Quick Fat Loss Rules to Live By

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Reducing your weight and cutting down the body’s extra fat is not an easy thing to do. A person needs patience, determination, and perseverance in order to be successful in any weight loss program. This is because it takes time to achieve the desired and targeted results that you want in your weight loss journey. And, with several temptations that surround us regarding our food intake, one has to be extra careful and disciplined if he wants to get rid of those extra fats.

Cutting down your weight may take time, but there are many things that can be done to at least make it quick. These are rules that you can incorporate with your weight-loss program that will help for a quick fat loss result. Please read down below to know more about the five essential rules for quick fat loss.

  1. Burning more calories compared to what you have consumed is important.

This is a simple rule that you can easily follow for a quick fat loss. When you burn more calories compared to what you have eaten, you’ll quickly lose that extra fat. There are many people who are still underestimating this rule, but this is quite effective and has been proven several times. It is much better to track your food intake by keeping a journal. From there, you will have an idea of how much calories you eat and the amount of effort and work to get rid of those extra fats.

  1. Focus on eating more protein.

Foods that are high of protein are the most important part of your fat loss journey. This is because these kinds of foods keep you from being full, thus preventing unnecessary overeating and useless snacking during the middle of the day. Secondly, these protein-rich foods also help in boosting your body’s calorie-burning ability as protein needs more energy to digest compared to fats or carbohydrates.

Protein also prevents muscle loss during training as it normally happens when you suddenly cut calories.  Eating a gram of protein daily per pound of your body will do the trick. It can be found on different sources such as eggs, fish, lean meat, and even protein powders.

  1. Eating healthy fats is also essential.

It is a fact that not all fats are bad to your body and will just go directly to your belly and waistline. Fats from animals, coconut oil, real butter, avocados, and nuts can help in reducing hunger and maintaining the body’s optimal testosterone production.

It is much better to eat healthier fats and avoid eating more sugar that will increase blood sugar and insulin levels. This will result in more fats being stored in your body that will likely make a bad impact on your health. Avoid consuming artificial fats which have been the cause of major health issues such as heart disease. Instead, get your calories from good sources such as eating healthy fats.

  1. Make your body strong.

There is a wrong belief that doing cardio exercise is the fastest way for a quick weight loss. Yes, doing cardio can help you burn calories, but it does not help in building muscles under your fats. Doing cardio most of the time can also result in the deficit of your calories which means you will be weaker and will lose more muscles.

Lifting heavy weights and making your body strong is still a requirement even if you are undergoing a weight loss program. It will help in maintaining and even adding your muscle mass, thus improving the composition of your body. A weekly training of big exercises like deadlifts, squats, and presses can help you in losing weight quickly.

  1. Be sure to sleep at least 7 hours a night.

This is all about going back to the basic. Lack of sleep will increase the levels of the stress hormone called cortisone, thus causing more fat storage to the body. Recent studies in Japan also revealed that sleeping less than the required amount a day resulted in higher BMI levels and expanded waistline for men. When you deprived yourself a good sleep, it also hinders the body’s recovery and growth hormone production.

It is important to get at least 7 hours of good sleep a night. Stop drinking coffee and limit your alcohol consumption to get a good and uninterrupted sleep.


Reducing your weight and cutting those unwanted fats in our body need patience and determination as it takes time to get the desired results. By following the rules above, it will help you in making your fat-loss journey fast and get ahead on time.

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