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Bodyweight Workouts for Beginners

Working out doesn’t need to be complicated or hard. If you’re starting out you don’t need a fancy gym membership or to do any crazy workouts. Exercises like bench press, squats, pull ups can be both intimidating and off putting especially for a beginner. What’s more important is to simply... Continue reading ›

5 of the Best Butt Workouts With Weights

These butt workouts are designed to blast excess fat off of your glutes to give you a rounder, fuller looking butt. The workouts below work your buttalong with your hips, thighs, hamstrings and the rest of your lower body. Working out these pieces of your lower body will blast fat... Continue reading ›

Easily Lose That Baby Weight Fast

Whether you’re a new mom or are an additional child, losing baby weight doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. It’s natural to have put on a few pounds during your pregnancy and you might have a slight belly postpartum. Here are few easy tips on how to maximize your... Continue reading ›

Is Sushi Actually Good For Your Diet?

Sushi can be a fantastic source of protein and great for your diet if you order and consume the correct combinations. Fish is great source of protein and can help your body lose weight quickly especially if you skip the carbohydrates. Sauce, wasabi, and other add-ons also make a huge... Continue reading ›

Best Sources of Protein

If there ever was a nutrient that could be dubbed the “jack of all trades” by our bodies, it sure would be Protein. Protein is an essential nutrient needed by the body for a wide array of functions. From supplying energy, making enzymes, hormones and antibodies, building as well as... Continue reading ›

How Good Are Online Fitness Coaches?

It’s easy to make excuses and fall short on your fitness goals, especially if you’re just starting out or you don’t have anyone there to guide you and motivate you. Your local gym may offer you a fitness trainer or coach but this can be expensive and may not fit... Continue reading ›

Freshman 15 – Problems and Easy Solutions

It’s the start of a new semester. What was once an emotional roller coaster of good byes and farewells to old faces you thought you’d never see again is officially yesterday’s news. You’re  on your own now, taking new responsibilities and entering the next stage of your so called “adulting.”... Continue reading ›

Stay Fit While Traveling

Staying fit and healthy while traveling can be very simple and not that time consuming. Even when you’re on vacation you can adopt a few simple activities in your routine to help you stay fit. First off, adopt as much walking as possible into your activities. Going to a meeting?... Continue reading ›

The 4 “More Bang for Your Buck” Exercises

We get it, life is crazy. Whether you’re working a 9 to 5, a full time student, or running your own business, time is a valuable thing. It doesn’t make things any easier by trying to fit a workout in your busy schedule. That’s why training protocols such as Tabata,... Continue reading ›