Noom Success Stories to Inspire You

There is no one-size-fits-all diet plan out there, because while weight-loss programs are all based on the science of calorie deficit, each one takes a different approach toward achieving calorie deficit. Noom is among the most successful weight-loss programs backed by scientific studies, and it has taken the additional step of adding another branch of science – psychology – into its overall strategy. It is this more expansive and penetrating approach that factors into a lot of Noom’s success stories. 

Noom Success Stories to Inspire You

What is a Noom success story?

With commitment to the plan and one’s goal, Noom claims that a member can expect to lose between 1 and 2 pounds a week. The Noom success stories we feature below, however, are not merely defined by quick weight loss and/or short-term achievement of a weight-loss goal. 

These Noom success stories are about people who achieved significant weight loss over a period of at least a few months, were able to maintain a healthy weight, and successfully made life-long healthy changes to their lifestyle.   

Noom Success Stories to Inspire You

Cindy’s Noom Success Story

Cindy Lopez has lost 44 lbs by her 23rd week on Noom last December 2019. According to her interview with Noom, “The biggest non-physical transformation has definitely been developing a healthier relationship with food. Whereas before, I might have defined that as simply seeing food differently, but food is food. The real obstacle has always been in my mind. And so it becomes a holistic endeavor, that includes caring for my mental health, as well as spiritual & emotional health, coupled with stronger physical health. I’ve been able to dive deep into some old beliefs, or as Noom calls them, “thought distortions,” and evict other people’s voices out of my head, including my own inner, wounded child’s voice.”

Cindy is a 44-year-old mother of 3, Navy wife, and actor. She first shared her remarkable story on Instagram, after being inspired by the stories of her peer group on Noom. As the greater Noom community around the world heard about her health journey, she was given the opportunity to also share her experience on Noom’s blog. 

Cindy struggled with repeating cycles of weight loss and weight gain as she tried different weight-loss programs in the ‘80s and ‘90s, from Slim Fast, to Jenny Craig and the new Weight Watchers. 

She finally realized that she “had to become willing to change [her] ideas, thoughts, and feelings around food and eating rituals” in order to achieve her health and fitness goals. She discovered Noom through a Facebook ad and decided to give it a try. 

“What makes Noom different, in my view, is that it is as much a program of recovery from self-destructive eating, as it is a way of life, not a diet. I take it one day, one meal at a time. I like the daily accountability of entering all of my food, and having it automatically calculated and categorized — it really helps me stay on track with my goals. It’s also changing the way I look at food, and the relationship between my internal and external environments and my choices.”

When asked about her thoughts on Noom’s daily articles and challenges, Cindy said that they were relatably humorous and refreshingly frank. She appreciated how all the information was delivered in easily digestible, bite-sized pieces and that everything was backed by links to scientific resources. Noom has a unique voice that spoke to her and told her exactly what she “needed to hear, when [she] was ready to hear it.”

“One of the most valuable concepts I learned was the color chart system — which food went in which category and why — it literally changed the way I eat. At first, because of all the “old-programming” it was “red foods are the bad foods,” but over time I came to embrace the red category for its intended purpose: glorious, necessary fats like nuts, oils, and occasional dark chocolate! The red category went from being the “oopsie bucket” for slips and cheats (with the “goal” being keeping it empty), to being a beautiful part of my daily food budget.”

In addition to learning how to make healthy food choices, Cindy also made the choice to increase her movement – counting steps, jogging, and rejoining the Y.

Cindy has adopted Noom’s mantra – “I am in charge of what I put in my body” – and has been applying it to her daily life. She adds, “[…]  when my mind is right about that, I can eat anything. Imagine a “diet” that is only successful when you eat anything you TRULY want. One of my favorite hashtags I use is “eat without shame.” When you are not tied by shame and fear, you are FREE — to eat what you want, to pursue what you want. What I want today is to fuel my body, to live long in a strong body, to pursue my dreams, and support my family in all the ways I can. Since beginning the program, I have found a new freedom.”

She also came up with her own mantra, which she put on her refrigerator: “You are already doing it. You are already succeeding.”

Other Noom Success Stories

Below are a few more success stories from Noom’s Facebook page to give you the motivation you need to start your own health journey. 

Noom Success Stories to Inspire You
Noom Success Stories to Inspire You
Noom Success Stories to Inspire You

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