Weight Watchers Before And After

The results always speak for themselves. Weight Watchers before and after photos and success stories definitely speak for the program’s effectiveness. It’s been one of the most popular weight-loss plans for many years because it not only delivers results; it keeps on delivering. 

How does it do it? Read on to find out how Weight Watchers has achieved its continued success where many similar programs have failed. 

Why It Works

Experts and common folk alike praise Weight Watchers for its nutritionally sound, realistic, easy-to-follow, and sustainable formula for weight loss. It also provides a great community and support system to its members. 

Similar calorie-counting, weight-loss programs promise big results in a short amount of time and design extremely restrictive diet plans, whereas Weight Watchers takes the slow-but-sure route. This is one of the reasons why the program works and where other programs fail. Fad diets are so-called because they ultimately fall out of favor when the reality of extreme measures not being sustainable sets in. 

Whether it’s a promise of losing “10 pounds in a week” or “30 pounds in 30 days,” it usually involves extreme diet plans to achieve unrealistic goals. As a result, most, if not all, of those who follow these programs eventually quit. Whatever weight they may have lost comes back sooner or later because the highly restrictive plans are impossible to commit to long-term or, in other words, are unsustainable. 

Weight Watchers, on the other hand, can lead to an average weight loss of six pounds during the first month. This number may seem low, especially to those who wish to shed more extra pounds within the same period of time. But slow and steady wins the race, as the saying goes, and on the Weight Watchers program, members continue to lose weight and keep it off month after month after month. In fact, compared to other plans, Weight Watchers is more effective in causing consistent weight loss for 12 consecutive months.

Weight Watchers Before and After

Below are Weight Watchers success stories that do not only describe impressive weight loss, but also journeys toward healthier living. These Weight Watchers before and after tales of transformation come from WW members who shared their inspiring experiences on the WW site. 

“I lost 132 pounds”! – Amanda

Weight Watchers Before And After

With the weight she lost, Amanda has rediscovered her self-esteem. She says she feels so much better about herself, but it is still a work in progress. Her medical numbers have greatly improved, and so has her energy. “I’m able to go places with family and friends without worrying about having the energy to keep up with everyone. I feel strong, energetic, and healthy.”

“I lost 101 pounds!” – Maria

Weight Watchers Before And After

For Maria, the biggest victory was not the huge weight she lost through Weight Watchers, but finally feeling comfortable in her own skin. She says, “I no longer look at the floor when I walk and no longer dread going out. I used to love the cold where I could bundle up and hide the way I looked. Now, I’m not afraid to get dressed, whatever the season.”

“I lost 94 pounds”! – Sarah

Weight Watchers Before And After

Sarah is proud to say that food no longer has control over her life; she’s now in control! “it’s an everyday battle, and I still have to make healthy choices each day, but now I have wonderful concrete tools to help me on my way.”

“I lost 77 pounds”! – Jeff

Weight Watchers Before And After

Jeff’s weight-loss journey not only improved his health but also made him more adventurous and fearless. When he was at his heaviest, he suffered a panic attack while skiing in Alaska; he worried about getting hurt while on his way down. Losing the weight made him feel braver and more capable of taking on new challenges. “When I went canyoning in Canada I hiked backwards down a waterfall. I biked the Northern Fjords in Norway and hiked the Sydney bridge in Australia.”

“I lost 71 pounds!” – Billy

Weight Watchers Before And After

As a flight attendant, his weight gain made performing his job difficult. “I felt so uncomfortable on the plane. It was difficult to pass someone while walking down the aisle, and it was hard to be on my feet all day,” he says. But these days, Billy loves how he looks in his uniform and he especially appreciates how much more energy he has so he can enjoy travelling to new places. 

Succeeding on Weight Watchers

These Weight Watchers before and after stories carry the same message of how courage, a strong will, and the right mindset can help anyone achieve their weight-loss goal and become healthier and happier for life. 

Whether its Weight Watchers or another weight-loss program, the goal to lose weight is usually only the beginning of the journey to better health. To succeed, making healthy food choices should not only be about shedding excess pounds; it should be about changing the way you think about food and adopting healthier behaviors for lifelong fitness and good health. 

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