Weight Loss Post-Workout Shake: A Quick Guide

Weight Loss Post-Workout Shake: A Quick Guide

Are you planning on gaining more muscle and recovering the energy lost after your workout? Then, you need a weight loss post-workout shake. It helps in the recovery after strenuous activities, leading to more effective muscle buildup. Protein shakes are of different types and you should get the right one that suits you best.

Most experts advise their clients to take high protein-rich foods with the aim of reducing their body weight. Protein is known for reducing the craving for food; hence, you end up consuming less. This helps in inducing fat build up in your body.

Why Should You Take Protein Shakes?

Protein shakes have high protein content. Proteins are useful in the body as they are bodybuilding units and necessary in the growth and repair of worn-out muscles. Proteins can be found from foods like chicken, eggs, steak, chia seed, etc. Some of the diets like chicken, fish, and poultry are very expensive for some, making protein shakes a viable option. A good example of protein weight loss post workout shakeshakes is the one made from grass-fed whey protein powder.

The protein powder has a high content of protein which is easily absorbed by the body. The protein powder contains small amounts of fats and carbs. Thus, they are good for those who are aiming at reducing body weight effectively. Most of the specialists who require protein shake include bodybuilders and athletes. This is because they train for longer periods of time and need to recover as soon as possible.

Types of Weight Loss Protein Shakes

Weight loss pre work out shake are of two main types; namely:

  1. Dairy protein shakes.

Dairy protein shakes are made from milk and contain high-quality lactose.

  1. Non-dairy protein shakes.

Non-dairy shakes have no milk content. They are preferred mostly by those who don’t take lactose or individuals whose religious beliefs condemn the intake of milk products.

Protein shake may also contain a single ingredient or a mixture of ingredients, making it a protein blend.

More specifically, these shakes may be natural or synthetic. Synthetic protein shakes are protein powders and supplements while natural protein shakes are home-made shakes made from protein-rich foods.

The following are several examples of home-made weight loss protein shakes:

  1. Peanut butter protein shake.

It’s made from a blend of almond milk, yoghurt, and two tablespoon peanut butter and green grapes.it should be refrigerated for a creamy and delicious taste.

  1. Chocolate and banana protein shake.

This home-made protein shake is made from blending almonds, yoghurt, milk, cinnamon, cooked quinoa, banana, and cocoa powder.

  1. Berry protein shake.

It’s made from berries, whipped cottage cheese, water, honey, and chia seeds. There are several types of seeds that can be used; namely strawberry, blackberries, and cape gooseberries. Berries are preferred because they are known to be effective antioxidants in the body.

  1. Vegan protein shake.

A vegan protein shake is preferred for those who are not taking milk and dairy products. It’s made from cashew milk, bananas, silken tofu, cooked outs, vanilla flavour, and honey. Oats are necessary as they are rich in fiber.

  1. Raw egg protein shake.

Raw egg protein shakes are good for those who aim at building up their muscles. It’s made from blending raw egg yolk, half an avocado, milk, cinnamon, honey, and bananas.

  1. Spinach flax protein shake.

It’s made by mixing spinach leaves, almond milk, pineapple bits, mango chunks, bananas, chia seeds, and flax seeds.

Benefits of Protein Shakes

  1. Protein pre work out shakes help you burn fat for almost six hours.
  2. They are thermogenic
  3. Decreases post work out pains by 46%
  4. Most shakes are antioxidants
  5. They boost muscle development and promote repair of worn-out muscles.
  6. Provides the needed energy in the body

When Should Protein Shakes Be Taken In?

Protein shakes are best taken immediately after strenuous activities and workouts. This is because the body requires muscle recovery more at this time than later. Protein uptake in the body is high after workouts. Therefore, it’s best to take it within thirty weight loss post workout shakeminutes after work out. However, you can also have the protein shakes before indulging in the workout.

Protein shakes are beneficial for your weight loss regimen and have other health benefits too. Choose the right protein shake for you and expect better results.

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