Best Mushroom Supplements in the Market for a Keto Diet

Mushrooms are tasty and loved by millions around the world. However, are they keto-friendly? Can you eat them without any guilt while following the keto diet? I’m sure many of you who love mushrooms have these doubts within you. Since no one wants to put their keto diet at risk by eating the wrong kinds of food, it is better to make sure of whatever you are putting inside your system. Also, many people cannot eat mushrooms because they have an allergy or hate the taste. So, what can people like that do to get the nutrients that are in plenty within mushrooms? There are a lot of mushroom supplements in the market, which can help you with regard to this issue. So, in this article, we will be looking at whether mushrooms are keto-friendly and what the best mushroom supplements in the market are!

Best Mushroom Supplements in the Market for a Keto Diet

Are Mushrooms Keto-friendly?

Mushrooms are versatile, nutritious, and delicious, being eaten by millions around the world, as they are easy to grow and cook. However, since the keto diet has specific rules regarding consumption, several items we deem healthy might not be keto-friendly. Is it the same when it comes to mushrooms or are mushrooms keto-friendly? A ketogenic diet revolves around eating low-carb foods to induce ketosis within the body, which leads to the burning of fats and reduction in weight. Let us take a look at mushrooms from this perspective, and decode all the nutrients they contain, one at a time. 

Mushrooms Nutritional Information

  1. Niacin: Reduction in the chance of heart attacks and other cardiac ailments
  2. Selenium: Defence against chronic diseases
  3. Antioxidants: Immune boosters which provide significant benefits to your skin
  4. Dietary Fiber: Helps satiate hunger and lose weight effectively
  5. Potassium: Maintain blood pressure and Minimises chance of getting kidney stones
  6. Vitamin B1: Helps nerve and muscle function, Boosts heart health
  7. Vitamin B2: Allows oxygen circulation and usage
  8. Vitamin D: Prevents cancer
  9. No cholesterol
  10. Low amounts of calories/carbs/fats/sodium

Best Mushroom Supplements in the Market for a Keto Diet

How Keto-Friendly Are Mushrooms?

So, how many calories and net carbs do mushrooms carry? Since a keto diet requires food to be low in carbs and high in other forms of nutrients, to gauge the keto-friendliness of an item, we need to know the macronutrients within it. When it comes to mushrooms, most of them contain the following amount of macros when consumed in a cup;

  • 16 calories
  • 0.2 grams of fat – Zero cholesterol
  • 4 mg sodium and 223 mg potassium
  • 2.3 grams of carbs
  • 2.2 grams of protein

While these are the statistics for raw mushrooms, we rarely eat them raw as they might have toxins in them. Therefore, when it comes to including mushrooms in your keto diet, the main question is how you cook them. The best keto-friendly ways to cook mushrooms is to gently roast them, or bake them (Portobello mushrooms). However, in case you are allergic to them or don’t like their taste, here’s a look at the best mushroom supplements in the market!

Best Mushroom Supplements in the Market for a Keto Diet

Best Mushroom Supplements

Keto-friendly Mushroom Supplement 1

Naturealm Sacred 7 Mushroom Powder – Amazon/ -$45

In case you really hate the taste of mushrooms and want a supplement that goes well with different kinds of food, then this is the one for you! The Naturealm powder contains the goodness of seven mixed mushrooms and tastes great with everything from smoothies to oatmeal. The powder is both fresh and subtle, making it easy to blend into soups and shakes, while also being extremely nutritious and healthy.

Keto-friendly Mushroom Supplement 2

Genius Supplements – Amazon/Vitaminshoppe – $22

Genius Mushrooms combines the best three medicinal mushrooms giving you a high-quality supplement that contains several essential nutrients. They use high-quality products and engage in hygienic production to create affordable supplements which are incredibly healthy. Rather than taking different supplements to get the nutrients within lion’s mane, cordyceps and reishi mushrooms, you get the best of all three using this one supplement. The Genius capsule helps with mental clarity, focus, boosts your immunity and also improves endurance. 

Keto-friendly Mushroom Supplement 3

Swanson Triple Mushroom – Amazon/Walmart/Swansons website -$12

The powerful trio of shiitake, reishi, and maitake mushrooms carry a truckload of nutrients which help in improving our immunity and reducing fatigue. The Swanson supplement made using 100% pure mushrooms brings you these nutrients at the most affordable prices. All the mushrooms they use are sourced locally, tested vicariously and then produced under direct supervision from health and food safety experts. You have the option of either taking capsules or a powder, which may be added even to a hot cup of tea. 

Keto-friendly Mushroom Supplement 4

Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane Elixir – Amazon/Vitaminshoppe/ -$30

Lion’s manes are white, large and hairy, much like an actual lion’s mane, and are bioactive as they carry a lot of nutrients. They help in improving brain function, boosting creativity and even help with bettering your focus. Using the Four Sigmatic powder can help people prevent brain fog effectively, as the powder contains 1500mg lion’s mane mushroom extract. The powder also comes with rose hips, Rhodiola, mint and stevia. It mixes easily with hot water, and tastes great when added to tea, coffee or even health shakes!

Keto-friendly Mushroom Supplement 5

New Chapter LifeShield Supplement – Amazon/ -$24

The New Chapter Supplement focuses on boosting your immunity and overall health by using a blend of different mushrooms. Their supplement is rich in reishi, shiitake, Poria and lion’s mane mushrooms, making them a great addition to your diet. The formula has been perfected to capture the powerful nutrients from the mushrooms and deliver them to our body. Furthermore, all the mushrooms they use are non-GMO verified, vegan and grown within the US.

Best Mushroom Supplements in the Market for a Keto Diet

Therefore, it is clear to see that mushrooms not only act as a superfood rich in minerals and vitamins, it also contains very few carbs. Hence, not only do they help with preventing diseases, but they also serve as great keto-friendly food. Use these mushroom supplements to ensure that your daily diet contains enough nutrients and goodness. Did we leave out your favorite mushroom supplement?

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