List of the Best Calorie Counter Apps and Sites

best calorie counting apps and sites

Losing weight and reducing those excess fats found in our belly is not an easy thing to do. People have started and eventually failed with their weight-loss program due to slackness and lack of interest. To be able to sustain and succeed in losing weight in the body, one has to be determined and focused in getting the job done. Results will take time but with a positive attitude and a lot of patience, positive results will come in due time.

One way in boosting your weight-loss journey is monitoring and tracking down your food and calorie intake. The more you monitor your calorie intake, the better your chances are of losing weight and keeping it off completely. With technology advances, there are many websites and applications that serve as calorie counters that can help you monitor the food you eat and its corresponding calorie. Here’s a list of some of the most popular free calories counters online.


This is basically the most downloadable and popular calorie counters that is available right now. It lets you track down your weight and has a recommended calorie intake per day. Another added feature is a nicely-designed food diary and an exercise log. Other information such as remaining calorie intake for the day and the number of calories burned while exercising is also available.

MyFitnessPall app will let you sync easily with a fitness tracking device including data from your exercise log. This will give you a chance to monitor your progress that will definitely help in achieving your fitness goals. The app has a free version but a premium version for $49.99 is all worth it.

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This is another device that can monitor your daily food and calorie intake. It can serve as a health tracker that also contains a food diary and an exercise log. The application can also be connected to a fitness device such as a pedometer and other similar devices. The app will also give you a personalized recommendation of your calorie intake depending on your weight, age, height, and personal goals.

Another added feature in this app is a food database and a diary that can be useful on your weight-loss journey. It also contains a barcode scanner that can be used for packaged and common foods. Weight monitoring can be easily tracked as it is presented in a graph form and a tab called “challenges” that will let you participate in a dietary competition; plus, you can even make your own challenge.


This is a free calorie counter application that also contains a nutrition database, healthy recipes, food diary, exercise log, journal, and weight chart. It also comes with a barcode scanner that will let you track packaged foods. The total calorie intake will be showed on the homepage and the daily breakdown of carbs, fat, and protein for every meal. The app also has a monthly summary view where the total calories consumed daily and the monthly averages can be seen.


This application will let you monitor your exercise, diet, and body weight. It contains a list of the exact serving sizes and a database of different exercise regimen. Even pregnant women and lactating mothers can customize their profiles depending on their calorie needs. This application is also useful if you are engaged on a specific diet such as paleo, low-carb, and low-fat vegetarian diet.

The application’s diary is also user-friendly and very simple. A chart is also available that breaks down the protein, carbs, and fat of the day together with the total calories consumed. The application has a Gold upgrade worth $3 per month were it is add-free and contains other several advanced features.


It is another calorie counter application that lets you monitor nutrition, fitness goals, activities, and personal progress. There is also a food diary and a daily entry of calories, carbs, protein, and fats. Data can also be shown in a pie chart form. The app also contains a barcode scanner and recipes can be added easily.

The application’s official website comes with a large community that is a source of health news, recipes, fitness exercise demos, and many other articles written by health and wellness experts. The application has a free version but accounts can be upgraded to avail several added features.


Losing weight and reducing your excess fats can be a difficult journey for anyone, but with a lot of determination and patience, everything will be alright.

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