Red Bull Vs Monster: Which Is Better?

Millions of Americans around the country swear by sports drinks and have them as refreshments regularly. Red Bull and Monster are the market leaders within this segment, being the most popular sports drinks around the world. For a while now, there have been hot debates regarding how harmful or helpful energy drinks are, with many experts claiming that they are very detrimental to health. So, how bad or good are they, and which is the best amongst them? In this article, we will be making a comparison of Red Bell Vs. Monster to try to figure out which one is better. 

Red Bull Vs Monster: Which Is Better?

Is There Any Real Difference Between Red Bull and Monster?

I know what you are thinking. I’m pretty sure it goes along the lines of, “Are you crazy!?” Of course, they are different, they TASTE different. However, think again! While they might taste slightly different, don’t they also feel very similar to each other. Yes, they do, and this is because they have a lot of the same ingredients and nutrient content. But yes, you are right, because in specific ways these drinks are different from each other. Around the world, they are regarded as the world’s most famous energy drink brands. Energy drinks serve as caffeine-rich carbonated beverages that contain several energy-boosting compounds, like taurine and guarana. In most places, they are seen as an alternative to other caffeinated drinks such as coffee. In essence, both Red Bull and Monster are designed to supply you with a burst of fresh energy. While these drinks are wildly similar in many ways, let us dive right into the slight differences they have!

Red Bull Vs. Monster: Which is Better?

Red Bull Vs. Monster Factor 1- Nutritional content

Here’s a look at the nutritional information of a 240 ml serving of Red Bull and Monster to get a better picture.

Sl NoNutrientRed BullMonster
1Calories112 kcal121 kcal
2Protein1 gm1 gm
3Fat0 gm0 gm
4Carbs27 gms29 gms
5Thiamine (Vit B1)7% of RDV*7% of RDV
6Riboflavin (Vit B2)16% of RDV122% of RDV
7Niacin (Vit B3)128% of RDV131% of RDV
8Vitamin B6 282% of RDV 130% of  RDV
9Vitamin B1285% of  RDV110% of RDV
10Caffeine 75 mg85 mg

* – Required Daily Value RDV

Red Bull Vs Monster: Which Is Better?

As you can see, both the drinks are relatively equal when it comes to caffeine content, calories, proteins, fats, and carbs. Also, an 8-ounce serving of both beverages contains slightly less caffeine than what the same amount of coffee would. Most of the carbs they contain are due to the added sugar. Furthermore, both the drinks contain a lot of Vitamin B, which is what helps with energy production in the body.

Red Bull Vs. Monster Factor 2- Ingredients

Red Bull contains caffeine, Vitamin B, taurine, and a lot of sugar. All these ingredients help in short-term energy production, thereby giving you a small energy boost. Meanwhile, Monster contains all of the elements mentioned above, along with guarana, L-carnitine, and ginseng root, which also aid in increasing energy levels. Monster also contains ‘trace amounts’ of the following ingredients:

  1. Carbonated water
  2. Glucose
  3. Citric acid
  4. Sodium Citrate
  5. Preservatives – Sorbic Acid and Benzoic Acid 

Red Bull Vs. Monster Factor 3- Quantity

Red Bull is mostly sold as 8-ounce packs, which is one serving consisting of 240 ml, whereas

Monster is also available in 16-ounce cans. These mega drinks contain 480 ml worth of liquid, acting as 2 servings. Since most people drink one can in a go, irrespective of its liquid content, a typical can of Monster provides people with twice the energy that Red Bull does due to the proportion it contains. Another difference between the two is where the manufacturers are based. Monster, like most energy drinks, is manufactured in the United States. However, Red Bull is made in Austria and sold in over 171 countries all around the world.

Red Bull Vs. Monster Factor 4- Flavors

Monster comes in the following flavors:

  • Regular Monster – Low-carb/Assault/Absolutely Zero
  • Rehab – White dragon tea/Lemonade/Peach tea/Pink lemonade/Orangeade/Raspberry tea
  • Ultra – Zero/Blue/Red/Sunrise/Citron/Black/Violet
  • Juice – Khoas/Pipeline Punch/Ripper/Mango Loco
  • Punch – Baller’s Blend/Mad Dog
  • Java – Mean Bean/Loca Mocha/Kona Blend/Irish Blend/Vanilla Lite/Salted Caramel/Espresso Espresso Monster/Caffe Monster
  • Muscle – Chocolate/Vanilla
  • Hydro – Tropical Thunder/Purple Passion/Blue Ice/Zero Sugar/Mean Green/ Manic Melon
  • Maxx – SuperDry/Eclipse/Solaris

Meanwhile, Red Bull has the following flavors: 

  • Original 
  • Sugar-free 
  • Total Zero 
  • Red 
  • Pear – Regular and Sugarfree
  • Blue
  • Tropical – Regular and Sugarfree
  • Mandarin 
  • Kiwi 
  • Coconut 
  • Peach 
  • Lime Sugar-Free
  • Acai – Regular and Sugarfree
  • Lime – Regular and Sugarfree
  • Winter Edition 

Are Energy Drinks Good For You?

All sport and Energy drinks, like Red Bull and Monster, have several drawbacks that you must take into consideration before making them a part of your day-to-day life. Here’s a look at some of the disadvantages of having too many energy drinks. 

  • Since 240 ml of such drinks provide almost the same amount of caffeine as coffee, drinking too much can lead to caffeine-related issues. Studies show that people should take only 400 mg of caffeine in a day. Therefore, in case you have 4 cans of 8-ounce drinks, you will have to deal with headaches and insomnia.
  • Certain studies have linked excessive intake of such energy drinks to abnormal cardiac rhythm and heart attack.
  • These drinks contain a lot of sugar, which means that excessive consumption can lead to obesity, dental issues, and even type 2 diabetes. Just an 8-ounce serving of Red Bull or Monster contains almost 7 teaspoons of sugar.
Red Bull Vs Monster: Which Is Better?

As we have seen, while these energy drinks may taste good, they are not suitable for your health if consumed in high amounts. Therefore, if you want to start eating healthy, then your best option would be to give up on these drinks entirely or at least strictly limit them. Furthermore, older people, caffeine-sensitive individuals, young children, and pregnant women should avoid them entirely. If you still want a head to head comparison, I guess this one is a tough call. While both the drinks are very similar when compared ounce to ounce, since the Monster has a bigger can, it tends to be more unhealthy than Red Bull. Therefore, in case you can’t do without these drinks, it would be best to stick to Red Bull, as it comes in a smaller can.

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