Is the Jenny Craig Diet Program Cost Justified?

So are you planning to start a diet program to lose weight? Nice to see that you are getting more health-conscious and are taking steps to make that happen. Since the last few years, Americans have become obsessed with maintaining the right body and being physically fit. All of this has led to a large number of diet programs, in and around the US. With so many different plans to choose from, how do you opt for the right one? How much do these programs cost and which is the best one? Read on to find out if the Jenny Craig Diet Program suits you, and whether the Jenny Craig Program cost is justified.

Is the Jenny Craig Diet Program Cost Justified?

What does the Jenny Craig Diet Program Offer?

Founded in Melbourne, way back in 1983 through the efforts of Jenny and Sydney Craig, this diet program is one of the US’s most popular programs. As of now, they have over 600 centers worldwide, having migrated to America in 1985. 

The Jenny Craig Diet Program usually comprises breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks to keep you satiated throughout the day. Their entrées, as they are flash-frozen, have flavors locked in them, making them nutritious and tasty. Furthermore, since the company does all the cooking and prepping beforehand, it makes things a lot easier for you. Since the menus are handled by professional nutritionists, all their meals are nutritious, healthy and filling. 

Why Opt for the Jenny Craig Diet Program?

Today’s world is extremely fast-paced and mostly sedentary. This makes it difficult for individuals to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, while on a diet, it is not easy to dine out and keep a calorie count. Moreover, meal kit subscriptions are not always affordable, and neither is dining out. For instance, on average, restaurant-made meals cost about $20, which is almost three times more expensive than the plan we provide. Also, these meals can serve you only once and do not have enough quantity to feed you multiple meals.

 The Jenny Craig Diet Program offers you six servings that you can eat throughout the day. Since this entire package comes under $25, it is not only affordable but also insanely healthy. Furthermore, if you are environmentally conscious, you would love to know that the containers they use are recycle-friendly. On ordering online, you will find that your meals are packed using biodegradable Foam which you can dissolve using just water. 

Is the Jenny Craig Diet Program Cost Justified?

What does the Jenny Craig Diet Program cost?

Since the company provides various types of meals, throughout the country and even abroad, the cost of their meals vary geographically. On average, snacks for the entire day will cost you around $25 in the US. In comparison, in Canada, the same meal might cost you anywhere about $23 to $27. When I say, the meal for an entire day, it includes three meals and two snacks. Therefore, per individual meal, the Jenny Craig Diet Program costs anywhere between $3 and $8. Also, it is interesting to note that this price is lower than the average amount an individual spends at American fast-food places. 

Benefits of the Jenny Craig Diet Program

  • Extremely easy to follow
  • Pre-portioned servings ensuring you don’t over-indulge
  • No need to cook or prepare your meals
  • Constant support from consultants
  • Value for money meals
  • Tasty food and a lot of choices
  • Balanced meals which taste good and are nutritious

Is the Jenny Craig Diet Program Cost Justified?

What are the Different Jenny Craig Diet Program Costs?

The Jenny Craig Diet Program comes in three different types of membership schemes- Trial, Premium and Super Premium. While the Trial Plan lasts 12 weeks, Premium is a 12-month membership, and the Super Premium Plan lasts for two years. Once you choose the plan, you have the chance to decide how to gather your food. The two available options are Local Centre Pick up, wherein you can head over to your nearest Jenny Craig Center for picking up your meals and for consultations. The other option is Online Delivery, wherein all you need to do is register online to get your meals home-delivered. When you choose this option, all the consultations you require will be done via Skype.

Jenny Craig Diet Program Trial Plan Cost

  1. This primary option works for people who want to lose around 16 lbs or less.
  2. It involves the payment of a one-time fee of $20, plus how much ever the food costs
  3. The entire plan will last 12 weeks.
  4. Weekly consultations will be made available to help you in your weight-loss journey.
  5. Brings with it the Rapid Results Program

Jenny Craig Diet Program Premium Plan Cost

  • Perfect for people who wish to have unlimited support
  • Works perfectly for people who want to lose more than 16 lbs. 
  • Requires payment of an enrollment fee, plus how much ever the food costs, which averages at $23 a day.   

Jenny Craig Diet Program Super Premium Plan Cost

  1. Valid for 2 years
  2. Perfect if you want constant professional support, as you have a dedicated personal consultant as per this plan
  3. Gives people the option to avail a 10% discount on weekly menus
  4. Also enables a cashback offer in case you reach your goal 

For all the programs, users have the following menu choices to choose from:

  • Women’s Menu 
  • Men’s Menu 
  • Low Sugar Menu 
  • Meatless Menu 

Food Included

  1. Prepackaged meals and snacks
  2. Fruits
  3. Fresh/Frozen veggies
  4. Low-fat dairy 

Is the Jenny Craig Diet Program Cost Justified?

What is the Jenny Craig Diet Program App?

In case you want more support while going through with your weight-loss plan, you can install the Jenny Craig Diet Program app. You can also access your dedicated personal consultant via this app. The app also helps people learn more about weight-loss strategies and food education. Furthermore, you get to discuss your challenges and make practical plans to aid in your journey for a healthier life. 

 Now that you have more information regarding the Jenny Craig diet, make sure you go through their plans and choose the one that suits you the best. Use such innovative schemes to lose weight and maintain fitness.

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