What’s the Healthiest Smoothie At Smoothie King?

Smoothie King is an excellent option if you want to have a healthy smoothie once in a while. But do not be under the impression that everything they sell there is healthy and nutritious. The chain also has a lot of incredibly calorie-dense options, making them very diet-unfriendly. That is why you always need to think things through while ordering at Smoothie King. So, how do you order the healthiest smoothie at Smoothie King? Here’s a little something to help you list out the healthiest smoothies at Smoothie King.

What's the Healthiest Smoothie At Smoothie King?

Is Smoothie King Healthy?

Smoothie King might not be the first place that comes to mind when someone says keto or diet. However, that does not mean that everything they serve is unhealthy. The joint has a lot of dieter-friendly options that are low on sugar and fats. These drinks serve as a great pick-me-up in the middle of the day, when you feel down. They help energize you, but they also help you feel satiated without being too unhealthy. So now, let us take a look at the nutritional content of some of the healthiest smoothies in Smoothie King

Specific Healthy Options at Smoothie King

Low-sugar and Ketogenic Options: Keto Champ Coffee/ Keto Champ Berry

Most of Smoothie King’s options are very high in sugar, meaning you will reach your daily recommended intake with just one smoothie. However, these keto smoothies are low in sugar, with them coming in at 1 gram of sugar and six grams of sugar. In case you want to add more protein to this, you can choose their whey protein option, as that would make the drink healthier. 

Both the Keto Champ Coffee and Berry smoothies contain less than 10 grams of net carbs in them, making them a great option if you are on the keto diet. Also, the caffeine can really help energize you, whereas the berries are rich in antioxidants, which make them super healthy.

What's the Healthiest Smoothie At Smoothie King?

Vegan Options: Vegan Chocolate Banana/ Nutty Super Grain

In their Vegan smoothies, Smoothie King makes use of almond milk instead of their standard fruit juice base. Therefore, both their Vegan options are rich in proteins, having 11 grams and 19 grams, respectively. Also, these options are rich in fiber, which helps aid in digestion, making them an excellent choice for a healthy drink. If you want to cut back on the added sugar, you should ask for the Chocolate shake without vanilla and avoid apple juice from the Nutty Grain. 

What to Avoid at Smoothie King

  1. Orange Ka-Bam: With 465 calories, 108 grams of sugar, and too much sodium, this is one of the unhealthiest options available.
  2. Cardio Cooler: A 12-ounce cup of this drink clocks in 45 grams of sugar, making it too sugar-laden for anyone on a diet.
  3. Strawberry Surf Rider: Even 16 ounces of this smoothie contains 300 calories and 64 grams of sugar, and unlike what the name suggests, it tastes lemony and minty!
  4. The Hulk-Strawberry: Too many calories and WAY too much sugar!
What's the Healthiest Smoothie At Smoothie King?

Healthiest Smoothies At Smoothie King

Berry Carrot Dream

If you are someone who loves fruits, this might not sound like a very appealing option. However, the drink will surprise you, as it does not have a lousy after-taste or anything. Also, since it contains carrots, it is one of their healthier options, and a 20-ounce portion contains 278 calories. As it is very calorie-dense, the drink is one of their most nutritious, filling and satiating when compared to the rest. The smoothie contains strawberries, bananas, a sleuth of fruit juices, and of course, carrots. Due to a large number of fruits in there, the taste of the carrot does not dominate, ensuring that the drink tastes great. The most significant issue with this drink is the added fruit juices, which contain a lot of sugar. In total, one portion of this drink contains 58 grams of sugar, making it dangerously sugar-laden for people trying to cut sugar out of their diet. 

Pure Mango Strawberry

A small serving of this treat, which weighs 20 ounces, contains 210 calories. However, like with the other one, the biggest problem with this smoothie is the amount of sugar it contains. One serving contains up to 50 grams, which makes it very unfriendly to people looking to skimp on the sugar. However, it has 0 grams of fat and contains fiber, which aids in digestion and helps make you feel satiated. Flavor-wise, the drink is very soothing and relaxing, as the mango and strawberry go very well together. 

What's the Healthiest Smoothie At Smoothie King?

Slim-N-Trim Orange Vanilla

For a 20 ounce serving of this smoothie, you only take in 2018 calories and just one gram of fat. While it might be higher on the calories side, as it takes up a large portion, this smoothie is a healthy option. However, the drink contains up to 36 grams of sugar, making it something that you shouldn’t drink if you are cutting back on your sugar intake. You could have it once in a few days, as a treat, rather than making it a staple in your diet. The Smoothie tastes excellent and really works for people who love subtle flavors. The orange zest and vanilla work well with each other to create a soothing blend that really livens you up. 

Gladiator—Strawberry/ Chocolate/ Vanilla

In case the rest of the options are too calorie-rich or too full of sugar, then this is the drink for you. While the addition of fruit juices makes the other drinks too sugar-heavy for a lot of people on a diet, Gladiator solves that problem. Smoothie King offers 3 varieties, and their small serving, which contains 20 ounces, has within them only 180 calories. The best thing about them, however, is the fact that they contain 0 grams of sugar. They have no added or artificial sugar at all, making this an excellent option for those trying to cut out sugar from their lives. Another great news for you is that the drink contains 45 grams of protein, which ensures that you stay satiated for a long time after drinking these beauties. Also, you get to pick which fruit you want to go with the protein powder, giving you more choices and variety. 

What's the Healthiest Smoothie At Smoothie King?

Though Smoothie King isn’t the ideal place to eat while on a diet, as you can, it does provide some healthy options. As always, make sure you go through their website and confirm the nutritional value of every smoothie before ordering it. If you don’t mind the calorie count, you can go for more extensive, fruitier options with a lot of nutrients. However, in no way should you be having smoothies from here daily. If you wish to do that, go for a more sustainable approach, such as mixing or blending them at home on your own. This way, you always know what is going into each drink, and you also have the option to mix and match as you choose.

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