Free Diet and Exercise App: Your Key to Fitness At Zero Cost

Free Diet and Exercise App: Your Key to Fitness At Zero Cost

Imagine having your squad of fitness pros right on your phone—a coach and nutritionist ready whenever you need guidance. But, here’s the concern. While some apps offer incredible premium features for diets and workouts, they can be pricey. The good news? There is always a free diet and exercise app for you. There are many weight loss apps online that offer a wealth of tools and support without costing you a penny.

So, are you ready to discover these fantastic tools that will assist you in reaching your weight loss journey? Let’s plunge into the realm of free weight loss and exercise apps together!

Are There 100% Free Diet Apps That Work? 

Finding 100% free diet apps that work can feel a bit like discovering buried treasure in the app store. You might wonder, “Why is it free, and can I trust it to help me reach my goals?”

Usually, a free diet plan for weight loss app makes money from ads or partnerships. To know if an app’s truly free, it’ll say so clearly and won’t ask for payment info upfront.

But here’s the thing: free doesn’t mean low quality. Many free diet and workout apps and programs pack great tools and plans without any cost.

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What Key Features Should You Seek In Free Weight Loss Exercise Apps?

Fitness apps make getting healthier easier. Free workout and weight loss apps help track what you eat, your exercises, and your health progress. Some free weight loss and diet apps give free tips, and a few offer coaching that’s not too pricey. It’s like having one place for all your health stuff. When you’re on the hunt for free weight loss exercise apps, here’s what you should keep an eye out for:

  1. Calorie Tracking. Find an app that lets you keep tabs on what you’re eating. It’s like having a food diary that helps you understand how your choices impact your goals.
  2. Weight Tracking. Prioritize the feature that allows easy weight tracking. It should enable you to input your weight and set weight goals at a certain period. Then, track your progress over time by checking your weight chart. 
  3. Exercise Tracking. Look for an app that helps you log your workouts. It’s your digital workout buddy that can keep tabs on your progress.
  4. Tailored Plans. Seek out apps that personalize plans for you. It’s like having a virtual coach who understands your goals and tailors advice just for you.
  5. Community Support. Check free apps for services and weight loss programs that have a community feature. It connects you with others on similar journeys. 
  6. Easy-to-Use Interface. The app should be as friendly as a well-designed map to guide you effortlessly. Clear instructions and helpful tools make the journey smoother.
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What Are the Free Diet Apps—No Subscription?

Health apps can serve as your partners in reaching your health goals. You can get support, guidance, and motivation without letting you pay for their services. These free diet apps with no subscription are:

  • MyFitnessPal

This app is your all-in-one tracker. It allows you to monitor calorie intake, set goals, and log exercises. Its extensive database of 14 million food items simplifies food tracking manually or by scanning nutrition labels. With the free basic account, you can track food, workouts, and weight progress. You’re able to make your foods and meals, see nutrient details, set calorie and macronutrient goals, and share your diary.

  • Lose It!

Lose It! helps set goals, tracks food intake, and fosters a supportive community. Its standout feature, photo recognition for food entry, makes tracking effortless. Although it provides premium nutrient goals and diverse goal-tracking options, the app’s basic version is free.

  • FatSecret

FatSecret provides a food diary, calorie counter, and diet tracker. Its barcode scanner simplifies food logging by automatically recording nutritional information. Plus, FatSecret is entirely free to use.

  • FitClick 

Offering a calorie counter, food diary, and personalized diet plans, FitClick tailors its plans to your specific goals and lifestyle. This app is entirely free and provides personalized diet support without any subscription costs.

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What Are the Best Free Exercise Apps for Weight Loss?

To complement your diet and weight tracking, you would want to find the best free exercise apps for weight loss. These apps offer a range of workouts, tracking tools, and guidance to assist you on your fitness journey. Let’s explore some options that will support you without any cost.

Nike Training Club

This app is famous for its diverse workouts and personalized strength tracking. Interestingly, Nike Training Club stands out for its extensive library, which is suitable for all fitness levels. The app’s strength metrics enable users to gauge their progress accurately. It can provide you with a tangible sense of improvement over time. 

The comprehensive workout options, coupled with easy-to-follow-form videos, make it a favorite among fitness enthusiasts. Its high rating and recognition as “Best for Whole Body Health” by Forbes Health affirm its effectiveness.


Offering live classes, heart rate monitoring, and a broad spectrum of workouts, FitOn caters to various fitness levels. While the basic version is free, the Pro subscription unlocks additional features. The app’s standout feature is its real-time workout sessions. It allows users to exercise alongside others virtually. 

Gymshark Training

This app provides home and gym workout routines along with personalized strength tracking to monitor progress effectively. Its strength metrics allow users to assess advancements in their fitness journey. That way, it can motivate you to continue to be dedicated to workouts. With a focus on accessible and engaging workouts, Gymshark Training appeals to individuals seeking versatile exercise options.

Adidas Training

Offering personalized training plans and comprehensive workout guidance, Adidas Training tailors routines to fit specific fitness goals and levels. While the app has a free version, opting for the premium subscription enhances the experience with additional features.


This running program can take you from a beginner to running 5 kilometers or 30 minutes in just 9 weeks. It’s free and has been a go-to for many to reach their fitness milestones.


This mobile-friendly website offers free workouts, including standing abs routines. It caters to those aiming to get fit without costly gym memberships or equipment. It’s a practical resource for anyone seeking diverse workout options without the extra expenses.

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Learn Fitness Beyond Free Diet and Exercise App With ModernFit

Embrace 2024’s fitness wave with free diet and exercise apps. These are the keys to a healthier year ahead! It’s just great to know that you can start your wellness journey now, effortlessly and at no cost!

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