Is Fat Snax Keto-friendly?

One of the drawbacks of following the keto diet is that you are sometimes left with intense cravings for sweets. However, since the diet is strict and restricts your carb and sugar intake, you don’t get to fulfill these cravings. But, what if there was some way to have the cookie and eat it too? That might literally be possible, thanks to a keto-friendly cookie company that goes by the name Fat Snax! So, are Fat Snax cookies keto-friendly? Can you have Fat Snax to satiate your sweet cravings while on a keto diet? Here’s an in-depth look into whether these low carb cookies will help you get over your lust for sugar! 

Is Fat Snax Keto-friendly?

Craving For Sweets

Though you might go on a detox before the keto diet, your body will still crave for sweets and carbs. This is painfully true if you followed a sugar-laden and heavy carb diet before. Your body cannot switch to a diet without these things very quickly. Therefore, you will feel sudden pangs of cravings for sweets and carb-heavy foodstuff once in a while. While it is easy to say you need to avoid these, that isn’t very easy to do. In fact, these cravings are responsible for most people getting kicked out of ketosis, and ultimately out of the keto diet. Therefore, you need to have a system to deal with these cravings. Most people make their own versions of desserts and turn them keto-friendly to enjoy when they feel like it. The newest addition to this market of low-carb keto products is a cookie line named Fat Snax. The company claims that their cookies are keto-friendly, and packed with healthy ingredients you don’t have to feel guilty eating. So, are Fat Snax cookies actually keto-friendly?

Something About Fat Snax

Jess Frese, who serves as the CEO of Fat Snax, says he got the idea for the company after realizing there weren’t enough keto-friendly products out there. He created his own cookie recipe, saw it was a hit with friends, and then decided to start Fat Snax. The cookies themselves are available in four varieties, namely, Choco-chip, Lemon, Double chocolate, and peanut butter. All their cookies are gluten-free, sugar-free, grain-free, paleo-friendly, and low-carb.


Nutrient Profile of Fat Snax Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sl No Nutrient Value
1 Calories 90 kcal
2 Total Fat 8 grams
3 Fiber (Fiber + Sugar Alcohol) 5 (2 + 3) grams 
4 Net Carbs 2 grams
5 Protein 2 grams


The Fat Snax cookies seem keto-friendly from a macronutrient perspective as each serving contains just 2 net carbs. Also, to help make the cookies more filling, they have up to 8 grams of fat in them.

Is Fat Snax Keto-friendly?

How do Sugar Alcohols Work?

As you can see in the profile, the total carbs add up to 7 carbs. However, the net carbs come up to just 2 grams due to the fiber content in it. Additionally, you can see that the cookie contains 3 grams of sugar alcohol. While they contribute to the total carbs, these are not absorbed by the body. Therefore, they do not add to the body’s carb consumption, as they pass through without getting absorbed. This makes them suitable for keto dieters, as it helps make the macronutrient profile of the cookie fall under the keto section. 


Are the Ingredients in Fat Snax Really Keto?

While having the right macronutrient ratio is essential for an item to be keto-friendly, we have to delve into the ingredients to know if everything is healthy. To be really keto-friendly, the components need to be high-quality, natural, promote blood sugar balance, and be non-toxic.


High-Quality ingredients are hard to find nowadays, as most companies source the cheapest and most readily available ingredients. Therefore, consumers have to be careful and check the ingredient list to ensure that all the ingredients used are reliable, healthy, and safe. Also, certain products might contain ingredients that cause issues for you personally. Therefore, checking the labels before buying will help prevent allergic reactions and triggering other sensitivities. Also, for some people, substances like sugar alcohols cause a spike in blood sugar levels, which is not advisable. Make sure you test the product out before buying in bulk to ensure it does not cause issues like that.


Stevia is a natural sugar substitute that comes from plants. It is used heavily in the making of keto-friendly desserts. It helps prevent the surge of blood sugar levels, while also improving insulin response, making it a great ingredient. If that wasn’t enough, it also contains antioxidants that help in fighting oxidative stress.

Erythritol is another commonly used keto-sugar-alternative that has several benefits. One of the significant advantages of this substitute is that it is not absorbed by the gut, leading to fewer carb consumption. However, the drawback here is that in some people, it causes digestive issues, such as gas, bloating, indigestion, and diarrhea. The same can be said about Xylitol, which is also a sugar alcohol like Erythritol.

Is Fat Snax Keto-friendly?

Almond flour is preferred over wheat flour by Fat Snax as it is more keto-friendly, due to its lower carb content. This is an excellent ingredient for a keto-friendly product as it is low in carbs and also gluten-free. To ensure that the cookies are light, crunchy, and taste delicious, they mix almond flour with another keto-favorite coconut flour. While coconut flour has higher carb content than almond flour, it provides a sweet after taste and also helps resemble the consistency of wheat flour dough. When combined, the flours mix well together and create a batter that resembles wheat flour with regards to density, moisture content, and consistency. Furthermore, the flours are rich in magnesium and Vitamin E, which help with protein synthesis and prevent oxidative stress. 

The only issue here might be that Fat Snax uses regular butter and not natural, grass-fed butter, which is what keto dieters prefer. All in all, the cookies contain many great keto-friendly ingredients that come together to create something healthy and delicious! Therefore, the next time you want a treat or just let loose, without getting yourself kicked out of ketosis, you can occasionally turn to Fat Snax. However, to get their results and nutritional profile, they use a serving size that is much lower than what is used by KNOW, Nui, and Quest. Therefore, while they are relatively low carb, Nui cookies and KNOW cookies seem to be more keto-friendly than them. So, do research the market and try these in small quantities whenever you feel like you are about to have a craving. 

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