keto options. 

How to Order Keto at Jersey Mike’s

  1. All the sandwiches they offer at Jersey Mike’s sub come with the “Sub in a Tub” option. As the name suggests, such subs are breadless, with all the ingredients coming in a container or tub. Not only does this make the meal a lot more healthy, but it also makes it a great addition to Jersey Mike’s keto menu. 
  2. Since they put an exorbitant amount of lettuce in the Jersey Mike Sub in a Tub, you don’t ever need to order lettuce as a side.
  3. In case you want to go more keto and exclude extra carbs, order your sub without any onions or tomatoes. Doing so makes your Jersey Mike’s keto meal more healthy by cutting out over 3 grams of carbs.
  4. In case you want to spice things up, try adding different sauces or toppings. However, make sure you check the sauce’s nutritional content to reduce carb intake. My personal favourites on the Jersey Mike Keto Menu include the jalapenos and banana pepper toppings.
  5. To make it easier to eat the Jersey Mike’s subs on the go, request the staff to add your toppings sliced and diced. 
  6. In case you aren’t a fan of the Jersey Mike Sub in a Tub, go for their salads and soups to make a healthy keto meal.
  7. Also, if you are in a hurry, order through their website or mobile app to void waiting in line.
  8. Remember that cold subs have the least carb content, so if you want to go full keto consider ordering these. The Mike’s Way Sub contains onions, tomatoes, lettuce, vinegar and spices and is a great option. 
Ordering Keto at Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike’s tub Keto Nutritional Facts

Sl NoNameCaloriesFat (gms)Carbs (gms)Protein (gms)
1BLT with no Mayo26021612
2BLT with Mayo50046812
3Jersey Shore Favorite26012.51126
4American Classic26012.51026
5Super Sub280131228
6Roast Beef + Provolone41022846
7Turkey Breast + Provolone24010830
8Club Sub570431134
9Club Supreme650471047
10Tuna Salad500401223
11Stickball Special320201027
12Cancro Special46026849
13Original Italian380211334
15Chicken Salad53047916
16California Club420261235
17California Dreamin’1907922
18Chipotle Turkey530421227

Ordering Keto at Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike’s Keto Menu Hot Subs Nutritional Information

While the hot subs have higher carbs, they are still keto-friendly. Just remember to add more lettuce to make the sub more filling and healthy. Here’s a quick look at the nutritional information of some of their hot subs.

Sl NoNameCaloriesFat (gms)Carbs (gms)Protein (gms)
1Meatball and Cheese520401327
2Chicken Philly400211637
3Steak Philly440271435
4Grilled Chicken Parmesan34017641
5Chicken Parmesan390201736
7Chipotle Chicken680511936
8Chipotle Steak720571735
9Chicken Big Kahuna450251741
10Big Kahuna490311539
11Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak640471839
12Buffalo Steak Cheesesteak680531637
13California Cheesesteak660521235
15Grilled Chicken Sub43030931

Jersey Mike’s Keto Salads Nutritional Information

Sl NoNameCaloriesFat (gms)Carbs (gms)Protein (gms)
1Mike’s SaladWith Chicken60260051313342
2Feta Salad With chicken140340591717847
3Chef Salad250101625

Jersey Mike’s Keto Menu Salad Dressings

Sl NoNameCaloriesFat (gms)Carbs (gms)Protein (gms)
1Blue Cheese1201221
3Chipotle mayo1802000
4Golden Italian1101130
5Honey mustard1301170
6Italian Fat-Free10030
9Balsamic Vinaigrette1501530
10Thousand Island100780

Jersey Mike’s Keto Menu Soup Cups

Sl NoNameCaloriesFat (gms)Carbs (gms)Protein (gms)
1Beef Steak and Black Bean14022110
2Chicken Gumbo1005114
3Broccoli Cheese with Florets1409810
4Cream of Broccoli90693
5Creamy Tomato Bisque904111
6Vegetable Beef and Barley903115
7Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup600104
8Beef Barley Soup1104136
Ordering Keto at Jersey Mike’s Subs

Best Keto Meals 

● Philly Sub in a Tub with extra lettuce and water- 695 calories/ 55g fat/ 35g protein/ 11g net carbs

● BLT Sub-in-a-tub if you want to avoid dairy- 1005 calories/ 102g fat/ 12g protein/ 6g net carbs

● Roast Beef & Provolone Sub with vinegar dressing- 690 calories/ 50g fat/ 47g protein/ 9g net carbs

● Chicken Philly Cheese Steak Sub- 655 calories/ 49g fat/ 37g protein/ 13g carbs

While several dietary restrictions are hard to follow while eating out, the keto diet is a lot more restaurant friendly. All it takes is a little bit of self-policing to make sure you avoid carb-heavy food items. Since the “sub-in-a-tub” comes without the buns, this makes Jersey Mike’s a very keto-friendly place for foodies. Using this guide, have a great keto meal from Jersey Mike’s Subs. Let us know in the comments below how you made your keto meal healthy and tasty. 

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