Free Online Weight Loss Programs that Burns Fat Instantly

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That perfect body or fitness you envy will not come overnight. Worse, if you are looking to shed some few pounds, you need to have more commitment to a weight loss program. Hitting the gym or hiring a trainer or a nutritionist are all money draining options.

If you are in dire need of burning that extra fat hanging on your waist, here are some free online weight loss programs that will keep off your bank account:

The 4-Step Weight Loss Plan

This is one of the best free online weight-loss programs that will help you lose weight. And, as mentioned, you pay nothing.

The program is designed to cover all the aspects that contribute to losing weight. The four steps include:

  1. Drinking water; you will need to drink about 2 liters of water daily and limit or completely avoid fruit-flavored drinks.
  2. Avoiding refined sugar and all artificial sweeteners; take whole foods and avoid beverages that contain sugar and artificial sweeteners. You can read the ingredients on packaged foods and beverages to figure out which foods to take. Some packaged food use other names that represent sugar, so research on other names of sugar so that you don’t do it unknowingly.
  3. Portion control; this is reducing the amount of food you take. Requires you to use a salad plate instead of filling up the standard dinner plate.
  4. Exercise; you will need to do some exercises to supplement the diet programs. The plan requires you to do exercises for at least half an hour every day for six days a week. It is important that you find workouts that equal to your fitness levels.

The Whole30 Program

Just like the name suggests, the plan is a free online weight loss program that lasts for 30 days. The plan is to clean your body of the toxins and junk that cause weight gain and stick to whole food diets.

If you choose this program, you are bound to a few rules that you must follow;

  1. What to eat; the programs allow you to eat whole foods but in portions. The foods allowed include meat, both red and white, a lot of vegetables, fruits with exceptions of a few, eggs, herbs, some spices, and natural fats.
  2. What not to eat; for the whole 30 days you are supposed to avoid the following completely:
  • added sugars such as date syrup, honey, coconut sugar or any other natural or artificial sugar additive
  • alcoholic drinks and all tobacco products
  • legumes such as beans (black, kidney, red), peanuts, soy and soy additives, peas and chickpeas
  • Grains; this includes, rice, millet, sorghum, wheat, barley, corn, oats, and sprouted grains. It also includes forms of grain additives such as starch, bran, and germ. Read the ingredients to confirm
  • dairy, including milk, cream, yogurt, and frozen yogurt, ice cream, cheese, and kefir
  • foods and beverages that contain MSG, sulfites, and carrageenan
  • all forms of baked products, junk foods, and sweeteners

The last rule of the whole30 program is to avoid taking any form of body or weight measurements.

However, to achieve the desired results, you should fully commit to the program. Do not cheat. Do not be tempted to lick that spoonful of frozen yogurt; it will mess up your program.


SkinnyMs is the most diverse of the free online weight loss programs. It combines a lot of weight loss programs such as diet and fitness and exercise programs.

The program provides you with weight loss menus and recipes to follow such as the 14-day low-calorie weight loss menu.

The exercise programs are filled with different workouts that help subscribers to burn fat without taking much consideration on their fitness levels.

The exercise resources include how to run for beginners, essential workouts for beginners, circuit training for beginners, and the 7-minute fat-burning workout challenge.

These are three free online programs that can help you achieve a lifestyle reboot and maintain a healthy weight. They are especially suitable for people who are under a budget as all of them are free of charge. You are not obliged to pay any monthly or daily fees.

Instantly burn that fat you gained during the holidays by subscribing to one of the above online weight loss programs that cost you almost nothing.


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