Morning Workout Motivation

Getting out of our warm, cozy bed in the morning is already hard enough. Waking up early for a workout? Well that just might be crazy.

The keyword here is might. If it does sound crazy to you right now that’s okay, just know you can become a morning person.

Studies show morning workouts have a multitude of benefits including boosting mood, increased weight loss, increased energy, and reduced blood pressure. The more you wake up for your routine, the easier it will become and you’ll even have more energy doing it!

So how can you start reaping the benefits of a morning workout? Here are some tips:

Get a good night’s sleep

good sleep morning workout motivation

You’re not going to want to get up in the morning if you spent the whole night tossing and turning. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try being more consistent with your sleep routine and your sleep environment. Being well rested will help you get out of bed and provide you energy for that workout.

Pack the night before

pack gym clothes morning motivation

Before the first day of school we all used to lay our clothes out so it was ready for the morning. We were trying to show off our new outfit to friends who we haven’t seen since spring.

It doesn’t have to be any different now. We should be showing off to ourselves every day. Pack the night before, get to bed early, and leave in the morning quickly. The better you pack the less time you will be scrambling in the morning.

Set two (maybe three) alarms

alarm morning workout motivatioin

Most people constantly snooze their alarms until they literally have to get out of bed. This is bad for two reasons. One, it creates a habit of pushing things off until the very last minute. You’re only making it harder for you to want to workout in the morning. Second, studies have shown snoozing your alarm leaves you significantly more tired throughout the day.

Research says waking up naturally is the best, but we all know we have to work towards that. So try setting two alarms maximum, three if you really have trouble getting up. The goal is to be able to wake up from just one alarm.

Force yourself to get up

getting up for morning workout

A good way to ensure you wake up is by turning on the lights. The sudden blindness will have you jumping out of bed. Another way is to play some loud music. Not only will you stay awake but you also have a little extra motivation. You can also put your alarm on the opposite side of the room if you really want to force yourself to get up.

Have food ready

breakfast morning workout motivation

Many people don’t eat breakfast, that’s common. Lots of people who workout in the morning also don’t eat breakfast. They think it’s great because they get up and leave, do what they need to do, and burn fat while doing it. Although people are burning calories by doing this, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

Having at least a small snack is the morning is much more beneficial to your health than eating nothing. This is especially true if you are working out in the morning. Not only will the food provide you energy in the morning, you will be more productive throughout the day and have a better overall mood. Cereal is a quick snack that, depending on the cereal, provides quality protein, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins.

Spend some time the night before preparing your breakfast or getting everything everything set up. You will find yourself happily getting out of bed knowing you have food waiting for you.

Make a playlist

music morning workout motivation

Music is a fantastic motivator. Make a few different playlists to keep you going in the morning. Try to listen to music that is a little more intense so it pumps you up for your workout.

Brew a cup of joe

coffee motivation for morning workout

Perhaps the best energizer of all, coffee is a great way to get you ready for your morning workout. Studies have shown a cup of coffee every morning can actually have health benefits so don’t be afraid to add it to your morning routine.

If you are always rushing in the morning, think about investing in an automatic coffee maker. Not only will your coffee be ready, the smell of coffee wafting through your house will help you get through that period of morning haze.

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