7 Weight Loss Pre-made Meals for Delivery

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There are times that dieting seems like we need to exert more effort just to get it done. From planning recipes to computing calories, looking for fresh ingredients to preparing healthy meals and then cleaning up, it’s just adding stress to your life. Today, this dilemma will be gone as we list down the top 7 weight loss programs that offer you a wide variety of weight loss pre-made meals.

We compared these programs with Modern Fit and found the Modern Fit Program to be more realistic and affordable. Enjoy a customized meal plan that includes recipes and a grocery list, along with a tailored exercise plan. The great thing about Modern Fit is that you work with your coach to adjust your plans according to your needs. Members are able to lose weight while enjoying a large variety of meals that agree with their taste. 


Diet-To-Go’s chef-prepared meals are devised by dietitians. Their meals are yummy, fresh, and certainly nutritious. You can pick from their traditional menu diet plans based on your total calorie intake per day. These 4 meal plans are called the Balance Menu, Balance Diabetes Menu, Carb30 Menu, and Vegetarian Menu. Each of these plans is designed for certain kinds of people depending on their needs. What they offer here is simple, eat satisfying healthy meals without compromising your weight.


Veestro also delivers ready-to-eat meals just like Diet-To-Go. The difference is that Veestro meals are calorie controlled and plant-based, which are free from preservatives. Compared to the foods found in the grocery, Veestro is much healthier. Their plant-based weight loss meal plan truly stands out more. They’ll deliver you two weeks’ worth of meals as part of their weight loss program. For beginners, it’s not that easy to plan this kind of diet. However, with Veestro, having someone to prepare and cook for you is definitely a good thing for you and your diet.


This delivery meal service provides serving control and a balanced diet to boost your weight loss efforts. Unlike others, the Nutrisystem program concentrates more on dropping your weight. This is their main priority. In fact, they don’t just give meals but a full diet plan and process too. The meals they deliver are appetite suppressants because they’re rich in protein and fiber. This will make your weight loss journey much easier to tackle. They claim that you will lose 13 pounds in the first month with their program so give it a go.

Fresh ‘n Lean

Fresh ‘n Lean offers an all organic and natural diet program. With having protein source from wild fish, grass-fed bison, beef, and all-natural poultry, the protein they provide is superior in quality. There are four various kinds of diet you can decide on with this plan. Two are plant-based plans and the other two are performance-based added with animal protein which is crafted for weight loss.


For the health buffs out there, Sakara suits perfectly for weight loss. The food they deliver are plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, all-organic, and don’t have refined sugar. This program intends you to have four to six cups of greens per mealtime. These meals act as an excellent alternative to get additional nutrients. They also added fresh and cooked veggies which naturally provide an ample of nutrients. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful the finished dishes are and most of them can be eaten chilled or quickly cooked.


FoodFlo is a vegetarian based company, providing gluten-free, organic, and natural meals. All of their foods are made with Kangen alkaline water which makes them impressive. Not only are their dishes made out of fresh dishes but their meals are made with care, skill, and effort too.

The key element for weight loss is basically what you eat to be healthy. The proper selection of ingredients is that they must be low in calories and, most definitely, the serving should be regulated. Since this company is for weight loss, their meals are made with the same principle.

Healthy Chef Creations

Healthy Chef Creations offers weight loss programs and delivers their meals to you. Like the others, they assure that their meals are in high-quality by delivering fresh and organic dishes. They have an A la Carte menu where you can order meals individually. For those who are conscious with their weight, they can go for the Healthy Chef Diet Menu – the meals here are on serving diet, and you can pick your preferred calorie range. The five choices are:

  • 900 – 1,100 cal/day
  • 1,100 – 1,300 cal/day
  • 1,300 – 1,500 cal/day
  • 1,500 – 1,700 cal/day
  • 1,700 – 2,000 cal/day


Whether you’re just at the beginning of your weight loss campaign or you’re a veteran diet practitioner, these 7 weight loss meal services will help you keep on track. Getting back in shape is not an overnight thing to happen, it needs your discipline and consistency. Thus, partnering with a healthy meal delivery service is definitely going to help you out. However, don’t just solely rely on these weight loss pre-made meals, make an effort also by exercising regularly as well.

Try Modern Fit today for customized meal and fitness plans based on your lifestyle and tastes to help supercharge your weight loss! Members can also enjoy hundreds of healthy recipes and workouts that come with video tutorials. 

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