Best Resistance Band Reviews To Help You Pick

Resistance bands work well for just about anyone. Whether you are trying to build muscle, recover from an injury, or improve your strength training routine, they can help. Furthermore, since they are so portable, they also help you exercise on the go! They provide a tonne of benefits and have quickly become the darling of the fitness industry. However, such substantial success has also led to them becoming a very competitive product. With so many brands now making these bands, how do you choose the right one for yourself? Here are the best resistance band reviews to help you pick the right one for yourself!

What Is a Resistance Band?

Resistance bands are taking over the world due to the large number of benefits they provide. They are a kind of fitness equipment used to stretch muscles and improve strength training exercises. These bands, made from elastic materials, extend and expand as you apply force. Therefore, they work as resistance training equipment, helping you work and tone different muscle sets and groups. Furthermore, to use them effectively, your core muscles need to help with stabilization, which ends up making it a full-body workout. They are incredibly affordable, making them a feasible, versatile, and convenient option for people who want to get fit again. 

Best Resistance Band Reviews To Help You Pick

Benefits of Resistance Bands

  • Perfect if you are looking for a cost-effective workout solution
  • Extremely versatile
  • Adapts easily to requirements of people from different fitness levels
  • Helps modify simple and familiar exercise regimes
  • Essential if you are looking for a full-body workout
  • Makes it possible for you to save up significantly on storage space
  • As they are portable, they are perfect for exercising on the road
  • Helps you make mundane, regular exercises more exciting and fun 
  • Makes exercising safer and less injury-prone
  • Goes well with other types of exercise equipment
  • Helps you build an effective workout regime or routine 
Best Resistance Band Reviews To Help You Pick

How To Choose the Right Resistance Band

  • If you are a beginner, then start out with a standard elastic, flat band.
  • Go for lighter resistance bands in the early stages, as they help you do your exercises more comfortably.
  • As you get used to incorporating the band in various exercises you do, you can opt for higher resistance bands.
  • As you progress through the stages, you should go for thicker bands, or even combination bands, which help you attach numerous bands to form a thicker band.
  • Once you have gotten the hang of them, you can move on to more specialized bands such as Form 8, mobility, and power bands.
  • Pick the bands that help you work out specific core groups, such as arms, legs, back, and shoulder, depending on your need.
Best Resistance Band Reviews To Help You Pick

Who Should Get a Resistance Band

  1. People who want to improve their form.
  2. Individuals who want to gain muscle.
  3. People looking to improve their strength and resistance training routines.
  4. Anyone who wishes to lose weight
  5. Individuals who are recovering from a physical/muscular injury
  6. Older adults who want to try to stay fit
  7. Pregnant women trying to stay active
  8. Individuals who wish to do a full-body circuit at home
  9. Athletes preparing their body for an event

Best Resistance Band Reviews

Resistance Band Review 1

Bodylastics Stackable Resistance Bands

A great kit for people of all ages and sizes, this five-band kit is a convenient tool for strength training. Furthermore, to improve the process, these bands have an inner rope to help improve safety and act as a reinforcement. Available on Amazon, these Bodylastics bands prevent overstretching, which leads to band breakage. Furthermore, since they come as a pack of five, you can progress through the levels and make your exercise routines more robust as you go. The kit is also of a higher quality when compared to competitors, making them perfect for both beginners and experts. 

Best Resistance Band Reviews To Help You Pick

Resistance Band Review 2

GoFit ProGym Extreme

This is a reliable four-band kit that is very well-made. The GoFit bands are made using tube-enforcing cords, which help make them very durable. Also, they come with an excellent instruction manual and handy storage bag, which makes traveling with them super-easy! Furthermore, when combined, the bands can total to 140 pounds, allowing even serious trainers to work up a sweat. The design also comes with two sturdy door anchors, and that helps in reducing time wasted moving anchors between exercises. 

Resistance Band Review 3

Resistance Band Training Economy Package

This package contains 4 bands, attached handles, and one anchor making it perfect for frequent users who see these bands as their primary tool. Most trainers end up using this kit as it comes with superbands that have 2 different resistance levels, each. Also, these bands are very well-made, meaning they are longer-lasting than most of their competitors. If that wasn’t enough, the versatile anchor which works in both doorjamb or looped conditions makes it possible to train indoors and outdoors. They provide more resistance than most tubes, and with enough stacking can make excellent exercise for even expert trainers.

Resistance Band Review 4

Serious Steel Resistance, and Stretch Bands

These bands do very well as assisted pull-ups strengtheners, and they come at an affordable price. Available on Amazon, these bands are latex loops, rather than molded tubes. Also, the pack contains superbands which offer resistance from 5 to 120 pounds. This helps them work as both a resistance training unit and also for assisted pull-up progressions. While the set does not contain a manual, its website has a full PDF that provides all the instructions you require. 

Resistance Band Review 5

Perform Better Mini Bands

The set that works best for the elderly and people trying to rehabilitate their muscles, this small set can be yours for just $25. Smaller than most mini bands at only 10 inches, these bands provide the right amount of tension and resistance. They work well for exercises that require the bands to be around both legs at the same time. Due to their shorter length, these bands feel snug around your legs, helping you strengthen your legs with ease.

Best Resistance Band Reviews To Help You Pick

These great bands can be used to strengthen your upper body, core, legs, or even shoulders. They are so versatile because they can be used to engage almost every major muscle group in your body. Due to their elastic nature, they help activate and tone muscles, which makes them more durable. Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells, and free weights, they do not rely on gravity, so they utilize every muscle group throughout the motion of the exercise. Studies have shown that regular use of resistance bands can help improve stability, mobility, balance, and strength training. Therefore, make use of this guide to choose the right resistance band for yourself and start working on those muscles!

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