Sleep Shots: A Supreme Soother

Insomnia has become so rampant in the United States, which is on the verge of being treated as a public health disease. This is of much concern of late, needless to say, that big drug manufacturers, researchers, scientists, and pharmacists search high and low to get to the bottom of the issue and solve the problem. Sedatives had been one of the more important antidotes, apart from various other harmful ones. However, sleep shot has been identified as the foremost. Sleep shots are your complete sleep solution.

Sleep Shots: A Supreme Soother

What is Dream Water?

Dream water is a supplement that aids sleep was formulated through hectic research and analysis to give the best results. Dream water is found to assist anyone with sleeping difficulties to attain a good sleep for longer duration which will ultimately gain health benefits. Dream water hereinafter termed as sleep shot.

Components in Dream Water:

Dream water is a blend of three compounds such as GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid), Melatonin, and 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan).

GABA or Gamma-aminobutyric acid:

GABA is a natural amino acid that is produced in the brain. It acts as a link between the nerve cells and the brain. GABA is found to be important as it is responsible for the body’s sleeping pattern. Reduction in the GABA levels may lead to a night of disturbed sleep. It is found that the oral intake of GABA can have a positive impact on sleep.


Melatonin is a natural hormone produced in our body and it has the ability to induce sleep. It has the important role of regulating the biological clock in the body, which tells you when you should go to bed and when you should wake up. Physicians recommend the consumption of melatonin supplements as it is safe for long-term use. But melatonin is not advised to be a habit-forming drug.

5-HTP or 5 hydroxytryptophans:

5-HTP is otherwise called as oxitriptan. This particular component is found in many food items especially in turkey meat. This could be the reason why people say, turkey makes you sleepy. 5-HTP produces serotonin which influences the sleep-wake cycle along with melatonin.

Real-time Facts:

The average sleeping hours of an adult is estimated as 7 hours or above per period of 24 hours. People who sleep less than 7 hours a day are considered to have a short sleep duration.

According to a survey of nearly 4000 adults in America showed that 27% of them had trouble sleeping at night. 97% of teenagers do not get a sufficient amount of sleep at night. The reason behind the difficulty in sleeping could also be the usage of electronic devices before going to bed.

Characteristic Percentage 95% Confidence level
All Adults 35.2 (34.9-35.5)
Men 35.5 (35.1-36.0)
Women 34.8 (34.4-35.2)
18-24 32.2 (31.3-33.2)
25-34 37.9 (37.1-38.7)
35-44 38.3 (37.5-39.1)
45-54 39.0 (38.3-39.6)
55-64 35.6 (34.9-36.2)
≥65 26.3 (25.8-26.8)

Outcomes of short sleep duration:

Results of short sleep duration (less than 7 hours) would be frightening. The table shows the outcomes of having a night of poor sleep.

Short sleep (less than 7 hours) Adequate sleep (greater than 7 hours)
Chronic condition Percentage 95% Confidence level Percentage 95% Confidence level
Heart attack 4.8 (4.5-5.0) 3.4 (3.3-3.5)
Coronary heart disease 4.7 (4.5-4.9) 3.4 (3.3-3.5)
Stroke 3.6 (3.4-3.8) 2.4 (2.3-2.5)
Asthma 16.5 (16.1-16.9) 11.8 (11.5-12.0)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 8.6 (8.3-8.9) 4.7 (4.6-4.8)
Cancer 10.2 (10.0-10.5) 9.8 (9.7-10.0)
Arthritis 28.8 (28.4-29.2) 20.5 (20.2-20.7)
Depression 22.9 (22.5-23.3) 14.6 (14.4-14.8
Chronic kidney disease 33.3 (3.1-3.5) 2.2 (2.1-2.3)
Diabetes 11.1 (10.8-11.4) 8.6 (8.4-8.8)

Other surveys reveal that lack of sleep leads to road accidents. About 20% of road accidents are caused due to sleepy drivers. Inadequate sleep also affects physical and mental well-being.

Sleep Shots: A Supreme Soother

Why is Sleep Shot Recommended?

It is surprising to know that one out of ten Americans experiences chronic Insomnia. Dream water is made from natural ingredients and sometimes you would need that extra push to get you to sleep. If you have no issues concerning sleep still you can have dream water occasionally as it provides relaxation.

Benefits of Sleep Shots:

Induces sleep

GABA, Melatonin, and 5-HTP are naturally present in our system and improves sleep-wake cycles.

Provides relaxation:

Dream water relaxes your body when taken before bedtime and also governs your internal bio-clock.

Lowers anxiety:

GABA, as well as 5-HTP, contains anti-anxiety properties. It also reduces emotional stress and panic attacks.

Enhances mood:

A good sleep makes a day buoyant.

Some Drawbacks of Sleep Shots: 

Interferes with sleep cycles:

If you consume dream water in excess or even at inappropriate times, it may disturb your natural bio-cycle.


Dream water may have different impacts on each one. It may hinder you from waking up early in the morning and also causes daytime sluggishness.

Other side effects:

Some of the other side effects would include diarrhea, nausea, muscle weakness, and low appetite.

Sleep Shots: A Supreme Soother

How to Use Sleep Shots

Have sleep shots 30 minutes before sleeping. When you wake up at night have a sip of sleep shot that would take you back to sleep.

For best results 

Avoid high caffeine intake during daytime

Consumption of alcohol

Daytime sleep 

Exercise during day

Turn off the television and other devices before few hours to bed


In the case of pre-existing morbid conditions, it would be necessary to consult the doctor before going in for dream water.

Children or people below the age of 18 are not recommended to use dream water.

Stop using dream water if you notice allergic reactions.

Keep dream water refrigerated after opening one.

Dream water has fabricated a bright idea of combining all the natural products into plain water. It is indeed important for people to know what goes into their bodies. Try having this potent drink once or twice and it can be continued if you get the desired results. Nothing can stop you from a peaceful sleep. Having had a restful slumber at night keeps you ‘fit as a fiddle’ the next day.

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