Boob Hold’s Boob Tape for Fitness

One of the hottest new products on the market is boob tape. If you haven’t heard of boob tape you might be thinking, “Why would I tape my boobs!?”. That’s what we thought too until we tried it out for ourselves, and we found that it actually works. It holds no matter what, meaning you get great support all day long, and it’s light so you can wear any outfit without having to wear an actual bra. Let’s talk about the tape we tried out: Boob Hold Tape.

boob hold's boob tape for fitness

What is Boob Tape?

The whole idea behind boob tape originates from social media. Many wanted a way to support their breasts without having to wear a bra, so they began thinking about ways to do so. The solution would have to be able to hold and support large breasts while being very minimal so it could be used with almost any outfit. Pretty soon people started posting videos using duct tape and it gained popularity fairly quickly because it actually worked. Duct tape is not only extremely sticky so it could support any breast size, but it is flat, so you won’t see it through clothing. The big issue people complained about, however, is that it hurt the skin. It makes sense because duct tape is commonly used in the construction and manufacturing industries to really get things to stick. 

The team that would become Boob Hold loved the idea of using duct tape and wanted to find a way to make it friendlier to the skin while still providing great support. They worked with medical professionals to come up with Boob Tape: a tape that will provide amazing hold but is easier to put on/take off and is 100% safe. Pretty soon Boob Hold Tape took off. Here are all the benefits of Boob Hold’s medically designed tape: 

Supports A-G (DDD)

Painless to put on and take off






Fake tan friendly

boob hold's boob tape for fitness

Using Boob Tape

We tried Boob Hold Tape and to our surprise, no amount of movement, sweat, or time would get the tape to budge. So it’s safe to say that the tape works. Even taking it off was quick and painless.

We recommend trying out Boob Hold Tape if you have outfits you want to wear but can’t, or for any situation you need some support that doesn’t show. The great thing about their tape is that it’s really easy to cut and customize so it could be used with any outfit. They offer their tape in two ways – as a roll and as cutouts. If you have a unique outfit or you need to really customize your hold, then go for the tape roll. If you simply need to get hold, then go for the cutouts since you can put them on in a second. Every order also comes with nipple protectors which are specially designed to be more delicate and protect the nipples.

Working Out With Boob Hold Tape

We put Boob Hold Tape to the ultimate test. First, was a lovely HIIT session full of sweat. We thought that all the intense movements and sweating would surely cause the tape to come off or loosen the support, but to our surprise, the tape held up well. So if you need support for your workout with something that is so light and simple that it’s pretty much there, then boob tape is your answer. 

Now when we say we put Boob Hold’s Boob Tape to the test, we really put it through the ultimate fitness test. We also tested just how waterproof the tape really is by going for a swim. Still, the tape held up. The tape really is strong, which is amazing, but just be careful if you have sensitive skin to not use too much. Otherwise, this tape is amazing!

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