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The Meaning Of Pre-Workout

the meaning of pre workout

Pre-workout refers to a supplement that claims to boost workout performance. This supplement, usually a powder, is mixed with water and taken up to 30 minutes before a workout. By the time you start working out, you should feel like superman. Now, that’s an exaggeration, but based off what I... Continue reading ›

You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat

Sometime in your life you have probably heard the phrase, “You are what you eat!” You most likely heard someone say it to you as you were eating doughnut (or something of that sort). It usually makes us stop for a second before going ahead and eating whatever is in... Continue reading ›


Overtraining is exactly what is sounds like- training too much. More specifically, overtraining is chronic overworking of your muscles without enough recovery time and insufficient fueling. Generally training consists of periodically increasing loads while getting adequate periods of rest and recovery. When training becomes too intense and an individual’s recovery... Continue reading ›

Workout Splits, Frequency, and Volume. What’s Best?

Everyone has a training split they believe is best. The most common splits that you have probably heard of are: full body, chest/back/legs either once or twice a week, or every body part once a week. Personally, I was training every body part once a week. What that looks like... Continue reading ›

Is Your Pre-Workout Stretch Killing Gains?

An aspect of fitness that is often overlooked is stretching. As your body ages, your muscles and joints age as well, increasing risk for injury. Crucial for functional health, stretching will help maintain a good range of motion and keep your muscles working smoothly to support the body. There are... Continue reading ›

Boost Weight-Loss with Supplements

Weight Loss With Supplements

Got no time to work out regularly or prepare healthy meals? Feel like your efforts to lose weight are not enough? Do not lose hope. There are safe and effective weight-loss supplements you can take to help you reach your weight-loss goals. How do weight-loss supplements work? Different weight-loss supplements... Continue reading ›

Noom Reviews – What’s The Weight Loss App Hype All About?

Noom Review

Our mobile phones have practically become an indispensable appendage, and we spend a considerable part of our lives online, so it makes sense that mobile health and weight-loss apps have become the new fitness trend. From helping count calories, to providing healthy meal plans and tracking weight-loss progress and fitness... Continue reading ›

Weight Loss Post-Workout Shake: A Quick Guide

weight loss pre-workout shake

Are you planning on gaining more muscle and recovering the energy lost after your workout? Then, you need a weight loss post-workout shake. It helps in the recovery after strenuous activities, leading to more effective muscle buildup. Protein shakes are of different types and you should get the right one... Continue reading ›

Keto and Exercise: Your Quick Guide

If you want to lose weight, hitting the gym or following a strict diet are the first things that come to your mind. What if you decide to mix keto and exercise? Is this a good combination? Will you be able to achieve that dream beach-body that has always been... Continue reading ›

Quick Weight Loss Tricks

Our weight has a huge impact on our health and well-being. Most of us are very conscious of how many pounds we have gained or lost. However, most of the time, we worry more about how much we have gained. Our busy days do not grant us the luxury of... Continue reading ›