Nutrisystem Cost and Plans for Dieters

“What is the cost of a Nutrisystem subscription?” This is a common question that a lot of Americans have. Nutrisystem has grown in the US to become one of the country’s largest diet-plan providers. With more attention being given to diet, fitness and well-being, more and more people are now looking to become more fit and healthy. So, how does Nutrisystem help with this, and how much does Nutrisystem cost? Here’s a look at the cost of having a Nutrisystem subscription, and how it could help you with your weight-loss. 

Nutrisystem Cost and Plans for Dieters

How Does Nutrisystem Work?

Once you pick a plan and place your order, you will receive the food shipment within 5 to 10 days. It will contain food for 28 days in styrofoam boxes, including 28 breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Sticking to the Nutrisystem program can lead to a weight loss of up to 13 lbs.

How much does Nutrisystem cost?

Well, this isn’t a clear-cut question, because there are many factors you need to consider while answering it. For starters, the cost of Nutrisystem depends heavily on what plan you choose, and how you want to pay for it. Usually, Nutrisystem costs range from $234.99 to $339.99 (women) and between $274.99 and $379.99 (men) per month, in case you choose Auto-Delivery. If you opt-out of Auto-Delivery, the prices shoot up by another 35%. When you break down this monthly cost onto a cost/day basis, it can be as frugal as $8.39, and every week, it comes up to $70.

Furthermore, the company gives out various coupons, redeem offers and discounts that bring the monthly cost down by around $30. When these discounts are applied, the cost/day comes down to as low as $8. In comparison, this is much cheaper than their competitor Jenny Craig’s cost/day, but more expensive when compared to Weight Watchers. Let us take an in-depth look at how much Nutrisystem plans cost.

Nutrisystem Cost and Plans for Dieters

Nutrisystem Cost Per Month

Also, note that all three of the diabetes plans cost the same as the regular plans. 

Nutrisystem Monthly Cost for Women (28 Days)

Sl NoPlanCost/Month ($)
3Uniquely Yours$349.99
4Uniquely Yours Plus$389.99

Nutrisystem Monthly Cost for Men (28 Days)

Sl NoPlanCost/Month ($)
3Uniquely Yours$389.99
4Uniquely Yours Plus$429.99

Nutrisystem Daily Cost using 40% Discount

Sl NoPlanCost/Day ($) MenCost/Day ($) Women
3Uniquely Yours$12.14$10.71

Nutrisystem Daily Cost for Women With and Without Auto-Delivery

As you can see below, Nutrisystem’s Auto-Delivery plans are much cheaper than the alternative. Furthermore, Auto-delivery plans also have more discounts and offers when compared to their counterparts. So what exactly is Auto-delivery? What this means essentially is that Nutrisystem ships you meals every 4 weeks at a time, until you cancel the plan on your own. Users can cancel their subscription via calling 1-800-727-8046. In case you want to try out their plans for just a month, you can choose the One-Time Delivery option. Also, Auto-Delivery gives a 35% discount when compared to One-Time Delivery. However, in case you opt-out of the scheme after the first month, you will be charged an extra $125.

Sl NoPlanCost/Day Auto-DeliveryCost/Day One-Time Delivery
1Basic$10.18 ($284.99/month)$15.66 ($438.45/month)
2Core$11.07 ($309.99/month)$17.03 ($476.91/month)
3Uniquely Yours$12.50 ($349.99/month)$19.23 ($538.45/month)
4Vegetarian$12.50 ($349.99/month)$19.23 ($538.45/month)

Nutrisystem Cost and Plans for Dieters

Nutrisystem Daily Cost for Men With and Without Auto-Delivery

Sl NoPlanCost/Day Auto-DeliveryCost/Day One-Time Delivery
1Basic$11.61 ($324.99/month)$17.86 ($499.98/month)
2Core$12.50 ($349.99/month)$19.23 ($538.45/month)
3Uniquely Yours$13.93 ($389.99/month)$21.43 ($599.98/month)
4Vegetarian$13.93 ($389.99/month)$21.43 ($599.98/month)

Nutrisystem Cost for Dinners My Way 

This initiative by Nutrisystem allows users to have a more flexible diet. As per this plan, users enjoy Nutrisystem meals during the day, while they eat as they want at night, for dinner. Such a program allows you to balance out your cravings and satiate your want of treats while following a nutritious diet. The days are filled with nutritionally balanced portions weighed out by Nutrisystem, in the form of breakfast, lunch and snacks. However, at night, the user gets to make their own dinner at home or even dine out. Here’s a look at how much this Nutrisystem plan costs.

Sl NoPlanCost/Day Auto-DeliveryCost/Day One-Time Delivery
1Core$8.57 ($239.99/month)$13.19 ($369.22/month)
2Uniquely Yours$10.00 ($279.99/month)$15.38 ($430.75month)

Nutrisystem Cost for Weekends My Way 

Another plan which provides a lot of freedom, Weekends My Way works a lot like Dinners My Way. Users get to enjoy nutritious food packed by Nutrisystem on the weekdays, and unwind on the weekends. Therefore, this plan helps you keep your weekends free, allowing you to dine out with friends and family. Here’s a look at how much Nutrisystem’s Weekends My Way Plan costs.

Sl NoPlanCost/Day Auto-DeliveryCost/Day One-Time Delivery
1Core$8.93 ($249.99/month)$13.73 ($384.60/month)
2Uniquely Yours$10.36 ($289.99/month)$15.93 ($446.14/month)
Nutrisystem Cost and Plans for Dieters

I hope this gives you a good idea of how much Nutrisystem plans cost and why they are helpful. In many ways, by choosing the right plan, you will be able to switch to a more healthy lifestyle. All their programs help you to lose weight healthily and steadily. So, go ahead, choose the best plan and walk into a more youthful, sustainable way of living and eating!

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