All you Need to Know About Fast 800

Worried about your health today? Don’t worry. Ready for a game? We are here to help you out! Eat for the body you want and not for the body you have. Most of them jocularly feel their hobbies include eating, and complain that they have gained too much weight. The surprising quick fix for this is a fast 800 diet. Burning calories is a much talked about phenomenon nowadays. This is where the figure ‘800’ comes into play. A person is advised to restrict his diet to 800 calories per day as per world-renowned dieticians. So that they would propagate you to lose weight, stay healthy and live longer by going in for a balanced and a Mediterranean diet. Thus, all these changes a person’s entire lifestyle wherein an individuals’ weight remains stable in the long term. This type of diet is being meticulously followed in all the countries around the Mediterranean sea due to which this diet has derived its nomenclature.

All you need to know about Fast 800

What is a Fast 800 Diet?

“This diet is the brainchild of Dr. Michael Mosley who has not only authored the concept but also the bestseller of the Fast 800”. A Mediterranean diet includes low carbs but is rich in healthy proteins and vegetables, also inclusive of higher-fat meals with essential nutrients and fibers which would positively improve blood sugar levels and helps you to lose weight. To be more specific, it would include a lot of fresh fruits as well as dry fruits. To top it all a glass of red wine on and off, and a bite of dark chocolate would do a world of good. Healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts also keep your calories in check. There is a prominent myth that people would lose a lot of energy when they go in for a lean diet. But this could be offset by focusing on white meat and more importantly seafood comprising of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Statistics to Prove the Efficacy of This Diet:

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that over 2.3 million Australians, aged 15 years old and over, go on a diet in a year. This crash diet proposed by Dr. Michael Mosley in 2019 is an important version of the earlier diets and fasting regimens. Sugary foods are the most fattening product in the modern diet. Over a period of 8 weeks, you would be able to lose as much as 14 kilos. An astounding 46% of the intervention 800 calories groups had the remission of their diabetic condition compared to only 4%in their control group. Weight loss statistics also showed an impressive 24% of the intervention group had lost more than 15 kgs of weight compared to 0% in the control group.

Healthy Eating Recipes: 

A fast 800 diet based on Mediterranean recipes would include the following:


  • Spiced breakfast plums
  • Pear and cinnamon porridge 
  • Poached eggs with mushroom and spinach
  • Curried chicken and lentil soup
  • Tuna salad


  • Zucchini slices loaded with quinoa and kale
  • Broccoli salad with chilli and pine nuts
  • Mediterranean tuna and rice bake
  • Spicy eggplant and chickpea salad with paprika yoghurt


  • Chermoula – grilled calamari salad
  • Miso beef skewers with edamame salad
  • Roast mushrooms with spinach and ricotta
  • Pork saltimbocca with roasted parsnip salad
All you need to know about Fast 800

Why is Fast 800 Better?

In earlier versions, people would follow 800 calories for two days in a week and stick to a normal one for the remaining ones. Dr. Mosley opines that this intermittent fasting will get you starving hungry. The idea that the starvation mode would crash your metabolism is a myth but on the contrary, the person’s metabolic rate would actually go up. Ultimately rapid weight loss would be a ketogenic approach which would suppress your appetite but also preserve muscular mass. Therefore when you are on a low-calorie diet you will be first burning up the very unhealthy fats. The fast 800 diets have proven to prevent people with pre-diabetics from becoming diabetic. This diet could also be followed through online which would cost $175. 


People do have many misconceptions and doubts like “Isn’t it better to lose weight slowly and steadily rather than fast?” and also “Is it suitable for vegetarians?” However, it is always better to lose weight fast than slow. Definitely, it would do a world of good for vegetarians too.

Benefits of Fast 800 Diet:

The incidents of Type 2 diabetes and obesity are always on the rise. This type of crash program would be an apt solution. In one of the studies a low-calorie diet, much like the fast 800 diets beneficially altered body weight and gut microbial diversity. With a large number of healthy fats and low in carbs and sugar content could cut off the probability of many unfavourable health outcomes which includes various cancers and other cardiovascular diseases. It even enhances the function of the liver. Enjoy the taste of eating right.

All you need to know about Fast 800

Risks of a Fast 800 Diet:

Common side effects connected with this diet could include hunger, craving for sugary foods, lightheadedness, fatigue, bad breath and constipation, all of which could be reduced by drinking plenty of water. However, it may not be suitable for people under 18, pregnant, breastfeeding women. It would always be advisable when such programs are ventured into, in consultation with doctors and medical practitioners.

Healthy eating and a balanced diet aren’t developed in a day, nor are they destroyed in one unbalanced meal. However, beware of ‘cheat days’ and even occasional ‘binge-eating’. Always remember that fast foods are really fast in taking you to the grave. Making proper choices from a wide variety of options is not easy, but the rewards are great. Eating nourishing and healthful food while maintaining your proper body weight would contribute to a better performance in all the places around you. You will feel and look your best. A goal without a track is just a wish. 

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