Everything You Need To Know About Rae Metabolism Drops

In case you haven’t heard of Metabolism Drops before, head on over to TikTok. Teenagers who use TikTok religiously will be able to tell you all about it with ease. Youngsters who use the viral-video making app were going crazy for these magic diet pills just a few weeks ago. The mania regarding these Metabolism Drops got so viral that the company making them had to step in. So, what are Rae Metabolism Drops, and why did they get so popular? Here’s a look at everything you need to know about this mystery drug, which became an internet sensation.

Everything You Need To Know About Rae Metabolism Drops

What Are the Rae Metabolism Drops?

Rae is a wellness product brand created by Angela Tebbe and Eric Carl, who served as Target executives. The product sells for $14.99 and is a holistic product that helps women take control of their health with ease. These ingestible drops supposedly help in supporting, enhancing, and promoting our body’s natural metabolism. Therefore, young girls believed that it acts as a powerful appetite suppressant and also helps with weight-loss stimulation. The company Rae has an expansive range of wellness products, including sleep aids, de-stress products, and libido boosters.

What Is All the Ruckus On Metabolism Drops About?

It all started when influencers posted several videos on TikTok, showing off all the weight-loss they had achieved by using Rae’s Metabolism Drops. Most of these videos had captions such as “Get Skinny right!” and “Let’s get skinny”. Furthermore, most of these uploaded videos had hashtags related to weight loss, such as #weightlosschallenge. Due to these viral videos, the product went into a three-month back-order on Target. 

Everything You Need To Know About Rae Metabolism Drops

Stopping Sales

Due to a large number of promotional videos and public outcry, the Rae group had to suspend all sales of their Metabolism Drops and Capsules. A day after deciding to do so, they posted a lengthy statement regarding the same on their official website. The brand stated that it took notice of the situation wherein teenage girls were abusing their product and promoting it on TikTok. They claimed that while their product was completely safe, taking more than the prescribed amount was not recommended. Rae stated that several TikTok videos promoted misuse of their product by declaring it as a miracle weight-loss drug. All of Rae’s products are marketed and manufactured for women above the age of eighteen. Therefore, the company decided to back down and take its products off sale due to this viral internet trend.

Everything You Need To Know About Rae Metabolism Drops

Are There Hidden Safety Concerns?

Rae stressed on the fact that their drops are perfectly safe and have no safety concerns whatsoever. The stated that the move to take the product off market shelves was made because it was the ethical thing to do. The company said that it aimed to promote body positivity and focused on the wellbeing of all women around the world. However, this message seems to be falling on deaf years, as teenagers hoarded on these dips, in a bid to lose weight. Several young girls claimed that taking the drops made them stop craving for sweets and helped them feel less bloated. Also, it is interesting to note that none of the company’s products, whether they are drops, capsules, or boosters, are approved by the American FDA. The Food and Drug Administration helps in enforcing excellent and safe standards for eatables and drugs in the United States. However, the company’s spokesperson pointed out that the FDA does not test or approve any dietary supplement, according to the law.

Keeping Things Clear

The brand emphasized that it followed the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices and that all their products are tested for composition, purity, and strength. Furthermore, the company made it clear that they also ran tests for heavy metals, allergens, contaminants, and gluten. However, social media and psychology experts believe that the biggest problem here is that young girls feel like they need to lose weight by any means to be attractive. Critics pointed out that this was what needed to change. Until recently, most people had felt that TikTok was a safe space for teenagers and kids. But such revelations have made experts second-guess just how reliable TikTok is for its young audience. Also, it was bizarre that almost all the captions, hashtags, and comments on these videos felt the same. Most of them revolved around the same themes, and several people felt like they were copy-written. 

Does It Have Any Medical Backing?

Nutritional Therapist Lucy Sommer believes that the fact they have no FDA approval comes across as a huge red flag. She says that while the brand seems to focus on being honest and helpful, none of the claims they make have been validated. The company also does not bring forth any reports, studies, or evidence that backs their claims. They also do not talk about whether they source their ingredients. Furthermore, these metabolism drops do not seem to have any medical backing, as they have not provided any, as of now. None of the primary ingredients that make up these metabolism drops have an impact on human metabolism. While the component Raspberry ketones had become popular earlier as people claimed it could enhance ketosis, no studies were produced to back this claim. 

Everything You Need To Know About Rae Metabolism Drops

What Does the Rae Metabolism Drop Contain?

The primary ingredients of these metabolism drops are raspberry ketones, caffeine, and taurine. However, the company’s product page does not list caffeine anywhere. The drips contain 

5mg caffeine. Also, while the company claims that the drops contain ‘pure’ formulations, raspberry ketones synthetic products! Caffeine can help you improve your metabolism initially, but your body soon gets used to it, making it an ineffective long-term solution. 

Company Stays Clear 

However, it is also interesting that the company never mentioned that the drops should be used for weight-loss. Instead, the company had used the words ‘food fuel’ to tag this product, and have also stated that they do not advertise on TikTok. In many ways, it seems like these young women got the idea that the product could help them lose weight from somewhere else. Anyway, this sudden online trend has kick-started a debate on women’s body image issues all over again. Several experts have called out this incident as proof that young women fail to accept and feel good in their own skin. Furthermore, Rae’s decision to pull their products from the line when they were becoming so popular is a commendable step that shows that the brand does, in fact, care for women around the world. 

Everything You Need To Know About Rae Metabolism Drops

Due to the large-scale use of social media, young girls seem to have got the notion that they need to lose weight anyhow. While losing weight might be beneficial to your health, it is something that must be done right. Eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water, and exercising are the ways to lose weight healthily. Rather than looking for short-cuts like these, young girls should focus on exercising and eating healthily. In case you do want to get healthier and fitter, switch to sustainable methods such as keto dieting and HIIT exercising, rather than going after such products!

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