What’s the Best Safety Squat Bar On the Market?

More people than ever before are now taking fitness seriously. Since everyone wants to maintain a good body and stay fit, they are looking for equipment to help them do so. A lot of people are not able to join gyms due to the monthly cost, time constraints, or even the distance. Therefore, more and more Americans are now setting up their own miniature gyms at home. But before you go out there and make a purchase, you need to be sure that what you are buying is high-quality stuff. So what is the best safety squat bar on the market right now? Here’s a look at the best safety squat bars, and why you need to get one yourself!

What's the Best Safety Squat Bar On the Market?

What Is a Safety Squat Bar?

The safety squat bar is a revolution in the squatting and lifting industry. Do you know why? The device primarily works the way an exclusive barbell would by keeping your elbows, shoulders, and wrists safe and healthy. It is a popular training tool that can help you improve the quality of your exercise routines and regimes. Commonly known as an SSB, they help relieve the pain felt in the shoulders, wrists, and elbows while squatting. Such pain is relatively common for people who lift on a competitive basis, with most powerlifters and athletes developing it. Reduced mobility, form, and technique are significant reasons for this pain, which also emerges due to undue pressure on the upper body. 

Why Use a Safety Squat Bar?

The safety squat bar mainly works like a regular barbell but has a cambered design and pads to help support the bar. This leads to the lifter having to raise the load at a different angle and position, which leads to a different posture, taking away the stress from the upper body. While avoiding injury was the main reason for using the squat bar, over time, it has found a legion of fans for various reasons. 

Helps in reducing the stress felt by your shoulders

Makes squatting easier, more effective and less injury-causing 

Helps in strengthening the upper back

Increases postural and a more dominant squad activation

Extremely versatile to use

Improves exercise variety

Best Safety Squat Bars Out There

Best Safety Squat Bar 1

Rogue SB-1 Safety Squat Bar

When it comes to fitness equipment and home workout machines, Rogue is a pretty big name. The industry giant is most closely associated with the CrossFit brand and manufactures and sells its products around the US. The SB-1 is a great, robust, well-put-together squat bar that has an exceptional finish. It is also very durable and long-lasting, thanks to its Cerakote finish, which works well even under unconventional climates. The entire machine weighs around 70 pounds and can fit in your garage with ease. The pads are well-stitched, and the holding system seems well-wearing and durable. Also, since it is a reliable brand, you can buy this high-quality device without any worries, if you can afford it, as it is a little expensive. 

What's the Best Safety Squat Bar On the Market?

Best Safety Squat Bar 2

EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar

When compared to Rogue’s SB-1, the Elite Yoke Bar is considerably lighter, weighing 65 pounds. However, it comes with the same high-quality, thanks to Dave Tate, who is the legend who popularised yoke bars in the first place. He was involved in designing and creating this bar; hence, it is of superior quality compared to others. The product comes with dense supporting pads that help in improving the machine’s durability. The angles, dimensions, weights, and long-term performance of the bar are also fantastic. Here as well, the only major issue is the cost, as these bars are a little more expensive than their competitors, but in all fairness, this is due to their high-quality and brand name. 

Best Safety Squat Bar 3

Ader Safety Squat Bar

The bar offers two options, 1000lbs bar, and 1500lbs options. The Ader bar is a lot like the FTS bar in many ways and provides a lot more range when it comes to loading and lifting. Loading is made difficult due to the holding cuffs, which are slanted and not horizontal. The more weight you add, the higher the flex, which makes lifting a lot more complicated. Some of the pads also get deformed and asymmetrical after prolonged usage, and therefore, durability is definitely a problem here. Since it is as expensive as the FTS, it makes more sense to purchase the FTS for its superior design quality and overall reputation.

Best Safety Squat Bar 4

TDS Safety Squat Bar

The TDS bar is a lot better than the Titan bar, as it has a maximum capacity of 1000lbs, and is also a lot sturdier. It is a more heavy-duty model, built more robustly, and therefore, it produces minimal flexing. However, with better build quality comes higher prices, and hence, this model is comparable in price to the Rogue and EFT bars. Also, this bar has a new design that offers spinning cuffs, and also the plates spin freely. However, a significant issue here has been the lower quality of the cuffs, which aren’t very durable. Since it is as pricey as Rogue and EFT, if you do have this much to spend, it would be wiser to do so on the other models as they have higher build quality. 

Best Safety Squat Bar 5

Titan Fitness Safety Squat Bar

Considered the best economy version on this list, this squat bar will help make the equipment accessible to homes around the US. However, the bar does not have the same quality and standards as the rest of its competitors. The bar can go up to a maximum of 700 pounds, which is quite low for a safety squat bar. The design is also a lot lighter, with the machine weighing only 45 pounds. The handle position is a little uncomfortable; flexing at lower weights is an issue, and the overall construction quality isn’t too high. However, if you are a beginner looking for some starter equipment to set up a basic home gym, this might be the economy machine you have been looking for. 

As heavy lifting leads to pain in the shoulders and upper body, such a safety squat bar becomes a necessity. As we already saw, these bars help not only remove the chance for injury but also make it more efficient to strengthen your back. Use this guide to pick out the best safety squat bar for yourself, and start squatting without a care in the world!

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