Awaken 180 Weight Loss – Is It For You?

Awaken 180 Weight Loss is your long-term solution for weight loss and will show you how simple weight loss can be – this is the company’s slogan. The program’s design seems straightforward enough, as it is mostly a healthy food delivery service with a good dose of coaching support thrown in. Read on to find out if Awaken 180 Weight Loss is a good fit for you. 

Awaken 180 Weight Loss - Is It For You?

The Awaken 180 Weight Loss Program

Just like other weight-loss programs, you begin by completing a Health History Profile. Once submitted, you will be contacted by a member of the Awaken 180 Weight Loss team for a consultation, or to schedule one. You will then be given your customized meal plan, based on your health profile and weight-loss goals. 

Awaken 180 Weight Loss - Is It For You?

As a member, you will have access to the following perks:

  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with an experienced Awaken 180 coach. The coaches, according to the company’s website, provide support and education based on real science behind weight loss and healthy eating, as well as on their own experiences following the Awaken 180 program themselves. 
  • Awaken 180, unlike other popular diet plans, does not use calorie-counting as a weight-loss tool. Instead, the program provides 80% of your food. This takes out a lot of the guesswork involved in trying to eat healthy to lose weight. The custom-prepared meals also remove or, at least, minimizes the struggle a lot of people feel when it comes to choosing between healthy foods and unhealthy cravings.  
  • The whole program is also supported by the education of its members on how to make healthy choices when eating out, drinking out, and travelling so that you can still have fun without compromising your weight-loss efforts. 
  • Awaken 180 offers free lifelong support, which includes free maintenance education and planning and monthly maintenance support. This service aims to provide a long-term solution to help members sustain their success through lifelong accountability and learning. 

The Awaken 180 Diet

Awaken 180’s dietary guidelines are simplified through custom-prepared meals. The company has partnered with Italian restaurant chain, Davio’s, to provide 80% of their members’ daily meals. 

Davio’s Awaken 180 menu combines proven weight-loss science with convenient meal preparation, appropriate meal frequency, adequate support, and accountability to provide members with the proper guidance they need to achieve their weight-loss goals. 

Awaken 180 meals are also offered by Davio’s in all their restaurants so that Awaken 180 members can also have the option to eat out while staying within their dietary guidelines. 

The program does not include an exercise plan, although it is “permitted.” Weight-loss is achieved almost exclusively through proper diet and nutrition. Subscribing to Awaken 180’s meal service is optional, however. Awaken 180 also gives members the help they need to prepare their own healthy meals according to their individualized needs and as determined by their health profiles. 

Awaken 180 Weight Loss - Is It For You?

Another great thing about Awaken 180 is that drinking alcohol is not prohibited. Coaches provide guidance on what to order at bars and restaurants, and even how to prepare “healthy” drinks at home. 

The duration of the program depends on the individual’s needs and goals. Once a member reaches their desired weight, Awaken 180 encourages them to continue reaching out to their coaches for free support every month. This way, members can ensure that they can maintain their success and continue making healthy choices for life. 

Awaken 180 Weight Loss Reviews

Find out what Awaken 180 members say about their experience on the program. 

“This program really works, I have lost 43 lbs postpartum. I tried everything and this was the first thing that actually worked. I have learned to clean up my diet, trust in my coaches at Awaken 180, and how to stop the cravings. I feel better, look better, and know that this is just the beginning. On 10/21/19 I was 241, today I am 198… it’s amazing! I recommend this for anyone and yes people complain about the cost, but if you factor in dining out and being sick, it costs about the same.” 

-Amanda Linder, Jan 3, 2020

“After many failed attempts in other programs, Awaken 180 is the real deal. No gimmicks, straightforward counseling, easy-to-follow program. No cravings. 43 pounds down in 15 weeks, off my blood pressure medication and feeling confident that I will reach my goal. Life changing.”

– P. Dice, Dec 10, 2019

“I love Awaken 180. I feel like it probably quite literally saved my life! 72 pounds down and on maintenance. I never would have been able to do this without them. It seems expensive at first but from this side of the program I can say that for me, it was worth every penny. Thank you, Awaken 180. You gave me my life back.”

– Sylvia L., Nov 6, 2019

Awaken 180 Weight Loss Program – Final Thoughts

Awaken 180 Weight Loss - Is It For You?

Awaken 180 Weight Loss Program makes losing weight easy through weekly coaching sessions that provide support, ensure accountability, and educate. The program provides members with 80% of their meals; this is supplemented by members being taught how to make healthy choices when planning their own meals, shopping for food, eating out, drinking out, and traveling. 

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