Weight Loss Program For Men – Exercise and Diet

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With the right attitude, determination, and effort, losing weight as an adult male, no matter how busy you are is entirely possible. With the right tailored weight loss program designed to address your needs and lifestyle, you can count on finally losing those love handles, and excess body fat around your thigh, back, and arms, etc.

When it comes to losing weight, the main issue is knowing what to look for in a weight loss program designed for men.

What to look for in a men’s weight loss program:

As a man, if you want a toned, lean body while losing your belly fat and body fat, there are some factors you should look out for when choosing a weight loss program.

Programs Comprising Of Diet and Exercise Plans

Just like bread and butter, proper eating and physical activity go hand in hand. Both are not mutually exclusive of themselves.  You want to look for a program that incorporates both healthy diets and exercise in the right ratio inside your program just like the Modern Fit Club does.

A program that helps you work on a meal plan and your daily workout should be what you’re looking for. If anyone tells you otherwise, there are usually lying or don’t know what they are saying.

Programs That Offer a Gender and Aged-Based Meal Plan

By now, you would have realized a glaring fact. We’re all different and unique in our ways. What does this have to do losing weight? You may ask. A lot. The world would be honestly boring, and we doubt we would have reached this level of awareness and advanced technology if we all act, think and behave the same way.

The same can be said for losing weight. We are all different and what works for a certain person might not work for you. You can also look at it this way, what works for women might not work for you as a man. A meal plan that works really well for your kids or your parents who are trying to lose weight might not work for you.

This brings us to find a program with a meal plan that is tailored for you based on your gender and age among other things.

By choosing a program such as the Modern Fit Club program that provides a custom-made meal plan and workout based on your gender and age, you’re putting yourself up for a great weight loss journey.

A customized plan offering age and gender-specific menus and workouts that are personalized for you is what you should be on the lookout for.  Women need fewer calories unlike men, and young adults require more calories than older adults.

At Modern Fit Club, we’re currently offering a life-changing weight loss course with an unprecedented risk-free $1 trial. 

Weight Loss Programs with Excellent Customer Feedback

Before parting away with your money and making an investment into a weight loss program, ensure you look for genuine feedback from users of the program that caught your interest. The users are the best source of information about a program. Don’t get tricked with fancy words and deceptive marketing which majority of the weight loss programs are known for.

Look out for not just not the good part alone; also look out for the con too. Check out the low ratings and what the users complained about. That will mostly give you an accurate idea about the program that getting yourself high on the pros and the supposedly claims peddle by various claims. A large sample might also help you get an accurate reading about a program.

Programs with a Good Blend of Protein, Carbs, and Fat.

Except you are looking for a quick fix where the results can’t be sustained if you get to lose some weight, avoid plans that severely restrict your intake of carbs or fat. The reason is a no-brainer. These macronutrients – carbs and fat – are essential for you to perform to perform properly. various plated meals overviewA program with a diet that has a good balance of the macronutrients in the right ratio is what you want to look for as they help you maximize your energy levels and ensure you get the best out of your workouts during weight loss.

The rule of thumb is to ensure you go for lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbs rich in fiber, which helps you feel full and satiated for a longer period. A general rule to follow is to make sure your meal contains veggie & fruits, proteins, and healthy carbs and is in the ratio of 2:1:1

Going for a diet low in carb can be quite an effective strategy in helping you lose weight but don’t severely restrict your carbs for long periods. Eating meals that provide less than 20g of carbs daily can lead to ketosis, which can cause you to have a headache, bad breath, nausea or mental fatigue. According to the Institute of Medicine, recommended daily carbs intake should be around 130g.



Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity. You can’t continue eating the way you’ve been doing and expect a miraculous change. Any successful weight loss journey has its success based on diets and exercise, with diet being the most important factor.

Eating the right type and amount of food has and is still one of the best predictors of a weight loss success. A study published in Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine in the year 2012 found out that a combination of diet and exercise is the best weight loss strategy.

As the general sayings go, you can’t out train a bad diet. Exercising alone won’t do, and any weight loss guru who is telling you all you need to do is just exercise is far much interested in your money than your health or about losing weight.

The mathematics behind losing weight is more or less having a calorie deficit. By creating a situation where you have fewer calories going in and more coming out, you’re able to create the deficit.chicken and vegetables on cutting board lose weight

This deficit is usually achieved by controlling the calories going through your body and ensuring you burn more calories. Now you can punish yourself by performing extreme fasting, severally limiting your carb or fat in your meals for a short period where you’d lose weight and have it return back in no time.

That is calories in is less than calories out. This causes the fat in your body to burn your fat and make you lose weight.

A good weight loss program for men will try to make you lose about a pound or two every week in a safe and healthy manner by burning about 500 to 1000 calories than you eat daily. A pound is equal to 3500 calories.

During your weight loss program, eating healthy, nutritious foods is essential. Such foods include: –

Good Carbs

Good carbs are whole foods that haven’t been processed and super rich in fiber. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals. Compared to junks that are easily digested and assimilated into the body, good carbs due to their fiber takes longer to digest. This makes you feel full for a longer period.

Examples of nutritious carb­-containing foods include

Fresh fruits – banana, berries,

Vegetables – carrot, leafy green, sweet potatoes, mushroom, cayenne pepper etc.

Whole Grains – brown or wild rice, oatmeal, whole-grain pasta, and Ezekiel bread.


Healthy Proteins

According to research, protein helps maintain lean body mass, keeps you satiated and help burn extra calories. Protein is an essential and vital macronutrient to aiding and promoting your weight loss.

Some of the high-quality protein food you can eat include those with little to no animal fat

Legumes and Beans – nuts, beans, seeds

Dairy products and poultry – low-fat milk, eggs, yogurt, turkey, salmon, lean pork, lean red meat, cheese, soy milk, chicken breast

Protein shakes

Some of the best protein foods you can eat are those containing little (or no) animal fat — and are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, or all of these essential nutrients.

Healthy Fats

Healthy dietary fats can also help with making you feel satiated, which helps curbs hunger and cravings for sugary and junk foods. Fats are powerhouses of energy, hence a great source of energy.

Fat also helps with the absorption of (fat-soluble) vitamins that are important to our body. They help with maintaining healthy skin, nails, and hair.

Examples of nutritious fats include plant­-based oils (olive, canola, and soybean oils, etc.), fish oil, avocados, olives, nuts, and seeds, etc.


An effective workout for older men can help boost your metabolism, shed pounds, and burn excess body fat. A good workout can help you lose about 400 – 600 per day which can induce weight loss.

The best workouts for losing weight such as the ones in Modern Fit Club are the ones that can be adapted to your lifestyle while helping you achieve your individual goals and preferences.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help get you into a weight loss mode and point you in the right direction.

Combine Cardiovascular with Resistance Exercises (Circuit Training)

man kettlebell swing darkWhen you perform resistance exercises such as weight lifting and other body weight exercises, you boost muscle mass, raise your metabolism, which helps you burn more calories throughout the day. Cardiovascular workouts help you to burn more calories, tighten and tone problem areas.

A circuit training workouts combine both resistance and cardiovascular exercise together which makes it more powerful and effective for shedding those pounds and getting a lean, toned body.

Rope skipping, jumping jacks, jogging, burpees, box jumps, using a rowing machine or shuttling runs between a weight training sets are all cardio exercises you can perform during a circuit training.

Examples of resistance training exercises you can incorporate into a circuit training includes planks, sit-ups, squat, kettle bell swings, deadlifts, lunges, bicep curls, pull-ups and many more.

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Try HIIT or Continuous Cardiovascular Exercise

HIIT, also known as High Intensive Interval Training is a powerful and effective way of working the body and losing extra weight. You can alternate between performing HIIT and continuous cardiovascular exercise on days you’re not circuit training, to enhance weight and fat loss. Both of these aerobic workouts are equally effective for shedding pounds, according to a 2017 study published in the Journal of Diabetes Research.

If you’re the busy type with a long and tiring schedule, HIIT might be easier to adapt to your lifestyle.

Examples of cardiovascular workouts that work well for men are swimming, rowing, and walking uphill, jogging or running, using an elliptical machine or stair stepper machine.

When it comes to performing exercises, the old age trick that still works is to find something you enjoy doing and keep at doing it. Reason being that, when you love to do something, you got encouraged and motivated to continue which help you to maintain a fitness regimen for a long term.


man chest flys rippedWhen you’re working out by yourself, it’s often difficult to know which exercise routines produce the results you desire. Even if you’re familiar with fitness basics, coming up with specific daily workouts may seem like a daunting task. That’s why choosing a structured weight loss program for men’s that includes customized which can come in handy.

The good thing about signing up as a member for a weight loss program for men is that removes the stress associated with planning daily meal plans and workouts. This helps you focus on spending more time

Modern Fit Club is a structured weight loss program for men over 40 with a proven track record that helps burn fat and maintain weight. It is highly designed and personalized for busy men over the age of 40.

When you become a member of the Modern Fit Club, you get a personal coach with customized daily menu plans and workouts. When you sign up, you remove the guesswork out of the equation and focus on what you need to do to achieve the toned, lean body you deserve.


Improve your diet by cutting out sugary foods and junks that serves no real purpose except cause you more harm to your health — things such as fried foods, processed foods, sweets, sugary drinks and so on.

Reduce eating out and do more of cooking at home. Try to also use healthy ingredients for cooking, e.g., Veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and plant-based oils, etc., as ingredients.

REFRAIN yourself from consuming unhealthy processed foods.

Go for organic and natural ALWAYS. Oranges are good for the body, Orange Oreos, not so much.

EAT rather than DRINK your meals. Solids rich in fiber digest slowly and help you feel fuller for a longer period compared to liquid meals that get digested fast and makes you hungry.

Eat lean proteins, complex carbs & good fats.

Water. Drink it. Lots of It.


You might have tried losing weight in the past with no significant success. Don’t let that discourage you and if you’ve been blaming yourself for your failures. STOP. It won’t do you any good now.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Rather than trying to make a drastic change or achieve a big feat at once, try starting from small.  Try making small healthy lifestyle changes you can maintain for a long term.

Now, don’t get too discouraged when you hear the word – workout. You can start your exercises by alternating between short and long walks. Then follow it by adding some simple resistance training to it. E.g., planks, dumbbell squats, and pushups to your daily routine, and work your way up to more advanced workouts.

Choose a men’s weight loss program with good reviews and proven results, which keeps you accountable for meal plans and daily workouts.

You can do it.

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