A Guide to Weight Loss for Women Over 60

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There are a lot of ways to lose weight, like proper exercise and diet. Numerous weight loss programs are being introduced by weight management trainers so you could have a lot of options that would fit your lifestyle. But, what if you’re over 60 years old where losing weight is kind of next to impossible due to some factors? Let’s take a look at these factors hindering women to lose weight and some suggested programs for weight loss for women over 60. After reading this, you might want to try one of these weight loss programs, so you’ll never worry about the difficulties of losing weight anymore. Studies have found the Modern Fit system to be the most effective and realistic when it comes losing weight and keeping it off.

Why losing weight is hard for women when they’re over 60 years old?

Losing weight starts to get difficult when you’re way over past your prime age — some say it’s around the ages of 25-30 while some say around the ages of 35-50, how much more if you’re over 60 years old? That’s when everything slows down. As you age, you’re not producing enough hormones, hence your metabolism slows down, which makes it harder to lose weight.

Menopause transition also contributes to weight loss difficulties among women. In addition to that, since women in their 60’s are already in their retirement stage, they have more time for everything, including socializing with their friends, which entails frequent dinners outside that will also contribute to weight loss difficulties.

There are other factors that contribute to weight loss difficulties among women over 60, but you don’t have to worry because even if it seems impossible, there are some proven ways to help you with your weight dilemma so you could still be in good shape while enjoying the perks for your age.

A Few Tips for Weight Loss for Women Over 60

Strength Training

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Usually, cardio exercises like elliptical and treadmills are the most common exercises that women over 60, even most adults, do to keep their body in shape. However, they forgot about an exercise called resistance training or commonly known as strength training.

The aging process slows down our metabolism because of muscle loss; thereby, contributing to weight gain. We can stop this by doing strength training because this makes us use some weights, or even our body weight, to build our muscles. It will then strengthen our muscle fibers, ligaments, and bones, which can help with weight loss.
Aside from shedding some unnecessary fats, strength training has other benefits like having a better balance and agility, low injury risk, better coordination, and higher energy levels.

While machines at the gym can be helpful to do your strength training, free weights are better according to Idea Fitness Trainer of the Year, Carol Michaels, since you can also do this training at home or at the gym, whichever you prefer. Carol suggested that you can do strength training even for only twice a week, repeating it 5-10 times every session. But, if you’re still unsure of what to do, you can call your personal trainer to help you with the process.

Watch Out for those Sugars and Carbs

Due to your age, your blood sugar increases due to resistance in insulin, sugary food to avoid for women over 60 to lose weightwhich leads to some diseases and, eventually, weight gain. This is where carbohydrate reduction should be observed. When you lower your carbohydrate intake, your blood sugar will also decrease, thus making it easier for you to lose some weight.

Recently, Keto Diet is gaining more popularity for people wanting to shed some extra fat as quickly as ever. Keto Diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet. It is a diet plan consisting of 80% fat and very little amount of carbohydrates or even none. You can try this diet plan; however, you should consult your doctor first for some medical advice as our body has different acceptance rate when it comes to food, exercises, and dieting.

If You’re Stressed, Do Yoga Instead

Some people resort to emotional eating especially when they’re stressed. And, women over 60 is not an exception. Instead of going to your fridge for some cake or ice cream, try to relax and meditate. The best way to do that is through yoga. It doesn’t just relieve your stress, but it also helps improve your balance and mental coordination.

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Final Note

There are other ways to lose weight if you’re over 60, you just need to have the proper discipline, a sound mind, and determination to do it. And, of course, always have a happy disposition in life to make your weight loss journey easier.

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