Slim4Life Reviews

“Our weight-loss programs are designed to help you maintain optimal nutritional balance while you lose between three and five pounds per week, and to develop healthy eating habits that you can adhere to long after you reach your goal weight.”

This is Slim4Life’s promise on their website. For three decades now, Slim4Life has been helping people lose weight and become healthier through a holistic approach. Members who reside in Florida, Kansas, Missouri, or Texas can opt for one-on-one clinic consultations; phone consultations are available for those in other locations. 

With such a long history in an industry that sees countless diet programs come and go as fads are wont to do, does Slim4Life deliver on its promise? 

Slim4Life Reviews

Slim4Life – How Does It Work?

Slim4Life offers individualized weight-loss programs for men, women, and children aged 10 and up. Experts in fitness and nutrition help members achieve their fitness and health goals by developing long-term healthy eating habits. 

Each member receives individualized counseling throughout the program. All personal weight-loss programs are developed based on each individual’s health profile and takes into consideration any relevant medical condition and food sensitivities or restrictions. 

Slim4Life’s overall program employs a well-balanced diet plan that includes regular grocery store foods, supplemented with Slim4Life weight-loss aids and education on making healthy food choices. Teaching members how to eat healthy with easily accessible foods will help them maintain a healthy weight for life, long after they have completed the program. 

The food plan allows for a maximum of 1,500 calories per day, but the daily calorie requirement varies per individual. It is also flexible, with room for personal choices, although some items are restricted during the weight-loss phase. The diet includes fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, starches, dairy and fats, and excludes pre-packaged meals. 

The membership also includes a starter supply of Slim4Life supplements, anti-oxidant energy drinks, and snacks good for four weeks; phone consultations for 4 weeks; and a tape measure. Six- and ten-week programs are also available. 

Exercise is not required but is strongly encouraged in order to achieve a weight loss of 3-5 pounds/1.3-2.3 kg per week. 

Slim4Life Reviews

Slim4Life Pros and Cons


  • Slim4Life promotes long-term healthy eating through education and practice. 
  • The nutritional plan incorporates natural ingredients that are easily accessible. 
  • The individualized plans take into consideration food intolerances, special diets, and existing medical conditions.   
  • The one-on-one consultations provide a more personalized approach and allows for better monitoring and support. 

Slim4Life Reviews


  • The program is expensive and the fees are non-refundable. The cost of the longer programs only includes the personalized grocery list and consultations; the supplements, drinks, and snacks will cost extra. 
  • Slim4Life snacks, though not harmful, are highly processed. 
  • The health information they provide is freely available online. 
  • Following the program will result in an average weight loss of 3 to 5 pounds per week, but most health professionals say that 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss per week is safer and more ideal. 

Slim4Life Reviews   

Reviews by those who have tried the Slim4Life program are generally positive. There have been some complaints, however, about the consultants being more concerned with pushing the Slim4Life products than listening to their concerns regarding allergies. 

Slim4Life Reviews

Read on for some actual reviews from members. 

(Note: Positive reviews are from the Slim4Life success stories; complaints are from the Better Business Bureau.)

Scott, at 48, lost 140 pounds. 

I just kept going up and up in weight. I could barely buckle my seat belt on the plane. I am a paramedic so I need a lot of energy. People would make comments all the time, I was ‘the big boy’. Now after losing 140 pounds, I can move around so much easier in my job and I can fit in tight places. My doctor was so pleased and he liked that I felt better. My friends and coworkers say I look awesome. The biggest reward from doing Slim4Life® is that I am now a better version of myself. I have inspired several people to do this also. I love that the counselors are so friendly, they really are there for you and live your journey with you.

Valeria, 17, lost 73 pounds. 

I was so unhappy and I used to be angry because of how unhappy I was. My parents were making hints about my weight. I wanted to lose weight because prom was coming up. My mom came home and said “you are going to Slim4Life®”. Now that I have lost 73 pounds, I feel pretty and I did not feel pretty before. My attitude has changed, I now feel awesome and confident. I see myself completely different. I used to be so insecure seeing all the pretty girls at school. Now all my friends are saying how great I look and asking how I lost all that weight. I wanted to lose weight for prom and I did it!! I love the counselling. When I started Slim4Life® I wore a size 16 but now I wear size 8.

Rose, 60, lost 67 pounds.

I did not like the person I had become. I wanted to hide. I was embarrassed at my size and I would not do fun things or buy clothes because of my weight. I went to SIim4Life® and lost 67 pounds and now my mental attitude has changed, I like me!! I want to be seen and noticed. I can now walk and hike. My knee no longer hurts and my diabetes risk is no longer a concern to me. My physician was thrilled. Did I have a special event that I wanted to lose weight for? The answer is yes!! I am the special event!! Now I feel fabulous. My friends say “where did you go? There is only half of you left, unbelievable, wow!!” My husband is so proud of me. We look at pictures of me before and he is so shocked at what size I was. My life has changed so much, less aches and pains and I have a very different attitude. I believe in me. I wear a size 4 and I like what I see in the mirror.

Anonymous, from Nov 2019

I went to Slim4life looking for a solution to loose weight. I told them I have thyroid issues and can’t tolerate caffeine. They told me their products even if they have caffeine as an ingredient is natural and can’t affect me. I tried it and my shoulders and neck was too painful and stiff and I was feeling too dizzy. I was told my money of $397 is non-refundable which I don’t think is fair because it seems they have hidden ingredients in their products and their caffeine is too strong. I am requesting for my refund. I can return back their products since its not even a week. Thank you.

Anonymous, from June 2019

FALSE ADVERTISING AT ITS BEST. It has to be illegal what they’re doing, they advertise on all the radio stations this $66 plan for 6 weeks and you can loose all this weight. Well i went in a center specifically regarding that advertisement and the manager claimed she didn’t know anything about it. Then proceeded to sell me a plan for over $500, and left out the little fact that the only way the next 4 months would work for me is if i gave them another $300 each month thereafter. This company is super shady, yea they guarantee if you do EXACTLY what they tell you to do then you can loose the weight rapidly, well that EXACTLY comes with purchasing their god awful products including their snacks which you have to buy at a MINIMUM 3X a week @ $17 and up EACH BOX! I hope the right lawyer gets a hold of them, its sad they’ve been in business so long. they’ve been robbing people for years.

Slim4Life – Final Thoughts

With its promotion of healthy habits for life and a diet plan that is designed to be nutritionally balanced, the Slim4Life weight-loss program is a sensible choice, especially if you enjoy having personal support and guidance from a professional. 

If you can afford the cost and feel that you need a stricter approach to achieve your health and fitness goals, then you may want to give Slim4Life a go. Overall, the feedback from its members has been positive. The negative reviews mostly involved the high costs and interactions with counselors. But the successes achieved by many also speak to the effectiveness of the program. 

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