Marine Collagen: The Seas are a Vast Provider

Skin is your best accessory. Many people run behind doctors, drugs, and devices to find the secrets behind healthy skin. Even when you snap a selfie you would wish to have smooth, good-looking skin. A wide range of all beauty products is available today at your doorsteps. But, will you be able to find something that would excel your natural beauty? If you are a person cautious about your beauty and stays connected with the beauty trends, you would have come across marine collagen. 

Marine Collagen: The Seas are a Vast Provider

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a fibrous protein that is responsible for the structure of the skin, elasticity and improves overall skin health. Different types of collagen are discovered in our anatomy. 

Type I      Skin, tendons, bones, ligaments, teeth, and some connective tissues.

Type II    Cartilage and Eyes

Type III    Skin, muscles, and blood vessels

Type VI    Under layers of skin

Type V    Surface cells, hair, and placenta

This reveals that most of the collagen found in the human body belongs to Type I and III. 

As age increases the existing collagen disintegrates, and the capability of producing new collagen declines. A person who has low collagen levels in their body is at a risk to many health issues. Researchers have proved that the addition of collagen in your diet would reverse this process. 

Sources of Collagen:

There are various sources of collagen, 

  • Bovine (cows), 
  • Marine (fish), 
  • Poultry (chicken), 
  • Porcine (pigs).

Most commonly, collagen supplements come from bovine, poultry, and porcine which are readily available, and are the cheapest option. But the reason that they are not preferred is that it is not a hygienic source of collagen. Land mammals are more likely to contain more contaminants than other sources. It is important to make sure that the collagen substance is clean before it enters your body. Marine collagen would be a better option, and it is preferred more than the others. Some fishes have a pure form of collagen in them with the best amino acid composition and properties.

Marine Collagen:

Type I collagen is the most abundantly found collagen in the human body and it is available through marine collagen.  It is efficiently absorbed by the body because fish collagen contains smaller pieces of proteins compared to the other sources. Marine collagen is a non-vegetarian ingredient. Marine collagen is derived from the fish skin and scales, crustaceans and other sea living creatures. Parts of the fish that are normally thrown away are used for extracting collagen and hence, it is environmentally friendly. 

Why is Marine Collagen Special?

Plenty of collagen supplements are ready for use in the market today. It would be mind-boggling to choose one. Marine collagen would be the right choice for many reasons. Marine collagen can readily dissolve in water, which makes it easy to dissolve it in your favorite beverage too. Marine collagen can be absorbed very fast in comparison with others since it has got very few contaminants. The digestion of marine collagen is easy and is distributed to the entire system. It gets in through your blood-stream rapidly and helps you to reap all the benefits. That’s why it is called the beauty booster. Marine collagen helps your cells to renew and repair itself. 

Why Would you Opt for Marine Collagen

Marine collagen is more viable when compared to other forms of collagen. The points that favor marine collagen will be as follows:-

  • Builds strength to your bones: Marine collagen helps the bone to absorb calcium and other minerals more effectively, which are instrumental in building your bone strength.
  • Maintains sugar level: People who have type 2 diabetes are advised to take marine collagen in their diet as it increases the level of glycine in their blood. Thus reducing sugar level considerably. 
  • Heals wounds and reduces scars: The dermal matrix of the skin contains collagen, which is responsible for the regeneration of skin after an injury or malformation such as scars, rashes, and burns.
  • Reduces inflammation: With its smooth structure, collagen makes it easy to move without pain. So it is able to reduce the pain caused in the joints, due to aging or other factors. 
  • Antibacterial Properties: Recent researches have proved that marine collagen has antibacterial properties. A particular collagen peptide, collagencin is found to be active against harmful bacteria and suppresses its growth.
  • Weight management: Marine collagen is available as a pure protein source and does not contain any carbs, sugar, or fat. Therefore, it would even help you suppress your appetite, by keeping you satiated longer, and consequently helps to promote weight loss.
  • Improve mineral bone density: Both collagen and Mineral Bone Density decreases due to age. Collagen has a positive impact on your bones as it significantly increases the organic content, promoting an increase in Mineral Bone Density (MBD).
  • UV protection: Since marine collagen has amino acids like proline, glycine, etc., it behaves as a protective coating and prevents the skin from UV radiations of the sun.

Cons of Marine Collagen:

  • Marine collagen has got an unpleasant odor.
  • Gastrointestinal issues.
  • Expenses in manufacturing marine collagen supplements are high.
  • Dearth in availability.
  • It cannot be fully dependent as it is inconsistent.

Is Marine Collagen Safe?

Most of you would think twice before using a product which is obtained from underwater sources, as they may be contaminated with chemicals like mercury and other toxic substances. Fortunately, mercury deposits are found in the fat of the fish, whereas collagen is taken from its proteins. If you are still not satisfied with your marine supplements, search for quality products in the market, and ensure that they are free from contaminants. 

Marine Collagen: The Seas are a Vast Provider

Skincare is indeed important but, chemicals in the cosmetics you use can lead you to serious health issues including cancer. Increased awareness is prevalent nowadays, that what you put on your body is equally important as to what goes into your body. Marine collagen is an expert in keeping your skin hydrated and also reduces wrinkles in your skin. Marine collagen makes you look younger and helps to restore collagen levels.

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