Best Slimming Teas in the Market to Help your Keto Diet

Many of us love to have tea during the day, as it soothes our soul and also helps us relax. However, when starting a new diet, how many of us can afford to have tea. A lot of studies nowadays talk about the ill-effects of sweet beverages. So, does tea help with weight loss, or does it contribute to weight gain? You should look for these answers before indulging yourself with tea. However, it might surprise you that there are hundreds of different kinds of tea, and so the answer might not be straightforward. Nonetheless, this article will take a look at different teas, find the best slimming teas among them, and see whether the tea is, in fact, keto-friendly. 

Best Slimming Teas in the Market to Help your Keto Diet

Is Tea Keto-friendly?

The Keto diet works by forcing the body to enter ketosis, wherein it starts to use stored fat as fuel, instead of relying on the sugars and carbs you consume daily. To do so, individuals must control and limit their carb intake. Such a low-carb, high-fat and high-protein diet helps people lose weight, control their Type 2 diabetes and maintain a healthier body. For an average individual following the keto diet, every day can only have 50 grams of carbs totally, and to do so, they must significantly limit their sugar intake.

In case you are planning on starting on a keto diet, you need to chalk out everything you will allow yourself to eat and drink. When planning your diet plan in that way, you need to also list out all the beverages you are allowed to drink. So, is tea really keto-friendly, or does it contribute to weight gain? Studies show that loose leaf tea helps in improving your energy and increasing lean body mass. However, there are certain types of tea that work against the keto diet and hence, need to be avoided. 

Which Types of Tea are Keto-Friendly?

While on a keto diet, you will need to avoid the following kinds of tea;

  1. Ready-to-drink versions which are high in sugar
  2. Instant teas which contain carbs in the form of added sugars
  3. Regular milk teas 
  4. Bubble tea and the Tarik
  5. Commercial iced teas which contain sugar
  6. Flavored teas containing added sugar
  7. Regular English tea with milk and sugar

Best Slimming Teas in the Market to Help your Keto Diet

Best Slimming Teas

However, one of the best types of tea that you can enjoy while on a keto diet is green tea. Considered a great option when trying to lose weight, green tea helps induce muscle loss and prevent oxidative stress. As green tea contains a lot of antioxidants, it helps in preventing cell and tissue damage effectively. Furthermore, when people who exercise regularly consume green tea, they tend to increase their lean muscle. Since a cup of unsweetened green tea contains just 2 calories, it is a great keto option for tea-lovers.

Benefits of Green Tea

  1. Contains flavonoids that improve the metabolic rate
  2. Increases fat oxidation and insulin activity
  3. Boosts energy in a healthy way
  4. Improves digestion

  • Another great option is to make a keto smoothie for your breakfast containing powdered green tea, protein supplement and raw spinach. A glass of this healthy smoothie will contain only 4 grams of carbs while being rich in antioxidants and other nutrients. 
  • Chai tea can also be made keto-friendly if you choose to make it using unsweetened almond milk which contains no sugars or carbs. Also, make sure you always replace sugar with natural sugar replacements such as stevia to make your brew healthier and more keto-friendly. 
  • Puerh tea, which is a kind of Chinese black tea is another excellent option in case you are on the keto diet. The Puerh tea is fermented and is usually drunk after a meal to help digest the meal faster. With a pleasant earthy smell and texture, this tea helps in lowering blood sugar and enhances weight loss.
Best Slimming Teas in the Market to Help your Keto Diet

  • Black tea undergoes more oxidation than green or white teas due to their exposure to the air. Some of the most popular variants of Black Tea are the Earl Grey and English Breakfast, both of which are tremendously popular in the UK. Several studies show that black tea is useful when it comes to weight control and helps with reducing the waistline. 
  • Oolong Tea, which is traditionally Chinese, has a fruity aroma and helps in weight loss by promoting the burning of fat by the body. This helps in improving the body’s metabolism and also makes the Oolong a keto diet favorite. 

Best Slimming Teas on the Market

Keto-friendly Slimming Tea 1

Dr Zisman Bundle

The Zisman Tea bundle not only tastes good but also helps significantly with burning off excess fat, helping you attain a slimmer, healthier body. The Harvard-trained endocrinologist has come out with the perfect combination of herbs which helps with improving your metabolism. The tea contains goji berries which are rich in antioxidants, and the ginger in it also helps with improving digestion. Peppermint leaves help with removing muscle pains and also gives the tea a pleasant, fresh, lemony taste.

Best Slimming Teas in the Market to Help your Keto Diet

Keto-friendly Slimming Tea 2

310 Nutrition Organic Green Tea 

The 310 Detox Tea contains 28 servings of delicious organic green tea containing natural herbs, which help in detoxing the body. This slimming detox tea enables you to stay on a clean diet and promotes a healthy lifestyle by using natural herbs. This concoction contains Yerba Mate, Oolong Wu Yi, Organic Rooibos, pomegranate, ginger, and Organic Green tea

Keto-friendly Slimming Tea 3

Teami 30-Day Detox Tea Pack  

The Teami 30 is a perfect slimming tea for people on the keto diet and looking to lose weight. The tea helps with resetting your body by washing away unnecessary toxins which may have accumulated within your body. Furthermore, this pack is easy to use and requires no special preparation or brew. The package comes with a calendar that helps you track your progress along the month. The tea not only enables you to clean your system but also tastes and smells great, providing you with natural energy for the day!

Keto-friendly Slimming Tea 4

Aver Tea 14 Day Program 

Aver Tea works as a detox and slimming agent at the same time. When taken for 14 days and nights, this formula brings you quick results. It contains different types of organic herbal ingredients that help in removing toxins, boosting your immunity while also getting rid off bloating.

Best Slimming Teas in the Market to Help your Keto Diet

Make use of these great brews to slim down and improve your metabolism. As you can see, the right kind of tea can do wonders for your body. So invest in these best slimming teas to walk towards a better, healthier lifestyle!

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